Why Streamers Live in Texas

Streaming video games can be done anywhere in the world, provided you have a solid internet connection, making people wonder why so many of them choose to put down roots in Texas.

Of course, not all streamers live in Texas, but a large number currently live there, have recently moved there, or are planning to move. But why do streamers live in Texas?

Streamers live in Texas because the cost of living is low, they don’t have to pay any state income tax, and the prices of homes are lower. 

Ipad Showing Streaming Service Twitch Logo - Texas View
Ipad Showing Streaming Service Twitch Logo - Texas View

Why Do Streamers Live in Texas?

Texas is a massive state with more than 29 million people as of the 2021 census and more than enough room for all these people.

Facts About Texas 1 - Sports teams
Facts About Texas 1 - Sports teams

With several major cities, small towns, and a variety of climates, it’s a popular place for people to call home. 

Streamers, who can make their living anywhere in the world with a good internet connection, are often found living in Texas. Each individual has their personal reasoning for living in Texas, but there are two main reasons streamers live in Texas.

Streamer Living in Texas

  • Sodapoppin
  • Mizkif
  • xQc
  • AvaGG
  • Koko
  • TrainWrecksTV

The Cost of Living Is Relatively Low

First, the cost of living in Texas is low compared to other states in the United States. While it doesn’t have the lowest cost of living of all the 50 states, it’s much lower than other highly populated states. 

Texas’ cost of living is 8% lower than the national average, making it appealing for streamers with a fluctuating income to find a great home they can afford. 

For example, compared to California, Texas’ cost of living is about 31% lower than California. Here’s Texas’ cost of living index next to a few other states: 

  • Texas: 92.1
  • California: 142.2
  • Florida: 100.3
  • New York: 148.2
  • Washington: 111.6
  • Illinois: 94.3

The cost of living will vary depending on which city in Texas they live in, but even the major cities like Houston, Austin, and Dallas have a lower cost of living than other states. 

Streamers can find a larger home with ample bedrooms and a streaming space for a better price than in many other states. Finding an affordable home with a dedicated workspace is highly appealing to streamers.

There’s No State Income Tax

Only nine states don’t require income tax, and Texas is one of them. Several other nine states without an income tax have a higher cost of living index than Texas, making it a desirable place for streamers to live.

Streamers rely on followers and sponsorships to earn their money, which can cause their income to fluctuate from month to month. With a varying income, living in a state with no income tax allows them to save their money for other purposes. 

They can put the money they would typically spend on income tax into savings towards bills, new equipment, or whatever else they want. 

Plus, when they don’t have to worry about income tax, they can put more energy into streaming the games they enjoy playing and making a living.

The Cost of a Home Is Generally Lower

Besides the cost of living being lower, rent and the cost of homes tend to be lower than in other states. Streamers can get a five-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Texas for a similar price to a one-bedroom and one bathroom in other major cities around the country.

Affording a larger home with more space for streaming can benefit their career while supporting a family if they have one.

Where in Texas Are Streamers Living?

Streamers live in many cities throughout Texas, but Houston and Austin, Texas, are the two most popular cities for streamers to live in.

Houston specifically has some of the most affordable costs of living in the central Texas cities and high-speed internet, which is essential for streamers’ livelihood. Houston’s cost of living index is only 96.5, which is one of the lowest of the major cities in the state. 

San Antonio is the only major city in Texas with a cost of living index lower than Houston. Its cost of living index is 89.7. San Antonio might have one of the lowest living costs in Texas, but it’s not nearly as popular with streamers as Houston or Austin.

Austin has recently seen a boom in population growth and not just with streamers. Streamers flock to this hip city because it’s great for young professionals and home to many tech companies. Where there are great tech companies, there’s great internet access. 

The cost of living in Austin, Texas, is higher than in Houston, at 119.3. It’s one of the highest in the state. 

However, streamers are still calling this city home because of the tech atmosphere, no income tax, and it’s still more affordable than California and some other states that are popular amongst streamers. 

Streamers in Texas FAQ

For further answers to the questions you might have about why streamers live in Texas, these are a few of the most frequently asked questions other people have wondered. 

Do streamers pay taxes?

Streamers are still required to pay federal taxes when living in Texas. The only taxes they’re exempt from when living in the Lone Star State are state income taxes. Since they’re independent contractors or self-employed, they’ll need to set aside money to pay back to the government during tax season.

Where else are streamers moving?

Texas is a popular place to live for streamers, but it isn’t the only place where many streamers live. You’ll see a large number of streamers making a home in Florida, California, Malta, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Madrid. 

What streamers live in Texas?

A few popular streamers you might know who live in Texas are Mizkif, ComedyRussell, CrazySlick, Maya, Simply, xQc, and Sodapoppin.