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Around the 1800s, people became aware of this town because of the round-topped tower that can be seen from miles away. You might not even spot this town when driving on the highway but stopping at this town is certainly worth it. If you are an antique lover, this would be the perfect town to make a pit stop or even stay the night.

Round Top, Texas, is situated in the northern part of Fayette County. It is a small town known for its antique arts and crafts. This small town has various sources of entertainment for the community as well as people visiting the town. Round Top is considered a safe town and would be the perfect pit stop if you travel around Texas.

Round Top Historic Library - Texas View
Round Top Historical Library. – Photo by Jim Evans

About Round Top

This small piece of land, which has now developed into a small town, is between Austin and Houston, Texas. This small town was first known as ‘Townsend’ but was later renamed ‘Round Top.’ The name ‘Round Top’ comes from the circular tower that the postmaster lived in.

Englishmen and Germans industrialized Round Top; therefore, the town has a strong German culture. This town is home to the oldest active Lutheran church (Bethlehem Lutheran Church) and the oldest building (Moore’s Fort) in Fayette County.

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Facts about Round Top

  • Location: Northern Fayette County
  • County: Fayette
  • Town: Round Top
  • Land Area: 610 acres
  • Zip Code: 78954
  • Population: +- 90
  • Average temperature (January): High – 59.4°F (15.2°C); Low – 43.7°F (6.5°C)
  • Average temperature (June): High – 90.3°F (32.4°C); Low – 84°F (28.9°C)
  • Educational Institutions: Round Top Elementary; Round Top High School
  • Best Hotel: The Frenchie Boutique Hotel
  • Best Restaurant: Lulu’s Italian Restaurant

What Is Round Top Known For?

Round Top is famous for the antique shopping experience that people get when they visit this small town.

The most famous thing that Round Top is known for is the Round Top Antique Show, which takes place twice a year. This festival attracts people from all over the United States, and this is where you will find classic antique souvenirs of all kinds.

Where is Round Top?

Round Top Texas is situated between Austin and Houston, Texas, in the northern part of Fayette County. To get to the center of the town, you would need to use Texas State Highway 237. The small town is perfect for a break from the big city life.

Nearby Round Top

  • Winedale Historical Center
  • Cummings Creek Bridge
  • The Colorado River

If you are traveling to Round Top, Texas, it is recommended to visit the above places. The historical center will suit you if you want to discover more about Texas’s history. In addition, the Cummings Creek Bridge would be perfect if you love nature and some beautiful views.

Layout Of Round Top

The coordination of Round Top, Texas is 30.0652° N, 96.6961° W. Round Top is a land area of about 247 hectares and is equivalent to 610 acres. This small town has a total area of 0.97 square miles (2.5 km2).

Areas Around Round Top

Quite a few similar towns are situated close to Round Top, Texas. Below are towns that are located within 20 miles of Round Top, Texas:

  • Winedale, TX (4 miles)
  • Warrenton, TX (4 miles)
  • Carmine, TX (7 miles)
  • Shelby, TX (8 miles)
  • Willow Springs, TX (12 miles)

Getting About Round Top

Driving to Round Top, Texas, is very simple, and using your own transport or public transport would be appropriate

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Types Of TransportationFromTime
Public TransportAustin, Texas (Capital)5 hours
TaxiAustin, Texas (Capital)2 hours
DrivingAustin, Texas (Capital)1 hour and 40 minutes
Traveling time from Round Top to Austin

Transportation Methods To Round Top

Public Transport

There are no public transport facilities that directly connect Austin to Round Top. The only option would be to take a bus to San Antonio and then another bus to Schulenburg Weimar. You would then need to take a taxi to Round Top. This is considered the most expensive and prolonged mode of transportation from Austin to Round Top.


Taking a taxi from Austin to Round Top would be considered a better option than taking the bus. This transportation method is quicker and cheaper than the bus service. ‘Lyft’ is a ride service you can use if you want to get to Round Top.


Driving with your own transport is considered the best mode of transportation to get to Round Top. This method is also the cheapest and the quickest way of getting to Round Top from any other town in and around Texas. The Texas Highway 237 will take you straight to the center of Round Top.

What To Do In Round Top

Round Top is famous for its arts and culture. This small town in Texas is the perfect town for antique lovers. It is a small town, but there are many things to do for entertainment.

Below are a few events and places you can visit in Round Top, Texas:

  • Round Top Antique Show
  • Round Top Festival Institute
  • Round Top Area Historical Society’s Wood Campus Museum
  • Round Top Family Library

Round Top Antique Show

The Round Top Antique Show is the most famous festival in Round Top, Texas. This antique festival has lots of food, music, networking, and fun. The Round Top Antique Show happens twice a year. This is where you will find rare treasures that might have more value than you think.

Round Top Festival Institute

The Round Top Festival Institute is considered an international performance and learning center. This music and educational festival was established in 1971 by pianist James Dick.

This festival hosts a variety of music education programs and several concerts throughout the year. The festival also features historical buildings as well as rare musical artifacts.

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Round Top Area Historical Society’s Wood Campus Museum

The Round Top Area Historical Society Museum is perfect for learning more about the history and culture of Round Top, Texas. This museum includes four historic buildings: The Noak farmhouse, the Kraus house, a log cabin, and an African-American Baptist Church.

Round Top Family Library

Round Top is the smallest Texas town with a fully accredited library. This library was formally a children’s library but later became a library for the whole community.

The library’s purpose is to educate and inspire the Round Top community and people visiting this small town. The library also includes programs for children and adults.

Where To Eat

  • Lulu’s Italian Restaurant
  • Royer’s Round Top Café
  • Royer’s Pie Haven
  • Garden Company Restaurant
  • Blue Willow Café
  • JW’S Steakhouse

Where To Stay

  • The Frenchie Boutique
  • Coyote Station Guesthouse
  • Flophouze Shipping Container Hotel
  • Hotel Lulu
  • Rancho Pillow
  • The Vintage Round Top

Round Top FAQs

Is Round Top Texas Safe?

Round Top Texas is a safe place to stay and visit. The crime rate is relatively low, with only minor, petty crimes. The crime rate in Round Top is lower than the average crime rate across the country.

Is Round Top Texas Worth Visiting?

Round Top Texas is worth visiting if you love arts and culture. The town will also be perfect if you love antique shopping. This small town allows people to get a break from the big city lifestyle.


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