Where in Texas Life Uncontained Is Filmed

Since it first started in Texas in 2018, the Life Uncontained [YouTube channel] has gained tremendous popularity all around the US.

Its subscribers are getting closer to one million and a half. However, there’s a lot of speculation about where in Texas is Life Uncontained filmed.

So, we did some digging and found that all the episodes for this YouTube show were filmed somewhere in the woods outside Houston, Texas. This is where Mackenzie and Spenser, the couple who star in the show, shoot all the videos that detail their journey.

Jungle Forest Park In Texas Houston Outdoor Nature. - Texas View
Jungle Forest Park In Texas Houston Outdoor Nature. - Texas View

The Location

Life Uncontained takes place in Houston, Texas. It’s the city that the couple chose as a location for their dream debt-free house.

In 2018, Mackenzie and Spenser moved from Florida to The Lone Star State to start their new life there.

As soon as they arrived, the couple started their first mission, which was to transform an old barn into a solar power station. Since then, they’ve begun chronicling their journey on YouTube.

Over the years, the idea of off-the-grid homes, which Mackenzie and Spenser promote, has become extremely popular. Also, Life Uncontained has become a way to advocate being eco-friendly, organic, and natural.

Where Do They Live in Houston, Texas?

Mackenzie and Spenser lived in a shipping container when they first got to Houston. That was before they transformed it into their current 900 square feet off-grid house.

Now, the former 40′ container is their fully solar-powered home.

What Are Some of their Accomplishments?

The couple has lived in Texas for about five years. During this period, they went through a few main milestones in their journey, like the following:

1. Created a Solar Power Station

Living off-grid entails building an alternative, stable power source you can rely on. That’s why they started constructing a solar power station once they arrived in Texas.

Mackenzie and Spenser built that station to be the primary power source for their house because they said that they never wanted to buy power again.

Nevertheless, it still took them about two months to start running the station.

2. Built Their Fully-Equipped, Off-Grid Home

This is the couple’s main mission. They began building the home after finishing the power station in May 2018.

The process took about four years to ultimately make the home fully equipped, just like any traditional house. Still, it took them only about one year to equip the place with the minimum living requirement.

3. Continued Improving the Living Area

The couple has built their house and owns a popular YouTube channel. Now, they’ve embarked on a new stage of their journey, which is to clean the surrounding area of dangerous animals, like snakes.

They’re also currently working on other projects related to their home. This is in addition to creating new videos to share the stages and vibes of these projects.

The Creators

Life Uncontained is about Mackenzie and Spenser, the 30-something couple chasing the goal of building their dream home. The two grew up in Florida, got married, and worked there all their life before moving to Texas. They now have two lovely daughters: Cam and Beau.

AgeBoth in their 30s
Channel SubscribersAbout 1.35 Million
YouTube Starting DateLate 2017
Channel Net WorthEstimated to be $246 to $529.48 thousand
About the creators of Life Uncontained [YouTube channel]

Previous Jobs

Before working as full-time constructors and YouTubers, both Mackenzie and Spenser worked as waiters at restaurants in Florida.

The couple has also always loved to travel and try new things. This is actually how they came up with the idea of moving to Texas.

YouTube Earnings

Life Uncontained now reaches around 52.53 thousand daily views. This translates to a daily profit of about $257.5, or approximately $94.55 thousand a year.

In addition, the couple has over 380 Patreon supporters who back the show financially. So, this earns them an estimated $800 a month.

Note that these are estimated numbers based on their online public online activities. The actual earnings might be higher.

Why Did They Pick Houston, Texas?

Mackenzie and Spenser were greatly inspired by the idea of building alternative-style houses for a long time. It was only an idea until they went on a trip to Alaska, where the story began.

During the trip, they stayed in a variety of alternative-style places. One of them was a train car transformed into a solar-powered hotel in Washington. Another one was an Earthship house in Taos.

By the end of the trip, they were incredibly motivated to start building their own fully-equipped, off-grid house.

So, when they returned from their trip, they immediately started drawing up plans for their new home. After doing some research, they chose Houston, Texas as the perfect location.

Besides having great year-round weather and being an all-around great city, some claim that the couple chose Houston because Spenser’s parents own the land where they built their house.

Once they had made their decision, they went to Houston and bought two 40′ shipping containers, which would become their home. Then, they returned to Florida to pack up all their stuff and start their new adventure.

Life Uncontained FAQs

Is Life Uncontained Finished?

Although Mackenzie and Spenser finished their primary mission of building a fully-equipped, off-grid house, it seems that the show will still run.

After building their home, the couple started working on other DIY projects. One of these projects is building new solar panels to increase their current power supply.

So, up until this moment, the couple is still shooting and uploading new videos. It seems they’ll continue documenting their unique lifestyle in the exquisite former shipping container house for a while.

Is Life Uncontained Fake?

Definitely, no. This is a real show with authentic scenes and footage from the couple’s real life. Plus, the couple is used to explaining everything that happens behind the scenes to ensure complete transparency.

Being authentic and genuine might be the top reason why the show has managed to gain all that popularity in a short amount of time.

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