Glen Rose Texas (Dinosaur Capital)

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Texas is a beloved country with many gems regarding the variety of towns and cities, nestled in the hill country, and bringing their unique twist to Texas. One of these fascinating places is the town of Glen Rose in Somervell County.

Glen Rose is a small village in Somervell County known as the dinosaur capital of Texas. Visitors can explore real dinosaur tracks, enjoy activities next to the Paluxy River, learn about the town’s rich history, and enjoy local food. Glen Rose is only a short 86-mile drive from Dallas.

Downtown Glen Rose - Texas View
Downtown Glen Rose Texas. – Photo by Renelibrary

About Glen Rose Texas?

Glen Rose is one of the smaller Texas cities but the seat of Somervell County. Glen Rose will give you chills with its beauty in the form of historic buildings, beautiful nature, and unique things to do.

Although the village has existed since the stone age, no jokes, it has only been occupied since 1920, when people started to live here, next to the Paluxy River. Then, in 1949, the two Barnard brothers set up a post, leading to a town being born.

Facts About Glen Rose Texas

  • Location: North Western Texas, the seat of Somervell County, and next to Highway 67.
  • County: Somervell County
  • Zip Codes: 76043
  • Population: 2700
  • Crime Rate: low crime rate of 18.3%
  • The average temperature in June: is 88°F to 94°F
  • The average temperature in January: is 58°F to 61°F
  • Universities: Hill College; Hill College Johnson County Campus; Hill College – Somervell County Center
  • Airports: closest airports are Waco Regional Airport (64 miles away); Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (78 miles away)
  • Best Hotels: Country Woods Inn; La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Glen Rose; Inn on the River 
  • Best Restaurants: Hammond’s BBQ; Loco Coyote Grill; Storybook Café; Riverhouse Grill
  • Parks: Dinosaur Valley State Park; Fossil Rim Wildlife Center; Paluxy Heritage Park; Oakdale Park; Tres Rios Park
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What’s Glen Rose Texas Known For?

Glen Rose is known as the Dinosaur City of Texas and the Moonshine Capital of Texas. These are enough reasons to visit Glen Rose and learn about the town’s history. Real dinosaur tracks were found in the Paluxy River in the early 1900s, setting the tone for a dinosaur-inspired town.

  • People can visit the sites to see the accurate dinosaur tracks embedded along the riverbanks.
  • Visit the prehistoric buildings in downtown Glen Rose, made out of petrified wood from ancient trees.
  • The rumors are that Ed Young, a gas station owner, sold more moonshine illegally at the time than gasoline. However, the Outlaw Station still stands for visitors’ imaginations to take them back in time.

People From Glen Rose Texas

  • Daniel Allen Campbell – American Football coach
  • Dennis Hadley Curry – US Military Officer
  • Roy Thomas Davis (nickname “Peaches”) – American Baseball player
  • John Graves – American Writer

Where is Glen Rose Texas?

Glen Rose is a small town and the seat of Somervell County. It is next to highway 67, and the Paluxy River runs through the city, leading many tourists to the village. The village is surrounded by limestone hills giving the town a rugged look in conjunction with the petrified wood buildings.

Nearby Locations

  • Stephenville, 28 miles away
  • Fort Worth, 54 miles away
  • Dallas, 86 miles away
  • Waco, 70 miles away

Layout Of Glen Rose Texas

Visitors can enter Glen Rose via highway 67 from Stephenville or Dallas. The village lies south of the highway. The Paluxy River runs through the town, dividing the village into the upper city and downtown. The parks, such as Dinosaur Park, the golf course, and The Promise, are outside the town.

Areas In Glen Rose Texas

  • Rainbow neighborhood
  • Nemo neighborhood
  • City Central

The Rainbow neighborhood in Glen Rose is one of the top 10% in Texas suited for retirement. The calming, quiet, and nature-surrounded area make this spot perfect for people looking to retire in Texas.

The Nemo neighborhood is perfect for families looking to live in Glen Rose. This Rural neighborhood is close to schools, has a low crime rate, and has bigger houses to accommodate a family.

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City Central is a suburban neighborhood for people who want to retire and live in town rather than outside between the dunes. Glen Rose has a low crime rate overall, and a population of 2700 makes it not overcrowded to live in town.

Getting About Glen Rose Texas

Glen Rose is one town with the shortest commuting time to work in the US, with an average of 15 minutes one-way. Residents use all sorts of means to get about. Each neighborhood of Glen Rose has a different transportation system that works for them.

Transportation MeansGlen Rose PopulationUSA Population
On Foot0.8%2.8%
Driving A Car94.5%85.7%
Public Transportation0.0%5.1%
Riding A Bicycle0.0%0.6%
Transportation use in Glen Rose, Texas

Walking To Get About

People from Glen Rose don’t fancy walking to work. Maybe because of the distance, but 0.8% of the residents use this means to get to work. However, walking as leisure is pretty popular, with many hiking trails to explore.

Driving To Get About

Whether they drive in their car (88.7%) or carpool with friends or co-workers (5.8%), this means of transport to work is the most popular. Therefore, people in this village find it advantageous to have their cars.

Using Public Transport To Get About

People do not use public transportation to work, mainly because work is close enough. They may own a car, get a carpool opportunity, or work from home. Because it is a small town, public transport is not better than having your vehicle, as there is not much traffic.

Riding A Bicycle To Get About

The possibilities for bike riding as a leisurely activity are endless in Glen Rose. Still, people don’t use this means for commuting. This might be because most people are elders, and the families live close enough to school to walk or carpool.

What To Do In Glen Rose Texas

Glen Rose is all about history, culture, and exploring nature. It is a fun town for young and old to see unique things and explore the outdoors.

  • Visit Dinosaur Valley State Park
  • Fossil Rim Wildlife Center
  • Swim At Big Rocks Park

The one reason tourists come here is to view the dinosaur tracks. With this, there are many more things to explore and enjoy.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Dinosaur Valley is the place to let your imagination take over. Explore the park and find the footprints of one of the biggest dinosaurs that roamed the earth. There are also swimming spots, camping areas, and hiking available at the park. Dinosaur World is a favorite for kids. An amusement park with many life-sized dinosaurs, fossil digging holes, and souvenir shops.

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Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Apart from being one of Texas’s most sought-after wildlife centers, they do fantastic work to conserve nature and save wildlife. You can see a range of magnificent animals here, including cheetahs, rhinos, cheetahs, bison, giraffes, snakes, and many more.

Big Rocks Park Glen Rose Texas

First, Big Rocks Park is free and accessible, making this attraction popular. Secondly, it is beautiful, with big rocks forming pools to swim and splash in. People can even fish here if they’d like.

Where To Eat In Glen Rose Texas

  • The Overlook Café at Fossil Rim
  • The Green Pickle
  • Pie Peddlers
  • La Vita Italian Restaurant

Where To Stay In Glen Rose Texas

  • Best Western Dinosaur Valley Inn & Suites
  • Country Woods Inn
  • Inn on the River
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Glen Rose

Glen Rose FAQs

Is Glen Rose Texas A Good Place To Live?

Glen Rose in Texas State is a great place to live regarding quality schooling, safety, and being close to nature. Glen Rose is 47% safer than all other towns in Texas and 58% safer than the average in the whole of the USA.

What Is The Average Age Of Glen Rose Residents?

Glen Rose has an average age of 41 years old, and most residents are white-collar workers. Glen Rose consists of 75% white-collar residents and 25% blue-collar residents. With the average age being 41 years, most households are family households.


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