Texas City, Texas (Dkye and Attractions)

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For a city that only stretches for nine miles from North to South, Texas City hits above its weight regarding the quality of life and facilities available for tourists and residents.

Texas City, Texas, has been rated the best town in America. With one of the lowest crime rates, higher than average wages, access to beaches, and a temperate climate, it is one of the most welcoming cities for tourists and new residents.

Texas City dike at sunset. - Texas View

About Texas City

Texas City, Texas, offers various activities ranging from adrenaline-inducing amusement parks to quieter and more restful parks. There are museums, restaurants, and hotels that meet most visitors’ needs.

Facts About Texas City

  • Location:  Texas City forms part of the Galveston–Texas City complex and is situated on the southwest shoreline of Galveston Bay.
  • County:  Texas City is in Galveston County, Texas.
  • Land Area: Texas City covers a land area of 185.68 sq mi (480.92 km2.)
  • Zipcodes: 77518, 77539, 77554
  • Population: In the 2020 census, the Texas City population was 51,898.
  • Crime rate: The rate of violent crimes is very low at 3.43 per 1,000 residents (The national crime rate is 395.7 cases per 100,000 of the population.).
  • Average Temperature June: An average high of 30°c and a low of  25°c.
  • Average Temperature January: An average high of 15° and a low of 9°.
  • Universities:  The nearest University is 95 miles away in Beaumont, Texas. The College of the Mainland community college is situated in Texas City, Texas.
  • Airports: The nearest large airport, William P Hobby Airport, Houston, is 30 miles away.
    • George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport is 50 miles away.
    • The medium-sized Southeast Texas Regional Airport is 66 miles away in Beaumont.
  • Best Hotels: Spring Hill Suites.
    • La Quinta Inn & Suites.
    • Quality Inn.
  • Best Restaurants: Stuttgarden Tavern
    • Grand Prize Barbeque.
    • Olive Garden Italian Restaurant.
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What Is Texas City Known For?

Texas City, Texas, is a port (deep water) in the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of the main oil processing centers in America and is home to the second-largest refinery in Texas (the third largest within the whole country.)

Texas City is the home of the famous Texas City dyke. This structure was built in the 1930s from concrete blocks and was intended to prevent silt from flowing into the lower Houston Ship Channel. It is renowned as being the longest man-made pier in the world.

People From Texas City

The famous pianist and blues singer Charles Brown is the best-known celebrity to hail from Texas City, Texas. Other notable people who have made a mark on society are as follows.

  • Frank B. Davison was one of the original pioneers.
  • George Ducas is a country music singer known for the 1994 chart-topping song “Lipstick Promises.”
  • Johnny Lee is a country music singer known for his 1980s Gold crossover hit  “Lookin’ for Love.”
  • Charlie Dupre made his name in the 1950s as an NFL player with the New York Titans.
  • L.G. Dupre was a 1950s NFL player who played for the Baltimore Colts and Dallas Cowboys.
  • Edi Patterson is an actress who plays the character Judy Gemstone in the television series “The Righteous Gemstones.”
  • Stone Phillips, television reporter, and correspondent
  • Ron Raine is an operatic singer and actor who played Alan Spaulding on the soap opera “Guiding Light.”
  • Mary Simpson was the first female ordained priest in the American Episcopal Church.

Where is Texas City?

Texas City is situated in Galveston County, Texas, and forms part of the Galveston city complex. Texas city is a deep-water port on the southwest shoreline of Galveston Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. The map coordinates of Texas city are 29.3838° N and 94.9027° W. Interstate 45 links Texas City with Galveston and Houston.

Areas Near Texas City

Eight towns and cities are within 25 miles of Texas City, Texas. They include iconic cities like Santa Fe, and Dickinson has a rich American history going back to the early settlers who made their homes in Texas.

  • La Marque, TX. (5 miles away)
  • Galveston, TX. (14 miles away)
  • Dickinson, TX. (12 miles away)
  • Santa Fe, TX. (15 miles away)
  • League City, TX. (18 miles away)
  • Seabrook, TX. (16 miles away)
  • Webster, TX. (21 miles away)
  • Friendswood, TX. (24 miles away)
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The Layout Of Texas City

Texas city covers an area of 185.6 square miles (480.6 km2). Interestingly, only 63.8 square miles (165.2 km2) of this island and the remaining 121.7 square miles (315.3 km2) are covered by water.

Areas In Texas City

The whole city area is deemed a single Texas District; however, this city is split into four “sub” districts, identified as follows.

  • Districts 01 (West)
  • 02 (North)
  • 03 (East)
  • 04 (South-East)

Getting About In Texas City Texas

The total distance from North to South in Texas City is only nine miles. This makes it very easy to move around the city.

Mode of TransportGreat featuresNegative features
On FootMany trails, low crime ratesSome walks are very plain
Public TransportSix bus routesMore bus stops needed
FerryFree, 24/7 accessibilityNo negative reviews
DrivingWell maintained roadsMedium traffic Congestion
Transport Around Texas City

On Foot

Texas City has 19 trails that cover more than 150 miles, providing many opportunities to see the city on foot. The fact that it is only nine miles from North to South and the city has a very low crime rate makes walking an attractive option.

Public Transport

There is no publicly operated transport system within the city limits; however, several private operators include shuttles, taxis, and rideshare services.


There is a free ferry for travelers between the  Bolivar Peninsula and back. This service receives excellent reviews, ranging from plaudits relating to excellent customer service to the on-time schedule and 24/7 availability.


Due to the absence of a publicly run transport network, most people use their cars to travel around Texas City. Traffic congestion is not considered an issue (certainly not at the level of Houston, which is rated as the worst in America!)

What To Do In Texas City

A large variety of activities are available in Texas City, and the city offers everybody something to do.

  • Visits the beach.
  • Access to 19 trails.
  • The free ferry service.
  • Memorials.
  • Amusement parks.

The Altitude Trampoline Park

While its name suggests this facility is only about trampolining, the reality is that it offers many exciting activities for visitors.

  • Trampolines
  • A go-kart track that is divided between “cadet” and “pro” races
  • Skating rink
  • Rope courses.
  • Mini bowling
  • Billiards.
  • An Arcade Has 116 Games, Including A Virtual Reality Experience.
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Take Time Out To Visit The Texas City Memorial Park

The memorial park was set up to honor the men and women killed in one of history’s largest, non-nuclear explosions. In 1947 The French ship “”SS Grandcamp” was carrying a cargo of ammonium nitrate, which caught fire and detonated.

The park displays the ship’s anchor and commemorates the many victims who remain unidentified due to the devastation caused by the explosion.

Take In Some History

The Texas City Museum provides a view of what life was like for early inhabitants, and displays include a genuine Civil War cannon that was retrieved from the and preserved for posterity.

The displays include accurate (working) model railway displays, art, and stories that bring history to life.

Walk The Dyke

Although the dyke was built to prevent silt from clogging up the waterways, it is a wonderful trail offering impressive city views.

Where To Eat

  • Stuttgart Tavern
  • Grand Prize Barbeque.
  • Olive Garden Italian Restaurant.

Where To Stay

  • Spring Hill Suites.
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites.
  • Quality Inn.

Texas City FAQs

Some of the commonly asked questions about Texas City ate listed below.

Is Texas City Safe To Visit?

With a low violent crime rate of 3.43 per 1,000 residents (The national crime rate is 395.7 cases per 100,000 of the population), Texas city is very safe.

Is Texas City Texas A Good Place To Live?

Niche.com has rated Texas city as the best American town to live in 2022.

Does Texas City Have Child-Friendly Beaches?

The beaches offer wonderful walks; however, they are not suitable for swimming due t the strong rip tides.


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