Kerrville Texas (Natural Beauty)

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Kerrville is nestled in the hills of Texas Hill Country and is famous for its stunning natural parks, which adorn the Guadalupe River. Kerrville was named after a major in the Texas Revolution, James Kerr. One of the most notable reasons to visit this charming city is to experience the Kerrville Folk Festival, a summer festival featuring folk musicians from all over Texas and Canada.

Kerrville, Texas, is home to rugged terrain, stunning streams, and magnificent wildlife. The natural beauty of Kerrville and its ideal climate make it an attractive option for those seeking to settle down. Kerrville is the perfect mix of Texas charm, rich in history and filled with unique attractions.

City Hall of Kerrville Texas. - Texas View

About Kerrville Texas

Kerrville, Texas, was established in 1856 and early settlers who came to Kerrville included Germans and Anglo-Americans. Kerrville began as a cattle farming and shipping point in the 1870s but grew into a city focused on agriculture, medical services, and tourism by the middle of the 20th century.

Facts About Kerrville Texas

  • Location: Kerrville, Texas, is situated in central Texas, 104 miles west of Austin.
  • County: Kerr County, Texas
  • Towns: The towns near Kerrville are Mount Wesley, Legion, Guadalupe, Center Point, Ingram, and Waltonia.
  • Land Area: 21.93 sq mi
  • Zipcodes: 78028 – 78029
  • Population: 24,477
  • Crime rate: 13.8
  • Average Temperature June: 89 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Average Temperature January: 60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Universities: Schreiner University
  • Airports: Kerrville-Kerr County Airport
  • Best Hotels: La Quinta, Inn of the Hills Hotel, Y O Ranch Hotel, Days Inn, Hampton Inn
  • Best Restaurants: The Lakehouse, Francisco’s, Bella Sera, Billy Gene, Mamacita’s
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What’s Kerrville Texas Known For?

Kerrville, Texas, is known for its exquisite parks like Kerrville-Schreiner Park and Flat Rock Park. Kerrville is also known for its rich culture and heritage, fine arts, and wildlife attractions. Kerrville is also a popular tourist destination and is frequently visited for the following:

  • Beautiful parks
  • Scenic experiences
  • Art museums
  • Arts and crafts fairs
  • Festivals
  • Wildlife
  • Outdoor adventure activities

People From Kerrville Texas

  • Robert Earl Keen– An American singer and songwriter famous for his many genres of music, including folk, country, rock, and bluegrass.
  • James Avery – A famous jewelry designer who grew up in Kerrville and whose jewelry stores are now located across the U.S
  • Jimmie Rodgers – Jimmie Rodgers was a popular American musician in the 1920s. He is known as the father of country music and was famous for his yodeling.
  • Hilary Tuck – Hilary Tuck is an actress and is well known for her role in the sitcom Hang Time

Where Is Kerrville Texas?

Kerrville, Texas, is in Kerr County in central Texas. Kerrville, Texas, is 306 miles from Dallas, 248 miles from Houston, and 62 miles of San Antonio on the interstate Highway 10, at the Texas Highways 16 and 27.

Nearby Locations

  • Hondo
  • Leon Valley
  • Canyon Lake
  • Live Oak
  • San Antonio
  • Uvalde
  • Lakeway
  • San Marcos
  • Kyle
  • Kirby

Layout Of Kerrville Texas

Kerrville is situated along the Guadalupe River and has a hilly terrain with lots of wildlife surrounding the city. This Texan city is a mix of suburban homes, historic buildings, and art and culture. All the main attractions are found along the Guadalupe River, while the schools, parks, ranches, and country clubs are located more inland.

Areas In Kerrville Texas

  • Camp Vrede
  • Hunt
  • Mount Wesley
  • Kerrville North
  • Kerrville Eas
  • Kerrville Northeast
  • Kerrville Southwest

There are a few popular neighborhoods in Kerrville. Some have a mix of houses and gated estates, while others have ranches. The most desired areas to stay are in the central parts of the city, but the most affordable homes are in the southwest region of Kerrville.

Getting About Kerrville Texas

There are numerous ways to get about Kerrville. Depending on what you want to do when visiting Kerrville, you could opt to book a tour bus package and go sightseeing in Kerrville. You could use a taxi service to get to the shops or a local restaurant for dinner. You could always opt for a luxury private car service if you prefer a more luxurious travel option.

How To Get About Kerrville Texas
Method of transportDescription
BusKerrville Bus Company offers one-day and overnight trips and customers services like route line transportation, customized tour packages, and deluxe motorcoach charters.
TaxiTraveling by taxi is a convenient option for those looking to explore Kerrville. Some of Kerrville’s most popular taxi companies are the Kerrville taxi company, Regional Standard Taxi, and Top Dog Taxi and Delivery.
Private car serviceIf you’re looking to drive around in style, you may consider using a private car service. Some of the best options include Hill County Limos and Hello Sunshine Transport.
Ways to get about Kerrville

On Foot

Explore Kerrville on foot through the Kerrville River trail, a six-mile trail that travels from Kerrville Schreiner Park to the west of the Riverside nature center. You could follow the tracks until you reach the tranquility center. The tranquility center is the perfect place for outdoor sports or just taking in the natural scenery of the Guadalupe River.

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You can shop and dine in the city of Kerrville and then stop at Peterson Plaza for a quick stroll. If you’d like to visit a historical site, you can see and experience frontier history at the Schreiner Mansion.

Public Transport

Take the Kerrville Bus to explore Kerrville. The Kerrville bus company offers a variety of tours for those wanting to sightsee. A bus trip is an affordable option for those looking at traveling on a budget and is perfect for an entire day of exploring all the wonders Kerrville has to offer.


If you prefer sightseeing in Kerrville alone and want to stop off at a few tourist destinations, then hiring a car is the best transport option to get about Kerrville. Enterprise and Hertz offer car rentals with various vehicles to choose from.

What To Do In Kerrville Texas

Kerrville has indoor and outdoor activities that are perfect for all ages. Connect with nature and relax while exploring the Kerrville Wildlife Management area. Travel back in time and get lost in history while taking a Schreiner Museum tour. Experience arts, culture, boutique shopping, and country dining in the city of Kerrville.

Some of the most popular attractions in Kerrville include:

  • Visiting the museum of western art
  • Historical tour at the Schreiner Museum
  • Wine tasting at Kerrville Hills Winery
  • Visiting the Kerrville Wildlife Management Area

The Museum Of Western Art

The museum of western art contains a collection of paintings and sculptures of artists from the American West. The museum has an art library and also rotates its artwork collection. The artwork in the museum focuses on Native Americans, cowboys, women in the west, mountain men, and ranchers. It allows visitors to learn more about the history of Kerrville through art.

Schreiner Mansion

The Schreiner Mansion is a historic site that was built in 1879. This mansion was built by combining Romanesque Revival and Chateuesque styling. Today the Schreiner Mansion is listed as a historic place on the National Register of Historic Places, and tours of the mansion take place regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wine Tasting At Kerrville Hills Winery

Kerrville Hills Winery is known as Kerrville’s first winery. This winery is famous for its tasting room and spectacular wines, and you can visit the winery for wine tasting and a tour of the historic wine estate. Wine-tasting tours are available from Thursday to Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm.

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Kerrville Wildlife Management Area

The Kerrville Wildlife Management Area is owned and run by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Explore the natural habitat of some of the most exciting wildlife species, including the whitetail deer, javelin, armadillo, reptiles, and ringtail cats.

Where To Eat In Kerrville Texas

  • Billy Genes – Traditional Country food, voted the best all-around food in Kerrville.
  • Cowboy Steakhouse – Family-friendly Texas steakhouse serving steakhouse classics like broiled steak.
  • Chilli’s On The River – a food chain offering comfort food and delicious burgers and fries
  • Acapulco Mexican Restaurant – flavorful Mexican cuisine and tasty margaritas

Where To Stay In Kerrville Texas

  • Holiday Inn Express – An award-winning accommodation offering inspired by the charm of Texas. The Holiday Inn Express offers multiple accommodation options and amenities for their guests to enjoy.
  • La Quinta Inn – Pet-friendly hotel close to the city center offering complimentary breakfast and amenities like an indoor pool and gym
  • Inn of the Hills River Resort – Located right on the Guadalupe River, this elegantly designed hotel offers modern rooms, exquisite dining, and lush courtyards.

Kerrville FAQs

Did you know that Kerrville, Texas, was called the ‘next great American Metropolis’ by Forbes Magazine.’? Kerrville is also an upcoming destination for significant economic growth and, as such, attracts those seeking to invest or start their own business in this quaint city.

Is Kerrville Texas A Good Place To Live?

Kerrville, Texas, has a livability rating of 76 out of 100. The cost of living, housing, and the crime rate are low. Kerrville’s educational offering is ranked lower than other cities, but overall it’s an excellent place to live. Kerrville has a low population size and is ideal for those looking for a small-town feel, but the job prospects may also be limited due to this.

Is Kerrville Texas Safe?

Kerrville, Texas, is 47% safer than other U.S cities. The police in the city are very visible and responsive. There is a small amount of crime, but it is not visibly noticeable. Overall, Kerrville is considered a safe place to live.

Is Kerrville Worth Visiting?

Kerrville is worth visiting and offers visitors many experiences and attractions to explore. These attractions are for everyone, whether you love arts and culture or exploring historical monuments; Kerrville is filled with many activities and is perfect for tourists wanting to explore a city filled with beauty, exquisite wildlife, and small-town charm.


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