Lone Star Style: A Guide to Dressing Like a Texas Man

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Texas is one of the largest states in America, well known for its southern county charm and cowboy boots. However, the Texas style goes much farther than the typical cowboy stereotype. The western cowboy style has become an everyday part of living life as a Texan.

The typical style may be a little different in the different regions of Texas. You surely won’t see too many cowboys walking the streets of downtown Dallas. Dressing like a Texan is not just about fitting in either. Texans dress with a sense of pride and respect for the great state in which they reside.

So, let’s dive into what dressing like a Texan is like.

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Texas Fashion Must-Haves

There are about four different major regions in Texas where style varies greatly from one another. Each region has its twist on the classic cowboy look. So, whether you’re living in Texas or just enjoying a vacation, here are a few items you must have in your wardrobe if you want to look the part:

  • Comfortable Western Boots
  • Denim Jeans
  • Hats
  • Guayabera Shirts
  • A Well-Fitted Suit

Now you know the basic items you’ll need to start dressing like a real Texan. What about the specifics? Where is it appropriate to dress down? What does each of these items look like in the different regions of Texas? Let’s break down a few style choices you might see throughout the state.

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The Classic Cowboy

In most places throughout Texas, the classic western cowboy style will suffice. A nice pair of leather cowboy boots are a good place to start. Remember that a new pair of boots will make you stick out like a sore thumb, be sure to scuff them up and get them a little dirty before wearing them out.

Next, you’ll want a good comfortable pair of denim jeans. Jeans are a fundamental part of the western cowboy style and can be seen everywhere throughout Texas. Jeans are great for casual or formal events if they are nice enough. You’ll want a nice simple cotton shirt or guayabera as well. One that buttons up is enough to complete that ideal cowboy appearance. 

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Finally, you’ll need a hat. Cowboy hats are frequently worn throughout Texas, not just on the ranches. Hats in Texas are more than a fashion statement. Cowboy hats can be seen indoors and outdoors all over the state. Add in some lighter accessories such as a nice belt buckle, sunglasses, or a bolo tie, and you’ve got yourself a classic cowboy outfit.

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The San Antonio Style

The streets of San Antonio can be a little more urban chic casual than the rest of Texas. You’ll notice more casual western attire than the cowboys you’ll see everywhere else. All you’ll need to fit in around here is a nice pair of jeans or casual khaki, a plain cotton shirt or button-down, and a comfortable pair of sandals.

The Dallas Style

The largest differences in style throughout Texas exist mainly on the streets of downtown Dallas. Dallas has a style all its own. Dallas is where a well-fitted suit will come in handy. You won’t want to be walking downtown Dallas in a pair of rugged cowboy boots, that’s for sure. 

If you don’t want to wear a full suit in the Texas heat, you can always go for a slightly more casual business attire while visiting Dallas. A nice pair of dress shoes and slacks with a button-down cotton shirt and tie will suffice.

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Texas Seasonal Attire

Texas is well known for its blistering heat and dry summers, but in recent years cold and even snow in the winter months has not been uncommon for Texas. If you’re native to Texas or have lived there long enough, these bursts of cold might be a bit unsettling. 

These rare, chilly times require slight changes to your everyday attire. You’ll probably want to dress in layers, especially if there’s snow on the ground. 

  1. Layer 1 – This layer should be spandex or polyester, which makes a great insulated base to keep moisture from sticking to your body.
  2. Layer 2 – This layer should be a loose-fitting fleece, down, or wool shirt or sweater to keep your body warm.
  3. Layer 3 – This layer should be some sort of weather-resistant jacket to protect your body from snow, rain, ice, or wind.
  4. Layer 4 – This layer consists of headwear, shoes, and other accessories that keep you warm. 
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It is important to remember that while you may want to wear cotton throughout most of the year in Texas, it’s best avoided during the winter months as cotton is known for locking in moisture and sticking to your body.


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