Top 11 Scenic Drives in Texas for the Ultimate Relaxing Road Trip

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Ever feel the call of the open road? Perhaps it’s time to dust off your car keys and begin on a journey through the heart of Texas. With stretches that span over 100 miles, the Lone Star State promises an unforgettable adventure, featuring breathtaking canyon views, pit stops in nature, and a rich history waiting to be discovered.

In the Texas Panhandle, just south of Amarillo, lies a drive that has become a favorite among road trippers – the Canyon Sweep. This route isn’t just about the destination, it’s about the journey. The scenic loop through Palo Duro Canyon itself, with its popular Lighthouse rock formation, is a sight to behold.

But Texas isn’t just canyons and open roads. There are charming little towns to explore, like Gruene, a German Texan town on the banks of the Guadalupe River. So buckle up, it’s time to hit the road and experience the beauty of Texas.

Iconic Scenic Drives in Texas

There’s a truly unconventional potpourri of landscapes at your disposal when you venture on these scenic drives in Texas. Immerse yourself in astonishing beauty while partaking in some of the most breathtaking camping, touring, and scenic trail experiences.

Route 66 and the Texas Panhandle

If you’ve got vintage vibes on the mind, there’s no better place to start than Route 66, affectionately dubbed the “Main Street of America.” Established in 1926, this road snakes through eight states, covering a head-spinning 2448 miles. In Texas, you’ve got an impressive 150 miles of it begging to be driven.

image - Texas View

Fancy array of historic landmarks, vibrantly painted traffic signs, and charming bridges add a nostalgic allure that’s too tempting to resist. The Texas Panhandle region, where Route 66 lies, provides these notable stops to spice up your adventure:

  • Welcome to Texas Sign
  • Leaning Tower of Texas
  • VW Slug Bug Ranch
  • Peace Field
  • Historic Segment of Route 66
  • Route 66 Motor Speedway
  • Cadillac Ranch
  • Midway Point of Route 66
  • Texas State Line Sign

How about something a tad remote but equally scenic?

Lajitas to Presidio on the River Road

Take a detour southwest to find yourself on the River Road, a serene drive from Lajitas to the Presidio. This stretch offers awe-inspiring views of the Rio Grande River and Big Bend Ranch State Park’s rugged, untamed beauty. Notable stops breathe life into your drive, including:

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image 1 - Texas View
  • Rio Grande Village
  • Mariscal Mine in Big Bend National Park
  • River Road West in Big Bend National Park
  • Castolon, a historic district in Big Bend

Who said road trip adventures lacked diversity of experience?

Big Bend Area Scenic Loop

Finally, round off your scenic journey with the Big Bend Area Scenic Loop. Nestled in the expansive Texas Panhandle, south of Amarillo, this drive spans about 100 miles of pure scenic pleasure. From incredible canyon views to the enchanting Lighthouse rock formation at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, there’s no place else you’d rather be.

image 2 - Texas View

Recommended stops include:

  • Caprock Canyons State Park
  • Palo Duro Canyon State Park
  • Visitor Center at Palo Duro Canyon State Park
  • Texas Outdoor Musical
  • Palo Duro Trading Post
  • Lighthouse Trailhead
  • Palo Duro Canyon
  • Palo Duro Carving Wall

Discover Texas over and over again on these scenic drives. Manifest memories, breathtaking encounters, and exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Coastal Drives for Beach Views

Exploring Texas is like unveiling a treasure trove of scenic drives. After soaking up the canyon vistas of the Texas Panhandle, it’s time to switch grandeur for charm with coastal drives offering serene ocean views and a whispering sea breeze.

Galveston to Corpus Christi

Prepare for a 250-mile journey brimming with coastal delight. The drive from Galveston to Corpus Christi showcases the Gulf Coast’s charisma, with quaint beaches such as Matagorda Beach and enticing towns inviting pauses along the way.

image 3 - Texas View

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Start your journey in the serene town of Jackson lake, where the Dow Wood Trails invite you to commune with tranquil forest scenery.
  2. Pass the picturesque Brazoria Reservoir, an ideal detour for a rest stop or a swift lunch.
  3. Traverse the breathtaking Lavaca Bay as you arrive in Port Lavaca, welcoming you with the gem of a destination: Lighthouse Beach.
  4. Keep the momentum going by visiting Rockport and Port Aransas, both revealing irresistible draws for swimming enthusiasts with their gorgeous beaches.
  5. End your journey at Corpus Christi, a city that embodies coastal views in its soul.

Remember, it’s not the end that matters; it’s the journey. So, hit the road, roll down the windows, and let the wind blend with your favorite tunes.

Bluewater Highway from Surfside to Galveston

Next, switch lanes to the Bluewater Highway. It’s a comparatively short but thrilling 15-mile drive spanning from Surfside Beach in Freeport to San Luis Beach in Galveston. Every mile unfolds a new revelation of coastal, bay, and lake views.

image 4 - Texas View

Key stops include:

  1. Surfside Beach, a perennial favorite for beachgoers.
  2. Swan lake, a tranquil retreat.
  3. Brazoria Beach, another coastal dream.
  4. Drum Bay and Christmas Bay, adding their unconventional charm to your journey.
  5. Kelly Hamby Nature Trail Park and San Luis Pass County Park, both acting as gateways to nature’s marvels.
  6. San Luis Pass Bridge, connecting you not just to regions but also to heart-tugging views.

Let these coastal drives in Texas capture your heart and soul, painting your road trip in brilliant hues of blue and green. Always remember, the road less traveled often brings the greatest rewards.

Hill Country Escapes

Beauty, wonder, and the open road—these are the facets of a classic Texas Hill Country adventure. Begin in the heart of Texas and journey through the enchanting landscapes of Hill Country. Winding roads test your navigation abilities and challenge you to accept the unexpected. Here, nature’s brilliance unfolds before your eyes, promises made by radiant sunsets and picturesque landscapes delivering on every bend.

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The Twisted Sisters Motorcycle Route

On this epic journey, the sights deliver Texas’s heart and soul condensed into a thrilling motorcycle route. A three-pronged path through the hill country, the Twisted Sisters are, without a doubt, legendary. Stray from the beaten path and become an explorer, basking in the majesty of wide-open spaces and untamed nature.

image 5 - Texas View
Google Maps: full map here
  • Start: Southern Texas Hill Country
  • Route: Highway 337
  • Destination: The town of Leakey

Rich with a multitude of twists and turns, this 100-mile drive takes you through rugged ranch lands, rugged hill crests, and deep valleys. Speeding on a motorcycle isn’t the goal here. Instead, delight in the scenery while tackling the challenge of a winding route. Keep an eye out for deer and other wildlife; these are their stomping grounds too. If you’re a fan of motorcycling, riding through Twisted Sisters will indeed become a fond memory.

Fredericksburg to Gruene via Canyon Sweep

From Fredericksburg, set forth on the Canyon Sweep Drive. Meander through 100 miles of Texas terrain, a hymn to nature. This itinerary showcases the grandeur of Caprock Canyons State Park and grants pit stops to rehydrate and snap a few photographs of the breathtaking canyon views. Kindfallen in love with the Lighthouse formation at Palo Dura Canyon, a beacon standing firm while weathering time and elements.

Downtown Fredericksburg. 100 block of E. Main Street, looking south towards cross street of Llano. 2-story with red tower limestone building in foreground is the Old Fredericksburg Bank designed by Alfred Giles in 1889.THC Old Fredericksburg Bank
Downtown Fredericksburg. 100 block of E. Main Street, looking south towards cross street of Llano. 2-story with red tower limestone building in foreground is the Old Fredericksburg Bank designed by Alfred Giles in 1889.THC Old Fredericksburg Bank

So, prepare your road trip playlist, pack a bag, and set off on your Hill Country escape. A highway is just asphalt until you drive it, then it becomes a journey. Happy trails, friend, Texas is waiting to meet you.

Through the Heart of Texas

Continuing our journey through the breathtaking vistas of Texas, we veer on two distinctly enriched trails. These routes are not only laden with naturally scenic spectacles but also house a treasure of cultural heritage and unconventional experiences that bring the Texan heartland to life.

Austin to San Antonio Heritage Trail

Emerging from the urban metropolis of Austin, the Heritage Trail plunges you into a world filled with rich history and spellbinding natural beauty.

  • Take the plunge, begin on U.S 290, leading you through the Texas Hill County brimming with scenic retreats and award-winning wineries.
  • Jump into a landscape dotted with stunning lakes at Pedernales Falls State Park, the waterfall views and hiking trails offer a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • Breathe in the country charm and immerse yourself in the historic heart of the Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg. You’ll find its path via US290 W through the visually captivating, Lyndon B. Johnson State Park.
  • For bike enthusiasts, the sights and sounds of the Motorcycle Museum await you, showcasing an impressive collection of machines from bygone eras to the present, collected from around the globe.
  • The subterranean wonders of the Cascade Caverns can’t be ignored either. Expect awe-striking stalactite formations, live demonstrations of echo, and captivating tales of the cave’s past.

These pitstops and more make the journey from Austin to San Antonio a treat for the eyes, mind, and soul.

American and Texas state flags flying on the dome of the Texas State Capitol building in Austin - Texas View

Dallas-Fort Worth to Waco Cultural Journey

Transform the drive from Dallas-Fort Worth to Waco into an enriching expedition of cultural exploration and discovery.

  • Ride the historic El Camino Real de los Tejas, a Spanish route dating back to the 18th century, enriched with narratives from the Indigenous Caddo.
  • Take a pause at Austin and San Antonio, and you’ll find granite markers reminding you’re following a historic route.
  • Journey through the tranquility of Piney Woods from Mission Tejas State Park to Nacogdoches, where history meets nature in a picturesque panorama. The Caddo Mounds State Historic Site warrants a visit, a link to the rich past that shaped Texas today.
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Dallas Texas Skyline at sunset - Texas View

Embarking on this cultural journey opens a window into the intriguing past of Texas, juxtaposed beautifully against the backdrop of awe-inspiring landscapes. One thing’s for sure: by the end of these trips, you’ll have experienced the captivating heart of Texas in all its scenic glory.

Unique Texas Landscapes

Covering vast and varied terrain, these scenic drives expose you to the unconventional landscapes Texas has to offer. Ranging from towering mountains to vast desert landscapes, each road trip presents a stunning array of natural beauty.

Davis Mountains to Lonesome Highway

Begin your journey from the Davis Mountains, a hidden gem of natural brilliance in the heartland of Texas. This range, one of the highest in the state, offers stunning vistas of rugged, untouched lands that seem to stretch infinitely. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Scale the heights at the Davis Mountains State Park, and catch a glimpse of the expansive Chihuahuan Desert carpeted across the horizon.
  • Stop by the historic town of Marfa for a charming small-town dinner experience. You’ll find Margaret’s quaint eatery on the visually stunning main street.
  • Your journey will also take you through Marathon where the historic Gage Hotel is a must-see landmark.
  • End your day with a surreal star-gazing session. The Chihuahuan Desert stands as the perfect backdrop for a night under the stars.
image 6 - Texas View

From the Davis Mountains, head out on the Lonesome Highway. This stretch cuts through wide open spaces that contrast against the otherwise bustling Texan life. The road seems to melt into the horizon, offering the sight of stunning skies unfurling over plains stretching out seemingly forever.

El Paso to Big Bend Via Fort Davis

The road from El Paso to Big Bend via Fort Davis is another journey that showcases the state’s natural beauty, connecting two distinctive, vibrant cities with a span of approximately 80 miles along I-35. This leisurely drive offers much more than city hopping. Your road trip’ll include:

  • A view of the stunning natural scenery of Canyon Lake, a picturesque retreat that paints a contrast against the arid Texan lands.
  • A stop at Fort Davis that’s home to a historic, frontier-era military post bearing testament to the state’s past.
  • Reach the crown jewel of your trip, Big Bend National Park, home to the dramatic desert landscapes of Texas. Ideal for hiking and photography, the geological wonders unfold panoramas that will leave you awe-struck.
El Paso - Texas View

Each Texas landscape offers a unconventional charm, painting a picture of the state’s geographical and cultural diversity. It’s not just about reaching your destination, it’s about absorbing the stunning vistas that accompany you along the way. So, gear up, hit the road, and let Texas’s unconventional landscapes sweep you off your feet.

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