Does Texas Roadhouse Take Reservations?

Are you in the mood for a juicy piece of steak at Texas Roadhouse? Then you must be wondering – Does Texas Roadhouse take reservations? Well, in the guide below, you will find out that Texas Roadhouse provides call-ahead seating options and a waitlist instead.

Texas Roadhouse does not provide reservations for your dining experience. However, you can get onto a waitlist by calling before you expect to get to the restaurant. You can also use their online system to get onto the waitlist ahead of time. If your party is more than six people, you will need to call the restaurant and give them more information.

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Reservations At Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is a very popular restaurant offering huge and delicious portions of food. As such, you might wonder whether the eatery provides reservations. However, Texas Roadhouse does not offer reservations.

While Texas Roadhouse does not ensure a table for you through a reservation, it does provide another service. At Texas Roadhouse, you can use call-ahead seating to get your party on a waitlist before you get to the eatery. As such, you can skip some time waiting for a table.

Call-Ahead Seating at Texas Roadhouse

When you call the restaurant before you drive over, you will get your name and the number of people in your party onto the waitlist. Along with calling the restaurant, you can get onto the waitlist by going online and entering your information through the Texas Roadhouse website. Call-ahead seating is a much better option than waiting for an hour at the restaurant.

Waitlist at Texas Roadhouse

The waitlist at Texas Roadhouse lets you book a table for your party as long as you have no more than six people in need of dining. However, you won’t get the right to pick the exact table you want. You will get seated wherever there is room. Nonetheless, the restaurant won’t give away your table if you’re on the waitlist.

How Long Will You Wait for a Table?

If you don’t use the waitlist system, then you may end up waiting for 30 to 45 minutes for a table at Texas Roadhouse. As such, it is a good idea to get onto the waitlist about one hour before you plan to get to the restaurant.

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How to Get on a Waitlist at the Texas Roadhouse

You will find that adding your name and the number in your party to the waitlist is an easy and simple process at the restaurant. You only need to follow a few straightforward steps shown below. These steps include:

  • Finding a Texas Roadhouse eatery in your area
  • Choosing the right Texas Roadhouse restaurant
  • Entering your details and checking the dining time

Find Your Local Texas Roadhouse Restaurant

Before you can add your name to the waitlist, you should first check out the local Texas Roadhouse eateries. That way, you can better figure out the ones that are closest to you or the ones where you prefer to get your meal. You can go onto the Texas Roadhouse website to find the closest ones to you.

Pick the Right Restaurant

You can use Google Maps or MapQuest to pick the best restaurant or the one where you love to grab a steak at. Once you have picked the perfect restaurant on the company website, you can click on a button on the right side stating, “Join Waitlist.”

Enter Your Information and Check Your Dining Time

Now, you can enter information about who is in your party looking to dine at Texas Roadhouse. Type in your first and last name and provide your email address. The restaurant will send a verification that you’re on the waitlist to your email. You also need to enter your phone number, the number of diners in your group, and whether you will need a highchair.

You will also receive information about your estimated dining time.

How You Can Use Call Ahead Seating at Texas Roadhouse

What are the typical ways you can use call-ahead seating at Texas Roadhouse to book a table? Can you book a table for more than six people? In the table below, you will learn the ways you can get on the waitlist in two common situations.

Booking a Table for one to six or more people
Find your local Texas Roadhouse
Choose the right restaurant for your party
Call ahead or use the online system to enter your info
Pick your dining time
Booking a Table at Texas Roadhouse

Can You Reserve a Table for More Than Six People at Texas Roadhouse?

You can reserve a table for more than six people at the restaurant, but you will need to call ahead and provide all relevant information to the hostess.

What Are the Advantages of Call Ahead Seating and the Waitlist at Texas Roadhouse?

The benefits of call ahead seating at Texas Roadhouse include:

  • Checking how busy each restaurant is within your area
  • Moving ahead in the line instead of waiting a long time for a table
  • Ensuring your table is guaranteed soon after you arrive

How Do You Know When Your Table Is Ready?

You will receive a text from the restaurant telling you when your table is ready. The text provides information on how to check in.

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Does Texas Roadhouse Take Reservations? FAQs

Below, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Texas Roadhouse.

Does Texas Roadhouse provide anything to celebrate your birthday?

Texas Roadhouse can provide you with free appetizers and even a free meal on your birthday. You can also have the waiters sing you the famous Texas Roadhouse birthday song.

What is the best meal to order at Texas Roadhouse?

The best food to order at Texas Roadhouse includes the grilled barbecue chicken, the bone-in ribeye steak, the grilled shrimp with baked potatoes, and the Sierra chicken pasta.