Newman’s Castle in Bellville, Texas (Guide)

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You can find Newman’s Castle in the countryside just outside of Bellville, Texas. Complete with a moat, drawbridge, and towers, the castle is open to visitors of all ages.

Spend the day at Newman’s Castle, enjoy the lunch that comes with the tour, then come back to Bellville to experience the rest of this quaint little Texas town.

Newmans Castle - Texas View
Newman’s Castle – Photo By A Yee

About Newman’s Castle

The castle became Mike Newman’s dream project after traveling to Europe. He started building his fortress in 1998, and he’s been calling it home since it was finished. Today, the castle is open to the public for tours and other special events.

In an interview with the Texas Bucket List, Newman says that he opened up his home to the public because he “saw that it made people happy, coming out here. And it created, in a lot of people, a vision that they could probably do something themselves.”

How to Visit Newman’s Castle?

Visitors may book a tour through Newman’s Bakery, located in Bellville. Day tours are open 6 days a week and must be reserved beforehand. You may also call them ahead of your visit at 979-865-9804.

There are no age restrictions but do let them know how many people will be going, as they will prepare lunch and snacks for you.

On the day of your visit, head over to Newman’s Bakery first to check in by 10:30 AM. They will provide you with directions to Newman’s Castle, where the tour will take place.

The tour may last around 1.5-2 hours, including lunchtime.

Where Is Newman’s Castle?

There is no exact public address for Newman’s Castle itself. Instead, make your way to Newman’s Bakery first, located at 504 E. Main Street, Bellville, Texas. The castle is about 5 miles away from there, hidden in the countryside.

Nearby Locations

  • Bellville Meat Market
  • Phenix Knives
  • Rocking B Cowboy Supply
  • Nothing Ordinary Antiques

Located along Bellville’s Main Street, Newman’s Bakery is just minutes from other shops selling authentic Texan items. It’s a bustling street, so it won’t be easy to miss. After all, the bakery itself is quite a tourist attraction as well.

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The Layout of Newman’s Castle

On the way to Newman’s Castle, you’ll have to pass by some rough dirt roads before getting a glimpse of the large structure, hidden in the countryside of Austin County.

The castle itself is built on a 20-acre piece of land and takes up around 3,400 square feet. However, Newman insists on continuing to expand the castle. His latest project includes additional bedrooms for guests.

The castle, surrounded by a full moat, was built using cinder blocks and stucco. Inside, you’ll find a courtyard, a chapel, five turrets, and a keep complete with bells at the very top. It’s an impressive replica of the medieval castles you’ve seen in movies or read about in fairy tales.

How to Get to Newman’s Castle

You won’t be able to get to Newman’s Castle without a car, as public transportation won’t reach its location. After checking in at Newman’s Bakery, you’ll need to head over to the other side of town.

Drive north on Highway 36, then make a left onto Old Highway 36. The drive from Newman’s Bakery to Newman’s Castle only takes about 10 minutes.

What to Do in Newman’s Castle and Bellville

Newman’s Castle offers a day trip full of fun for the whole family. You can even book a room to stay in the castle for the night! If you’ve already got a place to stay, Bellville has a ton of other places that offer unique experiences for you to visit:

  • Newman’s Castle
  • Phenix Knives
  • Rocking B Cowboy Supply
  • Clark Park
  • Market Day and Farmers Market

Newman’s Castle

Kids are free to run around and explore the castle as they like after the guided tour. Outside the castle walls, there’s a working trebuchet which you might see in action.

Inside, all the turrets are open for you to climb. There’s also a chapel, halls, and rooms with replicas of medieval torture devices.

The courtyard is an open space where the kids can practice their sword fighting skills. Lunch will be provided during the tour, so you won’t have to worry about feeding the little knights-in-training.

Phenix Knives

Phenix is home to hand-forged knives made by Texan blacksmiths. There, you can participate in activities such as tomahawk throwing and even making your own horseshoe knife.

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You can also sign up for a blacksmith demo tour with the owner, Cowboy Szymanski, or a specialized class if you want to make your own advanced knives.

Rocking B Cowboy Supply

Whether you’re a Texas local or just here for a visit, this place can dress the whole family to look like cowboys so that you fit right in. They also carry horseshoes and other farrier supplies.

Voted Austin County’s favorite western store, Rocking B is worth a visit!

Clark Park

Clark Park spans more than 28 acres with baseball and soccer fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, an amphitheater, and walking trails.

There are also spaces for visitors’ RVs so that you can stay there comfortably.

Market Day and Farmers Market

The market is open at the courthouse square on the first Saturday of every month from February to May and September to December.

The Farmers Market is located just a block away and is open on the first Saturday from February to December.

Where to Eat

  • Newman’s Bakery – The bakery has a variety of fresh pastries made daily. You can have your breakfast and morning cup of coffee here before heading over to Newman’s Castle.
  • Bellville Meat Market – Stock up on some quality meat here or enjoy a quick BBQ lunch al fresco.
  • The Hill Drive In – Specializes in old-fashioned burgers and malts.
  • Uncle Bill’s Pizza – Offers fresh pizza with high-quality ingredients.
  • Galileo’s Mexican Grill – A Tex-Mex restaurant with a large menu and full bar.

Where to Stay

  • Newman’s Castle – A unique lodging experience fit for the whole family.
  • Budget Inn – As the only hotel in town, it offers a comfortable stay for affordable prices.
  • Somewhere in Time – A bright and cozy bed & breakfast with lovely hosts.
  • Eberly Ranch – Offers ranch houses that can accommodate big groups as well as activities like fishing, swimming, and other sports.


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