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Pickup trucks are a common sight in Texas. That’s why manufacturers thrive as they cater to the needs of this state’s cowboy culture. Here comes the new F150 Texas Edition pickup truck. This article overviews this new Ford edition and its distinctive features.

The F150 Texas Edition is a pickup truck specifically tailored for Texans. It’s a modification of the Standard XLT to give more cowboy vibes. The main features include adding a Texas Lone Star badge and chrome parts to the vehicle’s exterior. However, it still offers the same performance level as the Standard XLT Trim.

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What Is an F150 Texas Edition?

Ford offers the F150 Texas Edition exclusively in Texas. It’s an improved version of Ford’s F150 to cater to the specific needs of the Texans.

This model features some simple modifications from the standard XLT edition. You won’t recognize any significant difference in the car’s performance. The F150 carries the same engine, transmission system, and drivetrain.

On the other hand, some modifications made this vehicle more suitable for Texans. These changes include:

  • Chrome bar grills
  • Side steps
  • Wheels
  • Handles
  • A distinctive Texas badge on the outside
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What Is Special About the F150 Texas Edition?

While the interior of the F150 offers the same luxury you get from the XLT Trim level, the exterior of this new Texas edition matches the cowboy vibes of the state.

This modified Texas version of the Ford F-150 is generally more personalized, fitting the Texan’s pride and grandeur.

Here’s a detailed account of the added features:

FeatureTraditional F150F150 Texas Edition
GrillePlastic or stainless steelChrome
Side StepPlasticChrome (and on both sides of the door)
Exhaust TipVisibleCovered with chrome
Door Handles PlasticChrome
Tow HooksN/AAvailable
PVD Chrome WheelsN/AAvailable
BadgeN/AA lone star as the Texas emblem
A Comparison Between the Features in the Traditional F150 and the Modified Texas Edition
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1. 3D Chrome Grille

Instead of the original plastic or stainless steel grille design, the F150 comes with chrome bar grills. This provides further protection to the engine and gives the truck a classic appearance.

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Interestingly, this pick-up truck is still lightweight despite the addition of the chrome grille. Therefore, it still delivers top-notch performance.

2. Side Steps

Ford has installed chrome walking plates or side steps on each side of the door in the F150 Texas Edition. This is an obvious change from the classic plastic design.

These extra chrome boards are more practical and make it a lot easier to get in and out of your truck. This can come in handy when riding on the hard terrain of the cowboy city.

3. A Chrome Exhaust Tip

While the exhaust tip is visible in the traditional F150 model, it’s chrome-coated in the Texas edition. This complements the other chrome parts of the car, creating a more noticeable look.

On the practical side, the added chrome cover also refines the sound of the engine and eliminates the possibility of rust, which caters to the general climate needs of Texas.

4. Door Handles

All the knobs on the doors and tailgate of the Texas edition are made of chrome instead of plastic.

The chrome design complements the overall style of the modified vehicle. It makes it stand out further with a grand and unique look.

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5. Towing Hooks

This is a new addition to the F150 Texas Edition. The chrome towing hooks at the front and back of the vehicle make it look strong and practical.

On top of that, it can actually come in handy in times of crisis as it enables drivers to tow campers with the back hook as well.

6. PVD Chrome Wheels

The F150 Texas Edition has 17’’ or 18’’ wheels that suit all weather types with a PVD coating.  This not only complements the overall chrome pieces but also adds to the durability of the truck.

Interestingly, with its lightweight, the PVD coating allows you to save up to 50% of your fuel consumption.

7. Badges

The F150 features Texas-specific license plates. In addition, the Texas edition has a state badge on the tailgate. This badge includes a white, blue, and red star with the Texas edition emblem in silver.

The location of these badges may vary according to the seller.

Sometimes, the badge is directly under the truck’s logo. Other times, it’s under the F150 logo under the F150 logo on the driver’s side.

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How to Replace the Texas Badge On an F150 Texas Edition?

Interestingly, there’s a way to add and remove the Texas Edition emblem from F150. Here are the tools you need:

  • A hairdryer
  • A fishing rod
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A scraper

Now, follow these instructions to replace the emblem with another one:

  1. Hover warm air from your blow dryer over the emblem, starting from the edges.
  2. The stick at the back of the badge will loosen bit by bit.
  3. Put the fishing rod around the edges and keep moving the narrow string into the space behind the badge.
  4. Move the string slowly to pull the badge away from the exterior gently.
  5. Remove the emblem using your scraper.
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How Much Does an F150 Texas Edition Cost?

Given its amazing features and tailored look, the F150 Texas edition offers great value for your money. In fact, it comes in highly affordable rates and a wide range of discount packages.

You only have to pay around $6,000 more than last year’s price for all the extra features, badges, and chrome additions.

F150 Texas Edition FAQs

Are Texas edition trucks only sold in Texas?

The F150 Texas Edition is specially tailored to the tastes and needs of local Texans. Therefore, there would be no point in selling it in other places.
However, you can buy an XLT and install the chrome additions at a certified dealer. The only thing that’s hard to get out of Texas is the Lone Star badge and, of course, the Texas license plate.

What other states have special F150 editions?

Ford offers special F150 editions to a few states, such as California, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and New England. They all feature the identical chrome additions on the vehicle’s exterior. However, each state edition has its special badge.


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