Does Texas Roadhouse Deliver?

Texas Roadhouse is an extremely popular restaurant chain thanks to its high-quality, low prices, laid-back ambiance, and huge portions, so let’s find out if Texas Roadhouse delivers.

Texas Roadhouse doesn’t deliver directly using in-house drivers but offers a To-Go option. Alternatively, you can have a third-party food delivery service such as Uber Eats grab your food from its branches and bring it to your place.

Courier Checking Customer Address On His Phone Food Delivery. - Texas News, Places, Food, Recreation, And Life.
Courier Checking Customer Address On His Phone Food Delivery. - Texas News, Places, Food, Recreation, And Life.

Does Texas Roadhouse Deliver?

Technically speaking, Texas Roadhouse doesn’t offer a delivery service through any of its restaurants whether you place your order by phone or online. This means that none of the restaurant’s branches directly delivers food to their customers’ homes via an in-house delivery system.   

Known for its savory hand-cut steaks, mouthwatering wings, fall-off-bone ribs, freshly-baked bread, and made-from-scratch meals, Texas Roadhouse is a legendary restaurant chain among residents of the United States. Unfortunately, for all of its glory, this restaurant doesn’t deliver food.

That said, you shouldn’t give up hope right away. While it’s true that Texas Roadhouse doesn’t support direct in-house delivery, you can have your favorite meals delivered from it through a third-party food delivery service such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub.

The main idea here is that the restaurant treats the driver from these services as a normal customer who’s simply ordering takeout and will wait for the food to be prepared according to the time they arrived.

Texas Roadhouse Building
Texas Roadhouse Building - Texas News, Places, Food, Recreation, And Life.

Why Doesn’t Texas Roadhouse Do Delivery?

As we established above, Texas Roadhouse doesn’t support direct delivery from their restaurants. The company has been asked repeatedly about its deliberate overlooking of delivery services, to which Kent Taylor -the founder and CEO- responded: “We encourage all of our competitors to do as much delivery as they can so they can deliver lukewarm food to their people”, then added, “We will stick to our guns on this”.

These quotes can give you a lot of insight into the mindset behind the operation of Texas Roadhouse. Yes, the company may be breaking from the herd, but it must be doing something as it generated a revenue of approximately $3.4 billion from restaurant sales in 2021.

That’s over a $1 billion jump from the  $2.4 billion in 2020 and a $700 million increase from the $2.7 billion in 2019.

If you’re still wondering why Texas Roadhouse won’t go for a delivery option, here are the reasons given by the brand’s officials:

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1. It Can Slow the Service In-Store

According to Kent Taylor, allowing for full-on direct delivery will cause the in-store service to slow down.

If you think about it, the time required to prepare and package the meal to be delivered will definitely take from the time otherwise designated for making and plating food out for dine-in customers.

Because the resources of the restaurant will be split between in-store and delivery orders, this will result in a delay for people who are dining in. The dine-in experience is the top priority for Texas Roadhouse.

2. It Can Compromise Quality

Besides slowing down the service for dine-in customers, another major concern for the company is the quality of the food upon delivery.

The fact that food often arrives “lukewarm” to customers has kept Texas Roadhouse from adopting direct delivery options. The restaurant -across all of its branches- prides itself on offering customers fresh, sizzling meals of the highest possible quality.

Putting the meals through delivery conditions can compromise these standards. Plus, there’s no way you can really be sure of what happens to your food as it’s being delivered.

Texas Roadhouse’s philosophy allows them to be in control of all the elements involved in your dining experience. However, delivery poses too many variables that may impact criteria such as temperature, sanitation, portions, and so on.

3. It Can Overwhelm Their Kitchens

The highest demand for delivery orders would probably happen during the same peak hours of dine-in orders. If most people call for delivery between 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock when the kitchens are already in full swing, all this would do is push the kitchens beyond their highest capacity.

If this happens, it may very well result in:

  • Wrong orders getting sent out.
  • Delayed orders for both delivery and dine-in customers.
  • Less attention to orders’ details.
  • Sub-par in-store service.
Inside Texas Roadhouse
Inside Texas Roadhouse - Texas News, Places, Food, Recreation, And Life.

How Can You Order from Texas Roadhouse at Home?

Texas Roadhouse doesn’t support direct delivery through any of its chain branches, but there are ways you can still order your favorite meals from the comfort of our homes in Texas. You can either place a To-Go order and simply pick it up or order through a third-party food delivery service and have them bring the food to your house.

1. Order To-Go

Ordering To-Go is available via most Texas Roadhouse restaurant branches. The idea has been established for a long time now and it saves you the wait at the restaurant itself.

All you need to do is call the branch nearest to you, ask to place an order To-Go, and just tell them what you want and when you’ll pick it up. You can also do this online using their official website or app.

Texas Roadhouse doesn’t have as much of an issue with To-Go orders because customers would still experience some of the restaurant’s hospitality when they go to pick up the food. That said, the brand still doesn’t advertise To-Go options.

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2. Order via a Third-Party Food Delivery

Another solution to order delivery from Texas Roadhouse is to find a third-party food delivery service that covers your area and place your order through it. Examples of such services include Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub.

Texas Roadhouse FAQs

Does Texas Roadhouse Have a Drive-through?

Although nothing is official, some rumors are circulating about drive-through windows being tested at a few Texas Roadhouse branches.

Does Texas Roadhouse Have an App?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse has an app you can download from the Playstore or App Store whether you’re an Android or iOS user.