Best Solo Trips In Texas (Popular and Lesser Known)

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If you’re searching for adventure, want to explore somewhere new, or need a getaway, there’s no better place to go than Texas. This Lone Star State has a variety of attractions, including wine farms, culinary hotspots, museums, water parks, and wildlife and national parks.

Trips through Texas are not just for groups but for solo travelers, and Texas has some of the best solo trips for avid adventurers.

The best solo trips in Texas are San Antonio, Big Bend National Park, Galveston, Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, Clifton, Fort Davis, Blanco, Huntsville, and Austin. Most of these are well known, but places like Fort Davis are lesser known but still make a perfect solo trip.

Top view of downtown San Antonio in Texas. - Texas View

Best Trips In Texas For Solo Travelers

Traveling solo is always an adventure and offers many experiences. Solo trips can initially seem daunting, but once you start traveling, you’ll find extraordinary places and meet wonderful people. Texas has many safe cities and attractions for solo travelers, including San Antonio, Big Bend National Park, Galveston, and Blanco.

San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the loveliest cities for solo explorers. There are many attractive neighborhoods, unique shops, and attractions that you can enjoy by yourself. San Antonio is known for its Tex-Mex cuisine and barbeque restaurants and is easily one of Texas’s best places to visit.

San Antonio also offers scenic tours like the UNESCO World Heritage and River Walk Cruise tours.

San Antonio has many activities for those traveling alone. Many of the activities in San Antonio can be enjoyed by everyone, and there are options for nature lovers, curious minds, and those who enjoy wildlife or even experiencing a traditional tea ceremony.

For those looking to explore San Antonio, here are some of the best attractions:

  • San Antonio Zoo
  • Hop on and hop off the bus tour
  • Natural Bridge Caverns
  • Indoor Sky Diving
  • Riverwalk Cruise
  • Kayaking with Mission Adventure tours
  • San Antonio Botanical Garden
  • San Antonio Museum of Art
  • Guided Segway tour
  • Ghost bus tour
  • A visit to Seaworld

Places To Stay

San Antonio, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, offers a variety of accommodation options that are particularly appealing to solo travelers. Here are the top three places to stay in San Antonio for solo travelers, along with reasons why they stand out:

1. Hotel Emma, The Pearl District

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Historical Elegance: Hotel Emma is housed in a beautifully restored 19th-century brewhouse, uniquely blending historic charm and modern luxury.
    • Central Location: Situated in the Pearl District, it’s close to some of the best dining, shopping, and entertainment options in the city.
    • Social Atmosphere: Its sophisticated bar and clubroom provide a great social atmosphere for solo travelers looking to meet new people.
  • Link: Hotel Emma

2. The Menger Hotel, Near The Alamo

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Historic Significance: As one of Texas’s oldest and most famous hotels, it offers a unique historical experience right next to the Alamo.
    • Easy Access to Attractions: Its proximity to major tourist attractions like the River Walk, the Alamo, and various museums makes it ideal for explorers.
    • Victorian Charm: The hotel’s Victorian architecture and interior provide a quaint and comfortable stay.
  • Link: The Menger Hotel

3. Hotel Havana, River Walk

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Boutique Experience: This small boutique hotel offers a personalized and intimate experience, perfect for solo travelers seeking tranquility.
    • Cultural Charm: The hotel’s Cuban-inspired décor adds charm and character.
    • Central but Quiet: While centrally located near the River Walk, it’s tucked away enough to offer a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle.
  • Link: Hotel Havana

These hotels are well-rated for their quality and service and provide a safe and welcoming environment for solo travelers, offering a mix of historical significance, cultural charm, and a chance to mingle with other travelers and locals.

Stone desert desert landscape in the mountains in Texas in Big Bend National Park cacti and desert plants - Texas View

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend should be on everyone’s bucket list. This remarkable national park has hundreds of bird species, solitary endless mountain ranges, cacti, and abundant plant species. Big Bent is a nature lover’s retreat and offers visitors various options to explore its beauty with activities like hiking, scenic drives, and camping.

Big Bend is one of the most visited attractions in Texas and is visited by more than 500,000 people yearly. For those looking to enjoy the natural beauty of this national park, there are many accommodation options for travelers.

If you’re planning a one-day or three-day trip, Big Bend offers specialized itineraries to help you get from visiting this national park. If you’re visiting Big Bend, make sure to include some of these activities:

  • Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive
  • Santa Elena Canyon
  • Window View and Lost Mine Trail
  • Rio Grande Village Nature Trail
  • South Rim
  • Emory Peak
  • Boot Canyon
  • Birdwatching
  • Fishing
  • Stargazing
  • River trip on the Santa Elena Canyon or the Rio Grand Wild and Scenic River

Places To Stay

Big Bend National Park, known for its breathtaking landscapes and remote wilderness, is a haven for solo travelers seeking adventure and solitude. While the options are more limited due to the park’s remote location, there are still some excellent choices. Here are the top three places to stay for solo travelers visiting Big Bend National Park, along with reasons for their appeal:

1. Chisos Mountains Lodge

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Inside the Park: As the only lodging inside Big Bend National Park, it offers unparalleled access to trails and scenic views.
    • Scenic Beauty: The lodge provides stunning views of the Chisos Mountains, making it a photographer’s dream.
    • Comfort in Wilderness: Offers comfortable accommodations with basic amenities, making it a cozy retreat after a day of exploring.
  • Link: Chisos Mountains Lodge

2. Lajitas Golf Resort

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Luxury in Isolation: Situated near the park, this resort offers a luxurious stay in an otherwise rugged terrain.
    • Golf and More: Features a world-class golf course, spa, and other upscale amenities, perfect for relaxation.
    • Adventure Activities: Organizes various outdoor activities, including horseback riding and river expeditions, ideal for the adventurous solo traveler.
  • Link: Lajitas Golf Resort

3. Terlingua Ghost Town

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Unique Experience: Staying in or near this historic ghost town offers a unique and memorable experience.
    • Proximity to Nature: Close to the park and other natural attractions, it’s perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in the area’s natural beauty.
    • Community Feel: The small community vibe can comfort solo travelers, with local eateries and shops nearby.
  • Accommodation Options: Various lodging options are available in and around Terlingua, from rustic cabins to more modern rentals.

Each location offers something special for the solo traveler: the convenience and natural beauty of staying inside the park at Chisos Mountains Lodge, the luxury and outdoor activities at Lajitas Golf Resort, and the unique, community-oriented experience of Terlingua Ghost Town. They cater to different preferences, whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both in the stunning backdrop of Big Bend National Park.

Galveston Bay Glint Bolivar Pen. Goat I. High Island View of Texas taken during ISS Expedition 36. - Texas View

Galveston Island

Galveston Island is an affordable place for a solo trip. It is easy to get around this charming southern coastal city, and there are many attractions you can explore on your own. Galveston offers visitors 32 miles of endless beaches, boutique stores, unique shops, and freshly caught seafood.

Galveston boasts over 80 festivals yearly and has over 6000 hotel rooms. There are many transport options for visitors and many accommodation options, including vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, hotels, condos, and hostels. Some of the best attractions in Galveston include:

  • The Strand Galveston
  • Galveston Railroad Museum
  • The 1877 Tall Ship ELISSA
  • Moody Mansion
  • Schlitterbahn Water Park in Galveston
  • Seawolf Park
  • Galveston Farmers Market
  • Bishop’s Palace
  • The Grand 1894 Opera House
  • Galveston Naval Museum
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Places To Stay

Galveston Island, with its beautiful beaches, historic charm, and vibrant cultural scene, is a fantastic destination for solo travelers. The island offers various accommodations catering to different tastes and budgets. Here are the top three places to stay for solo travelers visiting Galveston Island, along with reasons that make them particularly appealing:

1. Hotel Galvez & Spa

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Historic Elegance: Known as the “Queen of the Gulf,” this historic hotel combines luxury with a rich history, offering a unique and elegant stay.
    • Spa and Relaxation: Features a full-service spa, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration.
    • Prime Location: Situated near the beach and Galveston’s historic Pleasure Pier, it provides easy access to major attractions.
  • Link: Hotel Galvez & Spa

2. The Tremont House

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Sophisticated Charm: Set in a beautifully restored 1879 building, it blends modern luxury and historical charm.
    • Vibrant Neighborhood: Located in the heart of downtown Galveston, it’s close to art galleries, shops, and restaurants.
    • Rooftop Bar: The hotel’s rooftop bar provides stunning island views, ideal for a relaxing evening.
  • Link: The Tremont House

3. Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention Center

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Entertainment Galore: Part of the Moody Gardens complex, which includes aquariums, rainforest exhibits, and an IMAX theater.
    • Luxury Amenities: Offers high-end amenities, including a spa, golf course, and swimming pool.
    • Natural Surroundings: The hotel is surrounded by lush gardens and offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • Link: Moody Gardens Hotel

Each of these accommodations offers a distinct experience for the solo traveler: the historic luxury of Hotel Galvez & Spa, the sophisticated urban vibe of The Tremont House, and the entertainment-rich and nature-surrounded experience of Moody Gardens Hotel. They cater to different interests, whether you want to immerse yourself in history, enjoy urban sophistication, or engage in entertaining and relaxing activities in a scenic setting.

FREDERICKSBURG TEXASUNITED STATES JANUARY 25Chamber of commerce Vereins Kirche and tourist center stands proudly in the center of Fredericksburg Texas on January 25 2015. - Texas View


Fredericksburg has an authentic German feel and exceptional German cuisine. It’s unique, with fine dining, historic buildings, wineries, and vineyards. If you’re looking for a solo trip, Fredericksburg is rated as one of the prettiest towns in Texas, one of the best small towns for shopping, and the most arts-vibrant small community.

Fredericksburg has many lodging options, including guest houses, motels, hotels, and vacation rentals. There are more than 100 restaurants to choose from and more than 700 historic structures for those who want to learn about the history of Fredericksburg. If you’re going on a solo trip, make sure you include some of these activities:

  • Wineries
  • Wild Seed Farms
  • Peach Picking
  • Old Tunnel State Park
  • Enchanted Rock
  • National Museum of the Pacific War
  • Japenese garden of peace
  • Hill Country Herb Garden
  • Pioneer Museum

Places To Stay

Fredericksburg, Texas, is renowned for its rich German heritage, charming wineries, and beautiful Hill Country scenery. It’s an ideal destination for solo travelers seeking a blend of history, nature, and relaxation. Here are the top three places to stay in Fredericksburg for solo travelers, along with reasons why they stand out:

1. Fredericksburg Inn & Suites

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Central Location: Situated in the heart of Fredericksburg, it’s within walking distance of the main street, where you can explore local shops, restaurants, and galleries.
    • Comfort and Convenience: Offers a comfortable stay with modern amenities, ideal for those seeking a balance between exploration and relaxation.
    • Beautiful Grounds: Features lovely grounds with outdoor pools and hot tubs, perfect for unwinding after sightseeing.
  • Link: Fredericksburg Inn & Suites

2. Peach Tree Inn & Suites

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Charming Ambiance: Known for its quaint and cozy ambiance, providing a more personalized and homely experience.
    • Variety of Accommodations: Offers a range of rooms from traditional inn-style to private cottages, catering to different preferences.
    • Great Value: Provides excellent amenities at a reasonable price, making it a great option for budget-conscious solo travelers.
  • Link: Peach Tree Inn & Suites

3. Hoffman Haus

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Unique Experience: This bed and breakfast blends rustic charm and modern luxury, set in a serene environment.
    • Personalized Service: Known for exceptional personalized service, making guests feel special and well cared for.
    • Scenic and Peaceful: Nestled in a quiet area, it’s perfect for those seeking tranquility and a close connection with nature.
  • Link: Hoffman Haus

Each of these options provides a unique experience for solo travelers. Fredericksburg Inn & Suites offers the convenience and comfort of a modern hotel in a central location, Peach Tree Inn & Suites brings a charming and budget-friendly option, and Hoffman Haus offers a serene, luxurious, and personalized experience. These accommodations cater to various interests and preferences, whether you’re looking for convenience, value, or a serene getaway.

Comal River in Landa Park New Braunfels. - Texas View

New Braunfels

New Braunfels is located between Austin and San Antonio. New Braunfels has quiet cafes, bustling bars, and unique museums. This little oasis is perfect for artists, those who love the outdoors, and people who love visiting new places filled with history. New Braunfels is also home to the Guadalupe River and beautiful German architecture.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you must stop by Naeglin’s Bakery, Texas’ oldest bakery, and try out some of their famous pies and strudels. New Braunfels is excellent for outdoor activities, and some of the most excellent attractions to include on your solo trip are:

  • Landa Park
  • Stars and Stripes drive-in theatre
  • Canyon Lake
  • Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo
  • New Braunfels Farmer’s Market
  • Guadalupe Brewing Company
  • Comal River
  • The Sophienburg Museum
  • Downtown New Braunfels

Places To Stay

New Braunfels, between San Antonio and Austin in Texas, is a charming city known for its German heritage, beautiful riverfronts, and vibrant community events. It’s a great destination for solo travelers seeking outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and relaxation. Here are the top three places to stay in New Braunfels for solo travelers, along with reasons why they are appealing:

1. Gruene Mansion Inn Bed & Breakfast

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Historical Charm: Located in the historic Gruene district, this B&B offers a unique glimpse into the area’s rich history with beautifully restored rooms.
    • Proximity to Attractions: It’s within walking distance to Gruene Hall, boutiques, and excellent dining options, perfect for exploring the local culture.
    • Scenic Views: Situated along the Guadalupe River, it provides serene river views and easy access to river activities.
  • Link: Gruene Mansion Inn Bed & Breakfast

2. The Resort at Schlitterbahn

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Adventure and Fun: Ideal for those who enjoy water parks, as it offers easy access to Schlitterbahn, one of the best water parks in Texas.
    • Variety of Accommodations: A wide range of options suit different preferences and budgets, from hotel rooms to cottages.
    • Central Location: Conveniently located near other attractions in New Braunfels, making it easy to explore the city.
  • Link: The Resort at Schlitterbahn

3. Courtyard by Marriott New Braunfels River Village

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Modern Amenities: Offers contemporary rooms and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free stay.
    • Riverfront Location: Set on the banks of the Guadalupe River, providing beautiful views and opportunities for river activities.
    • Business and Leisure: Equipped with facilities for both leisure and business, making it a versatile choice for different types of travelers.
  • Link: Courtyard by Marriott New Braunfels River Village

These accommodations offer a range of experiences for solo travelers. The Gruene Mansion Inn provides a historical and cultural background, The Resort at Schlitterbahn is perfect for those seeking adventure and fun, and the Courtyard by Marriott offers modern comforts with beautiful riverfront views. Each of these places caters to different interests and preferences, whether you’re interested in exploring local history, seeking adventure, or looking for a comfortable and modern stay.

Downtown Clifton - Texas View
Downtown Clifton – Image by Renelibrary


Clifton is known mainly for its artists and historians and is between Austin and Dallas. This scenic small town is known for its agricultural sector, pioneer heritage, and friendly community. For nature lovers, Clifton has many trails and countryside offering many outdoor activities.

Clifton is perfect for solo travelers who want to explore the arts and culture of this city. Visiting Clifton is excellent for a one or two-day trip, and some of the must-visit places in Clifton are:

  • Bosque Museum
  • Clifton Classis Chassis Auto Museum
  • The Clifton Whipple Truss Bridge
  • Red Caboose Winery Clifton
  • Cliftex Theatre
  • Explore local shops
  • Lake Whitney

Places To Stay

Clifton, Texas, often called the “Norwegian Capital of Texas,” offers a unique blend of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and small-town charm. It’s an ideal destination for solo travelers who appreciate art, history, and the tranquility of nature. Here are the top three places to stay in Clifton for solo travelers, along with reasons why they stand out:

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1. Screen Door Inn

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Quaint and Cozy: This charming inn offers a homey and intimate atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a quiet, comfortable retreat.
    • Convenient Location: Situated in downtown Clifton, it’s within walking distance of local shops, restaurants, and the Bosque Arts Center.
    • Unique Decor: Each room is uniquely decorated with modern and vintage elements, reflecting the town’s artistic spirit.
  • Link: Screen Door Inn

2. Lake Whitney RV Campground

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Nature Immersion: Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, this campground provides direct access to Lake Whitney, offering opportunities for fishing, hiking, and bird-watching.
    • Variety of Lodging Options: Offers a range of accommodations from tent sites to cabins, catering to different preferences and experiences.
    • Community Atmosphere: The campground often hosts social events, providing a great opportunity to meet fellow travelers and locals.
  • Link: Lake Whitney RV Campground

3. Velkommen Inn

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Historic Charm: This inn is housed in a beautifully restored landmark building, offering a glimpse into Clifton’s past.
    • Personalized Experience: Known for its warm hospitality and personalized service, making guests feel right at home.
    • Central to Attractions: Located near Clifton’s main attractions, including the Bosque Museum and the Clifton Classic Chassis Auto Museum.
  • Link: Velkommen Inn

Each of these accommodations offers something unique for solo travelers in Clifton. The Screen Door Inn provides a cozy and artsy environment in the heart of the town, the Lake Whitney RV Campground is perfect for those who love the outdoors and a sense of community, and the Velkommen Inn offers historic charm with personalized hospitality. Depending on whether you’re looking for a cultural, outdoor, or historical experience, each of these places provides a different perspective of what Clifton has to offer.

Fort Davis National Historic Site - Texas View

Fort Davis

Fort Davis is found in the Davis Mountain range in Texas and is surrounded by captivating landscapes. A trip to Fort Davis is excellent for mountain bikers, nature lovers, wildlife and bird enthusiasts, and those looking for a day trip to a place that offers many outdoor activities.

Fort Davis is most well-known for the Fort Davis National Historic Site, one of the best preserved military bases from 1854, and attracts many visitors yearly. This is one of the most popular attractions in Fort Davis, but there are a few more places worth visiting in Fort Davis that include:

  • Overland Trail Museum
  • Davis Mountains State Park
  • Fort Davis National Historic Site
  • Stargazing at McDonald Observatory
  • Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute and Botanical Garden
  • Rattlers and Reptiles

Places To Stay

Fort Davis, Texas, nestled in the scenic Davis Mountains, is a haven for solo travelers seeking a blend of history, nature, and tranquility. This small town is known for its historical significance, clear night skies ideal for stargazing, and its proximity to the Davis Mountains State Park. Here are the top three places to stay in Fort Davis for solo travelers, along with reasons why they are appealing:

1. The Hotel Limpia

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Historic Charm: Built in 1912, this hotel is a beautifully restored piece of Fort Davis’s history, offering a unique and immersive experience.
    • Beautiful Gardens and Views: The hotel features lush gardens and stunning views of the Davis Mountains.
    • Central Location: Situated in the heart of Fort Davis, it is close to local attractions like the Fort Davis National Historic Site and the McDonald Observatory.
  • Link: The Hotel Limpia

2. Davis Mountains Inn

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Peaceful Retreat: Nestled in a quiet area, it’s ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation amidst nature.
    • Personalized Service: Known for its warm, friendly service, making solo travelers feel especially welcome.
    • Proximity to Outdoor Activities: It’s conveniently located near trails and natural attractions, perfect for hiking and bird watching.
  • Link: Davis Mountains Inn

3. Fort Davis Drug Store and Hotel

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Unique Experience: Offers a blend of a classic old-time drug store and modern hotel accommodations, providing a unique and memorable stay.
    • Dining Convenience: The on-site drug store includes a restaurant with a classic soda fountain, offering a convenient and enjoyable dining experience.
    • Central to Fort Davis Attractions: Located in the town center, it’s within walking distance of historic sites and local shops.
  • Link: Fort Davis Drug Store and Hotel

Each of these accommodations in Fort Davis offers a unique experience for solo travelers. The Hotel Limpia provides a historic and scenic setting, the Davis Mountains Inn is perfect for those seeking a peaceful nature retreat, and the Fort Davis Drug Store and Hotel offers a quirky and convenient option right in the heart of the town. Depending on your interests, whether in history, nature, or unique local experiences, these places offer a distinct aspect of Fort Davis’ charm.

Blanco State Park - Texas View
Blanco State Park – Image by runarut


Blanco is a riverside town that offers guests a chance to visit some of the best breweries and wineries and has many outdoor activities to escape the Texan heat. Blanco, Texas, is known as the lavender capital of Texas, and the biggest attraction for locals is the Blanco River, where paddling, fishing, and swimming are enjoyed.

When solo tripping to Blanco, visit the Deutsch Apple, which has a selection of sweet and savory treats, but their most famous treat is the apple pecan cake. The lavender farm is a beautiful attraction in Blanco, and the lavender fields bloom from late May. A few other attractions in Blanco that you can explore on your include:

  • Garrison Brothers Distillery
  • Old 300 BBQ
  • Blanco Pioneer Museum
  • Buggy Barn Museum
  • Old Blanco County Courthouse

Places To Stay

Blanco, Texas, known for its picturesque landscapes and tranquil environment, is a delightful destination for solo travelers. Its charm lies in the small-town atmosphere, scenic river views, and proximity to the Texas Hill Country and larger cities like Austin and San Antonio. Here are the top three places to stay in Blanco for solo travelers:

1. Blanco Riverside Cottages

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Scenic Location: Situated by the Blanco River, these cottages offer serene river views and a peaceful environment, ideal for relaxation.
    • Privacy and Comfort: Each cottage is well-appointed, providing a comfortable and private retreat for solo travelers.
    • Proximity to Town: Located within walking distance of downtown Blanco, guests can easily access local shops, restaurants, and the historic Blanco Courthouse.
  • Link: Blanco Riverside Cottages

2. The Blanco Settlement

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Riverside Cabins: Offers cozy riverside cabins with a rustic charm, perfect for those seeking a close-to-nature experience.
    • Outdoor Activities: Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and exploring the scenic surroundings.
    • Convenient Location: Close to both the Blanco State Park and the city center, providing a good balance of nature and local culture.
  • Link: The Blanco Settlement

3. Best Western Plus Blanco Luxury Inn & Suites

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Modern Amenities: A comfortable stay with modern amenities, including a fitness center and outdoor pool, ensures a relaxing visit.
    • Ideal for Longer Stays: With the convenience of a well-known hotel chain, it’s suited for solo travelers looking for familiar comforts, especially during longer stays.
    • Strategic Location: Positioned conveniently for visiting nearby attractions such as the Real Ale Brewing Company and local vineyards.
  • Link: Best Western Plus Blanco Luxury Inn & Suites

Each of these accommodations in Blanco caters to different preferences of solo travelers. While Blanco Riverside Cottages offer an intimate riverfront experience, The Blanco Settlement provides rustic charm and outdoor activities. The Best Western Plus, on the other hand, offers the reliability and amenities of a well-known hotel chain, suitable for those who prefer a more conventional hotel experience. Depending on whether you’re seeking tranquility, adventure, or modern convenience, each of these places can provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Blanco.

Great Egret at Lake Raven in Huntsville State Park Texas - Texas View


Huntsville is a small town with interesting things to do. It is filled with parks, lagoons, and cultural heritage and is most known for its state penitentiary unit. Huntsville is an excellent place for all travelers and has the most beautiful blue lagoon, perfect for scuba divers.

Visiting a giant boot and hat house, kayaking and hiking, the Sam Houston Memorial, and the veteran’s museum. A few other activities you can enjoy on your solo trip to Huntsville are:

  • Sam Houston Memorial Museum
  • Huntsville State Park
  • Lottie’s Books
  • Downtown Huntsville
  • Sam Houston Wine Trail
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Texas Prison Museum
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Places To Stay

Huntsville, Texas, a town rich in history and natural beauty, is a great destination for solo travelers. It offers a unique blend of cultural attractions like the Texas Prison Museum, outdoor activities in the Sam Houston National Forest, and the charm of a small college town. Here are the top three places to stay in Huntsville for solo travelers:

1. Red Roof PLUS+ Huntsville

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Comfort and Affordability: Known for its comfortable accommodations at an affordable price, making it an excellent choice for solo travelers on a budget.
    • Central Location: Conveniently located near Sam Houston State University, offering easy access to the campus and local downtown attractions.
    • Amenities: Provides essential amenities like free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, and complimentary breakfast.
  • Link: Red Roof PLUS+ Huntsville

2. University Hotel at Sam Houston State University

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Campus Experience: Located on the university campus, it’s perfect for those interested in experiencing the vibrancy of college life.
    • Cultural Access: Proximity to the university’s cultural and sporting events and academic facilities.
    • Modern Facilities: Offers modern, well-equipped rooms and facilities catering to the needs of solo travelers.
  • Link: University Hotel at SHSU

3. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Huntsville

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Reliable Quality: As part of the Holiday Inn chain, it offers consistent and reliable quality that many solo travelers appreciate.
    • Recreational Amenities: Features amenities like an outdoor pool, fitness center, and a business center, suitable for both leisure and work-related stays.
    • Strategic Location: Situated near major attractions such as the HEARTS Veterans Museum of Texas and the Huntsville State Park.
  • Link: Holiday Inn Express Huntsville

Each of these accommodations in Huntsville caters to the unique needs of solo travelers. The Red Roof PLUS+ offers an affordable and comfortable stay, the University Hotel immerses visitors in the college atmosphere, and the Holiday Inn Express provides a blend of leisure and business amenities. Depending on whether you’re seeking budget-friendly options, a cultural campus experience, or reliable quality with recreational facilities, these places ensure a pleasant and convenient stay in Huntsville.

Austin Texas City River


Austin is a safe and vibrant place to visit and one of the best places to explore when looking for solo trips. This Texan city is known as the world’s live music capital and offers vibrant entertainment, arts and culture, and many experiences.

Solo travelers can explore one of America’s most unique stops and enjoy great food and an assortment of craft beer from one of the many local breweries. Live music performances, hikes, and kayaking down Lady Bird Lake are fun activities you’ll experience on your solo trip to Austin. When in Austin, make sure to visit the following tourist spots too:

  • Barton Springs
  • Continental Club
  • Waterloo Records
  • Zilker Park
  • Franklin BBQ
  • Paramount Theatre
  • Texas State Capitol
  • Breweries
  • Lake Travis Zip Lines

Places To Stay

Austin, Texas, known for its vibrant music scene, diverse culinary experiences, and various cultural and outdoor activities, is a fantastic destination for solo travelers. Here are the top three places to stay in Austin for those exploring alone:

1. The LINE Austin

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Central Location: Situated in the heart of downtown Austin, close to major attractions like the State Capitol, Lady Bird Lake, and renowned music venues.
    • Stylish Comfort: Offers chic, comfortable rooms with stunning views of the city or lake, perfect for a solo retreat.
    • Social Scene: The hotel’s bars and restaurants are popular among locals and travelers, offering a great way to meet people.
  • Link: The LINE Austin

2. Hostel 512

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Budget-Friendly: An affordable option for solo travelers, offering a chance to save money while staying in a trendy area.
    • Community Vibe: Provides a communal atmosphere with shared spaces and organized events, making connecting with other travelers easy.
    • Convenient Location: Located in the vibrant East Austin, it’s close to bars, restaurants, and live music venues.
  • Link: Hostel 512

3. Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt

  • Reasons to Stay:
    • Music-Themed Luxury: A music-themed hotel that reflects Austin’s cultural heritage, offering a unique and upscale experience.
    • Excellent Amenities: Features a rooftop pool, in-room spa services, and a live music venue.
    • Great Dining Options: The hotel’s restaurant, Geraldine’s, offers excellent dining and live music, catering to the solo palate and social experience.
  • Link: Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt

Each of these accommodations offers a unique experience for solo travelers in Austin. The LINE Austin combines style and a central location. Hostel 512 is ideal for those on a budget and looking to meet fellow travelers, and the Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt offers a luxurious, music-infused stay. Depending on your preferences for style, budget, and social interaction, these options cater to various solo travel experiences in Austin.

solo traveler in front of a cloud

Safety Tips for Solo Travelers in Texas

Traveling solo can be a rewarding experience, but it also requires careful planning and awareness, especially regarding safety. Here are some safety tips for solo travelers exploring Texas:

General Safety Tips

  1. Stay Informed:
    • Keep up-to-date with local news and weather forecasts, especially regarding extreme weather like hurricanes or severe storms, which can affect parts of Texas.
    • Be aware of any travel advisories or safety alerts in the areas you plan to visit.
  2. Keep Important Documents Secure:
    • Carry copies of important documents like your ID, passport, and travel insurance. Keep originals in a safe place, such as a hotel safe.
    • It’s also wise to have digital copies accessible in your email or cloud storage.
  3. Stay Connected:
    • Keep your phone charged, and consider carrying a portable charger.
    • Inform someone you trust about your travel itinerary and check in regularly.
  4. Be Cautious with Strangers:
    • While meeting new people is great, be cautious about sharing personal information or travel plans.
  5. Avoid Risky Areas:
    • Stay in well-lit, populated areas, especially at night.
    • Research neighborhoods and read reviews before booking accommodations.

Transportation Safety

  1. Driving:
    • Texas is a large state, and distances between cities can be vast. Ensure your vehicle is in good condition and comfortable with long drives.
    • Always have a map or GPS, and monitor fuel levels.
  2. Public Transportation:
    • In cities like Houston and Dallas, use reputable public transportation systems.
    • Be aware of your surroundings, especially in bus or train stations.

Health and Environmental Safety

  1. Stay Hydrated:
    • Texas can be extremely hot, especially in summer. Carry water with you and stay hydrated.
  2. Sun Protection:
    • Use sunscreen, wear a hat, and protect your eyes with sunglasses.
  3. Wildlife and Outdoor Safety:
    • If hiking or camping, be aware of nature and follow all park guidelines.
    • If you are venturing into remote areas, always tell someone where you are.

Emergency Contacts

  • 911: For emergencies
  • Local Police Station: Have the contact information of local law enforcement in areas you are visiting.
  • Embassy or Consulate: If you’re an international traveler, keep the contact details of your embassy or consulate.

Personal Safety Apps

  • Consider downloading safety apps like “Noonlight” or “TripWhistle Global SOS,” which can alert authorities or contacts in an emergency.

Travel Insurance

  • Ensure you have travel insurance that covers your needs, including any adventure activities you plan to undertake.

Cultural Awareness and Respect

  • Be mindful of local customs and norms. Texas is diverse, and cultural sensitivity is important.

Traveling solo in Texas can be a fantastic adventure. By taking the proper precautions and staying informed, you can enjoy a safe and memorable experience.

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