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There’s more to Texas than cowboys: the hot temperature, famous barbecues, and, let’s not forget that it’s home to the Texas Titans!

Every state has something to offer, and Texas capitalizes on being a sports state. That said, the Texas Titans are amateur leagues created to prepare kids and teens before going big on the court or stadium.

Let’s get to know more about these mighty titans.

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Texas Titans and the Sports They Play

Texans love sports. It’s why many refer to it as a sports state. Think about this: it has two NFL teams and three NBA teams, not to mention that it’s home to numerous collegiate sports programs!

When you think about the Texas Titans, it’s not just a sports team. It’s an organization or amateur sports team dedicated to honing the youth’s skills and talent. Take a look at these four sports teams under the name Texas Titans:

  • Texas Titans Football
  • Texas Titans Basketball
  • Texas Titans Volleyball
  • Texas Titans Baseball

These teams’ members are young aspiring athletes preparing to start their journey in their chosen sports. Even better, they get the help and exposure they need for growth in their careers.

Texas Titans Football

Remember the popular show Friday Night Lights in the early 2000s? It was a huge hit, particularly to football fans, back then. The show didn’t overplay how Texans adore football for high school, college, and even more for the professional leagues.

The Texans’ love for football extends to creating a non-profit organization for underprivileged young people. It’s an excellent way for young athletes to get the training they need to develop the skills required to play professionally someday.

Texas Titans Football aims to teach the fundamentals of football and build self-confidence and discipline while providing opportunities for the youth to excel.

Texas Titans Football Achievements

To prove the team’s hustle to strive to be the best amateur football team, take a look at some of the awards they have garnered since 2013:

  • 2013 Freshman Playoff Team
  • 2013 JV Semi-finalist
  • 2014 JV Semi-finalist
  • 2015 Freshman Playoff Team
  • 2015 Sophomore Playoff Team
  • 2015 #3 Ranked 12U in the State of Texas
  • 2015 Varsity Super Bowl Champions
  • 2016 Freshman Playoff Team
  • 2017 Varsity Playoff Team
  • 2018 All 4 Levels in Playoffs
  • 2018 Varsity Superbowl Runner-Up
  • 2018 JV Super Bowl Champs
  • 2019 Sophomore Playoff Team
  • 2019 Freshman Super Bowl Champs
  • 2021 Varsity Playoff Team
  • 2021 JV Playoff Team
  • 2021 Sophomore Super Bowl Runner-Up
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Texas Titans Basketball

It looks like Texans aren’t only known for being avid football fans.

The Texas Titans Basketball organization is a superb avenue for aspiring athletes considering starting their basketball careers. It’s a great place to meet new friends and master skills in basketball.

Texas Titans Skills and Training

The team focuses on developing the necessary basketball skills through extensive training. A budding athlete can learn a lot from these varied training sessions to improve their performance on the court:

  • Individual
  • Duo workouts
  • Small groups
  • Shooting machine
  • Vertimax

Texas Titans Basketball Seasonal Academy Teams

With its aim to give more exposure to new athletes and develop their rhythm on the court, the league also has seasonal academy teams.

They offer players the following opportunities:

  • Play all year round
  • Enhance their skills during and after practice
  • Contribute to a team
  • Join the Texas Titans Basketball family

Texas Titans Volleyball

It’s not only young boys who get the chance to master athletic skills and get a shot to play with the pros. Texas is also providing young female athletes to excel in sports.

If the two previous teams were for boys, this one is for girls with a knack for volleyball.

The Texas Titans Volleyball focuses on developing the skills of female athletes to allow them to learn basic volleyball fundamentals and advanced techniques.

Texas Titans Baseball

Another sport popular among Texans is baseball. Texans give their all-out support to the Houston Astros, who were the World Series Champions in 2017.

Because Texans are huge baseball fans, it’s no surprise that they provide help to budding athletes dedicated to the game.

The Texas Titans Baseball organization for young aspiring athletes focuses on providing a positive environment for the kids to love and play baseball.

Texas Titans Baseball Team Record

Take a look at the team’s standing in the clinch division:

Texas Titans Baseball Team Record

Texas Titans FAQS

How Can I Be a Texas Titan?

Although the sports organization aims to help young athletes learn the skills in a particular sport, you’ll still have to register or join tryouts.

There are scheduled tryouts posted on the respective websites of each Texas Titans team. You can check them out to see what schedules work for you.

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What Age Do You Need to Be a Texas Titan?

Most team members are ten years old and above, so parents need to check the website for the respective organization they want their kids to be in.

The sports organization may have other specific requirements other than age.

What Are the Advantages of Being A Texas Titan?

The Texas Titan sports organization may be small and for amateurs, but it’s a good starting place for budding athletes at a very young age. Team members are taught discipline, fundamentals, and advanced skills in their chosen sport.

Additionally, the organization allows kids to experience healthy interactions with other people and foster relationships with teammates and coaches. It’s more than just developing skills and playing for the team.

Does Being a Texas Titan Increase Chances of Being a Professional Player in the Future?

Many parents want their kids to join the Texas Titans to allow them to experience a positive yet competitive environment. If you’re considering shaping your child’s athletic career, letting them join the Texas Titans will increase their chances of getting scouted.

Your child might be a pro athlete in the making. Who knows, he could be the next college football or basketball superstar!


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