Areas in Texas Without Tornadoes (Low Risk)

During the fall and winter seasons, the winds pick up, and we are reminded of the wild weather and tornadoes Texas has experienced. So it’s best to know the place with a low risk of tornadoes.

Generally, areas in the western and central portions of the state tend to be at a lower risk. This includes El Paso, Fabens, Van Horn, College Station, and Laredo. Let’s look at the risk index to know for sure.

Powerful Hurricane Harveys Destruction On Texas Coast. - Texas News, Places, Food, Recreation, And Life.
Powerful Hurricane Harveys Destruction On Texas Coast. - Texas News, Places, Food, Recreation, And Life.

8 Areas in Texas With Low Tornado Risk

It’s hard to say that one place in Texas is fully safe from tornado events. After all, the state witnessed over 9,500 tornadoes between 1950 and 2021. However, looking at some parameters can help you pinpoint areas with a lower risk.

For instance, you’ll need to consider the tornado index, which can help you rank Texan cities according to how often they’re hit with tornadoes. The lower the number, the better!

As a reference, Keene has a whopping tornado index of 417.22, making it a high-risk area. Meanwhile, Presidio’s index is only 0.33. Aside from that, you’ll also want to check the events’ intensity, through aspects like injuries, fatalities, and magnitude.

With all that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the top areas to consider.

1. El Paso

  • Population: 669,771
  • Tornado Index: 7.89

El Paso is by far the largest area on our list. In fact, this west Texan city is one of the most populated areas in the entire state.

The tornado index in El Paso is significantly lower than the average of both Texas and the entire country. In fact, the whole county has only had eight tornadoes since 1950, with the most recent tracing all the way back to 1992.

Therefore, you can enjoy El Paso’s beautiful scenery and cultural attractions with your mind at ease.

2. Huntsville

  • Population: 39,764
  • Tornado Index: 113.89

Another area of Texas where you’re unlikely to experience a tornado is Huntsville. This small city can be found roughly 70 miles to the north of Houston.

Since it’s seen a tornado as recently as 2021, Huntsville isn’t as safe from tornados as other places on the list. That being said, it’s still a low-risk area. After all, the city has never had a tornado higher than an F3, which came almost six decades ago.

On the plus side, Huntsville has no shortage of attractions, from art galleries to festivals. This, in addition to its lack of extreme weather, makes it a great place to visit.

3. Van Horn

  • Population: 2,264
  • Tornado Index: 2.49

With an area of less than three square miles, the tiny town of Van Horn comes in as the smallest entry on our list. This Culberson County town is one of the safest areas from tornadoes in the whole state.

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Van Horn has only had two tornadoes in the past six decades, the last of which was an F0 that occurred in 2007.

So, when you’re taking in the dazzling scenery of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, rest assured that you have nothing to worry about in terms of natural disasters.

A Sunrise Over The Bay With Pier Destruction In Rockport Texas After A Hurricane. - Texas News, Places, Food, Recreation, And Life.
A Sunrise Over The Bay With Pier Destruction In Rockport Texas After A Hurricane. - Texas News, Places, Food, Recreation, And Life.

4. Laredo

  • Population: 245,048
  • Tornado Index: 8.57

Laredo is the second largest city in this guide. The risk of tornadoes in this city is extremely low, with its most recent one dating back over 40 years ago. The strongest tornado that Laredo has ever experienced was an F2 one that hit the city in 1961.

Since statistics started being tracked in 1950, no one has ever died or been injured as a result of a tornado in Laredo.

So, if you’re looking for a Texan city with safe weather and a variety of things to do, look no further than the city of Laredo.

Make sure to visit the La Casa Blanca International State Park and the Rio Grande Museum while you’re there. You can also go on a shopping spree at Mall Del Norte.

5. Presidio

  • Population: 4,237
  • Tornado Index: 0.33

The small city of Presidio can be found along the banks of the Rio Grande River. As it happens, this area has the lowest tornado risk on this list.

This is why many people flock to Presidio to enjoy the stunning natural scenery of Big Bend Ranch State Park as well as the city’s beautiful scenic drives.

6. Midland

  • Population: 119,409
  • Tornado Index: 122.07

Another Texan city with a considerably low risk of tornadoes is Midland. This city is also significantly more populated than most of the ones on this list.

Virtually all of the tornadoes that Midland has experienced since 1950 have been of F0 and F1 magnitudes. Plus, they were mild enough to only cause a total of only 14 injuries and zero deaths over the past 70 years.

If you ever get the chance, make sure to visit the nationally famous Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center for all kinds of plays, shows, and concerts.

7. Fabens

  • Population: 8,282
  • Tornado Index: 6.16

With only four tornados ever hitting it since 1950, Fabens is a place where you can live with your mind at ease when it comes to natural disasters.

Even when tornadoes have occurred in Fabens, they’ve never exceeded a magnitude of F1 and never resulted in any injuries or deaths. Interestingly enough, three of the four tornadoes that hit the city all occurred in the same year, 1992.

If you’re ever in Fabens, make sure to feast your eyes on the city’s chapels and museums.

8. College Station

  • Population: 98,505
  • Tornado Index: 133.78

College Station may not be as sheltered from tornadoes as other areas on this list, but it’s still pretty safe.

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Despite the fact that the city has had over 80 tornadoes since 1950, the ones that came after the turn of the century have mostly been F0 or F1 tornadoes. These tornadoes have resulted in a total of nine injuries and zero fatalities in the past 22 years.

So, if you’re considering sending your child off to college at Texas A&M, rest assured that they’ll be safe from natural disasters while getting a top-quality education.