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There are still so many parts of the USA that people haven’t visited yet, from the great Midwest to the deeper South. In particular, one of the best places in Texas for a nice time by the waterfront, Port Aransas.

You will get to know more about this lovely town in this article. This includes all the things you can do to the possible places you can visit and stay in. There are several more than you think!

An entrance road going to Port Aransas - Texas View

About Port Aransas

Situated on Mustang Island, Port Aransas is one of the best beach towns Texas has to offer, and for a good reason. It is an ideal spot for your next beach vacation, with 18 miles of sand and shore.

Facts About Port Aransas

  • Location: Texas, USA
  • County: Nueces County
  • Land Area: 36.44 km²
  • ZIP codes: 78373
  • Population: around 3,500, but it can change dramatically during holidays
  • Crime rate: 4,8831.1 per 100,000 people
  • Average Temperature June: 31° / 26°
  • Average Temperature January: 17° / 10°
  • Universities: The University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute (UTMSI)
  • Airports: The Mustang Beach Airport
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What’s Port Aransas Known For?

Port Aransas is considered the Fishing Capital of Texas. Their beaches are perfectly situated by the Gulf of Mexico. As for their fauna, their surroundings are teaming with wildlife.

  • Beaches
  • Cruises
  • Nature Preserves

People From Port Aransas

  • Josh Huff (Football Player)

Where Is Port Aransas?

Port Aransas is a town located in Nueces County, Texas. The city center of Corpus Christi is just 13 miles away, which is around a 30-minute drive from there. If you want to visit both, all the better.

Nearby Locations

  • Aransas Pass
  • Ingleside
  • Corpus Christi
  • Rockport
  • Portland

Getting About Port Aransas

With the coasts being the main selling point of this fine town, we gotta know how to move about this place. There are so many sites to see, and here are the ways we can see them:

Port Aransas Ferry SystemFree24/7
B-Line’s Route 94 Trolley15 cents9 AM – 6 PM
CCRTA75 centsvaries
The different public transportation systems available in Port Aransas

On Foot

You can discover just another gem in this quaint community with every turn you take. To not miss anything, why not consider a bit of a walk to soak up all of what this town has to offer you? Everything is already just a walking distance away anyway.

Public Transport

For Port Aransas, this city is part of the Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority (CCRTA). They provide inexpensive public transportation with their buses. If that’s not up to your speed, there is also a shuttle service available. Moreover, using the ferry sounds more fun.


You can drive around to get to places here, though you don’t need that big of a vehicle. Lucky for you, there are places around town where you can rent out not just buggies but also golf carts. Yes, golf carts. If you want a recommendation, Jackfish Cart Rentals is always reliable.

What to Do in Port Aransas

Even though Port Aransas is a small beach town, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have so many things to do around here, like:

  • Exploring all that nature with bird watching, fishing, etc.
  • Enjoying the surrounding beaches (it is a beach town, after all)
  • Soaking in the culture and their avid creative spaces
  • Reveling for their shopping and dining experiences
  • Indulging in the nightlife scene
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For further details on all of the fun things you can do, check them out below:

Exploring All That Nature

For bird watchers, Mustang Island and Port Aransas are perfect. There are over hundreds to thousands of bird species. They live on the island or migrate there, depending on the season.  

There are also multiple nature preserves. You can watch for dolphins or visit Amos Rehabilitation Keep (ARK) to learn more about sea turtles and marine birds.

Enjoying the Surrounding Beaches

As you probably would have guessed, this town has a lot of beaches. The most popular would be their namesaked beach, Port Aransas Beach. There is also a five-mile stretch of beach called Mustang Island State Park. The other beaches include I.B  Magee Beach, Rockport Beach, San Jose Island, and many others.

Soaking in the Culture and Their Avid Creative Spaces

A little culture goes a long way, and Port Aransas already has so much of it. Take a look at places like the Port Aransas Museum for their tours of the Chapel by the Dunes.

Farley Boat Works has you covered for a person’s affinity for boats.

Reveling in Their Shopping and Dining Experiences

The island can inspire a lot out of a person, so the cozy boutiques and storefronts have exclusive styles and decor only available here. Shops like the Bella Bella Boutique and the Indigo Eclectic are a must.

Indulging in the Nightlife Scene

Most of the activities, if you notice, are generally family-friendly. But you can still have more fun when the sun goes down. There are a variety of clubs and taverns available for every taste.

They’ll have it if you want live music like in Port A Live or a breathtaking view. Treasure Island, Gigggity’s The brewery, and Shorty’s Place are favored among locals and visitors alike.

Port Aransas - Texas View

Where to Eat in Port Aransas

  • Irie’s Island Food
  • Seafood & Spaghetti Works
  • Coffee Place
  • Venetian Hot Plate
  • La Playa Mexican Grille

Where to Stay in Port Aransas

  • Hampton Inn & Suites
  • Candlewood Suites
  • Holiday Inn Express Suites
  • Port Royal Ocean Resort & Conference Center
  • Best Western Port Aransas
  • Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Community
  • Gulf Waters Beach Front RV Resort
  • The Mayan Princess
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Knowing Port Aransas FAQs

Is Port Aransas Family-Friendly?

Yes, Port Aransas is one of the ideal beach towns for the entire family. You can see a variety of activities for kids as well as adults.

Is It Safe to Go to Port Aransas?

Yes, it is safe. The crime rate here is fairly low, especially since most of the community caters to the needs of families. Moreover, there is constant patrol through these streets for the safety of the families staying in town.

Is Port Aransas Worth Visiting?

Yes, it’s certainly worth the visit. You could never get bored in this town, despite its size. You have a pick out all of their beaches, accommodating hotels, and fine dining establishments, whether day or night.


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