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We are in the middle of college application season, and you know what that means. Whether or not you have chosen all of your potential schools, there is still time to get those applications filled in, and to add several more. What better choice than Aggieland itself?

Texas A&M University College Station, or Aggieland as the people in the know call it, is Texas’ first-ever public university. In this article, we will talk about what this university offers and all the other details you will need to try this place.

But first off, a little about this school’s history and background.

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What Is Texas A&M University, College Station?

Starting as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, this university came about because of the Morril Act of 1862. Only in 1963 did the school use A&M (Agriculture and Mechanical) and fully adopt its current name of Texas A&M University.

  • This school was founded in 1876.
  • It started as a military college for only male students.
  • They have a total of 11 colleges, spanning 5,200 acres.
  • There are up to 59,000 in the student body.
  • It is one of the biggest universities in Texas (and the greater part of the United States).
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Apart from that, they also promote reasonable and accessible higher education from all walks of life, which is reflected in their programs and research.

Land, Sea, and Space Grant

Strand: Example of the Courses:
Land GrantAgricultural Economics (AGEC)Agricultural Science (AGSC)Agricultural Systems Management (AGSM)
Sea GrantMarine Biology (MARB)Marine Engr Technology (MARE )Marine Transportation (MART)
Space GrantAerospace Engineering (AERO)Aerospace Studies (AERS)
Texas A&M University College Station Grants and Courses

Texas A&M University College Station boasts to be one of the few institutions with the trifecta of land, sea, and space grants. This is only designated for a total of 17 schools in the nation.

The research done through these grants and research programs is for the conservation of terrestrial and aquatic resources, as well as innovations in exploring outer space.

200 Undergraduate Programs and 300 Graduate Programs

Yep, you read that right. Apart from the courses relating to the land, sea and space grants, there are various programs outside these three.

Their courses include the following, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Psychology
  • Nursing
  • Gender Studies
  • Political Science
  • Religious Studies
  • Tourism
  • Nutrition
  • Marketing

Their Department of Global Languages and Cultures also has 17 language courses.

Top Reasons to Go to Texas A&M University

There are so many reasons why you will adore this school, from its programs to its prestige. Though not everything is about homework and grades. Here are the other reasons why you should consider going to Aggieland:

The Campus

When it comes to deciding on what school you want to go to, the campus is always a crucial factor to consider. It’s a good thing that Texas A&M University College Station is considered one of the most beautiful campuses around, according to Forbes and Travel+Leisure.

Not just that. There are numerous art galleries and museums right on campus, including the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. It commemorates the history of the presidency of the late George Bush with authentic records and relics during his time in office.

The Campus Life

Campus life is always the bomb at Texas A&M University. They have the Rudder Theatre Complex, which is famous for its unreal lectures and Broadway performances. The school further showcases a variety of shows like orchestra, group and ensemble concerts.

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Not to mention how dedicated the Aggies are to their sporting events. They have over 20 varsity sports for you to try, and all of their games to attend. This is your chance to experience tailgating parties.

Their Faculty

Their staff is just as well-rounded as their college programs. They have 3,500 teachers, including the National Medal of Science, Wolf Prize, and Nobel Prize winners. Each of them is an expert in their respective field.

How to Apply to Texas A&M University, College Station

List of Requirements:

  1. Transcript of Records
  2. Application Form
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Testimonials
  5. List of relevant test scores

The Exams and Grade Scores

As with any other college, they ask for a specific passing score for the following exams for you to get in:

English – 28 & 1301Math – 24 & 1314American College Testing
English – 610 & 1302Math – 580 & 1314Scholastic Assessment Test
6.5+Graduate Record Examinations
70+Law School Admission Test
7+Test of English as a Foreign Language
Exams and Grade Scores

The Application Process

Make sure to fill out the fields properly in your online application forms and make sure to submit everything. The degree programs require the candidate to have an in-person interview with a college rep or counselor.

Fees and Deadlines

The initial fee for the application is 85 dollars, with an additional charge of 70 dollars for every program you want to add. As for the deadline for your applications, it is always the first of July of every year.

Knowing Texas A&M FAQs

Is it safe on campus?

The town of College Station is one of the safest towns in Texas. As for the campus, it is safe for the students to learn, roam around and live their best college lives. There are systems in place (the buddy system, etc.) and safety personnel are always available.

How much would it cost

Students who live on campus full-time with a full course load could generally cost up to 30,000 dollars per school year.

Are there available scholarships?

There are scholarships available for eligible students. They can choose from several designated grants, scholarships and loans from almost all of the departments and colleges of the university. There’s an option of student employment too.  

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