Weatherford Texas (Authentic Tradition)

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Weatherford has gone far to live by its motto, “growing with tradition.” This city has successfully preserved its identity with its various boutique shops, locally owned restaurants, and authentic horsing culture. In this article, we offer a guide to this city’s rich resources and various opportunities.

Weatherford isn’t the safest city in Texas, but its affordable housing, mild weather, and southern hospitality make it an excellent option for living. For visitors, the historic architecture, cultural festivals, and natural settings make Weatherford worth the visit.

R.W. Kindel House is located in Weatherford Texas - Texas View
R.W. Kindel House is located in Weatherford, Texas. – Image by Renelibrary

About Weatherford Texas

In 1858, the Texas State Legislature established Weatherford. Out of three eligible locations, Weatherford was chosen as the county seat of Parker county. It was named in the honor of Jefferson Weatherford, who co-authored the bill that established the city.

The city of Weatherford prospered during the 1870s after the Indian attacks stopped. During the following decades, the evolving network of rails turned Weatherford into a retail and shipping focal point for ranchers and farmers.

In the 1950s, highways and farm roads were introduced, maintaining the city’s significance as a shipping point.

Facts About Weatherford Texas

  • Location: At the intersection of United States Highways 80 and 180
  • County: Parker County
  • Land Area: 27.04 square miles
  • Zipcodes: 76086, 76490, 76088, 76085, 76087, 76486, 76082, 76487, 76008, 76020
  • Population: 33,710 (2021)
  • Crime rate: 2.75 per 1000 residents
  • Average Temperature June: from 74°F to 96°F
  • Average Temperature January: from 35°F to 56°F
  • Universities: Weatherford college
  • Airports: Weatherford Stafford Airport
  • Best hotels: Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn
  • Best Restaurants: Fire Oak Grill, Ginza French Japanese Cuisine, Zeno’s On The Square
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What’s Weatherford Texas Known For?

Weatherford is known for its history and recent fast progress, but here’s what’s most strongly tied to its name.

  • Cutting Horse Capital of the world – Several professional trainers and world-class horses call this city home.
  • Western events – The Goodnight Loving Festival, the Parker County Frontier Days, and Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo are family-oriented events that celebrate the western culture.
  • The Peach Capital of Texas – The growers in Weatherford and Parker County cultivate the best peaches in the state. The city’s largest one-day festival, the Parker County Peach Festival, is held in honor of this fruit.

People From Weatherford Texas

  • Weatherford is also known for the great people who lived on its land.
  • Charles Goodnight – A legendary cattle driver
  • Mary Martin – Broadway star with international popularity
  • Douglas Chandor- Famous for his portraits of Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, Eleanor, and Franklin Roosevelt
  • Jim Wright – Former U.S. Speaker of the House who was raised in Weatherford

Where is Weatherford Texas?

Weatherford has a unique balance between isolation and connection to the outside world. This city’s residents enjoy the feel of a small town while being close to nearby major cities, like Fort Worth and Dallas.

Nearby Locations

  • Fort Worth
  • Dallas
  • Mineral Wells

Connected by Interstate 20, Weatherford is only 30 miles to the west of Fort Worth and around 60 miles west of Dallas. Many of Weatherford’s residents commute to the Fort Worth Metroplex for work. At the same time, they get to enjoy the rural lifestyle in Weatherford.

The layout of Weatherford Texas

Some distinctive features of Weatherford’s layout can help you navigate the city. The main east-to-west Interstate Highway, I-20, runs through the southern part of the city. To the north, you can find the central business district surrounded by clusters of residential neighborhoods.

The agricultural lands are around the periphery while many commercial areas bound the main streets of the city. Other remarkable points on Weatherford’s map include its three main water bodies; Lake Weatherford to the east, Sunshine Lake to the west, and Holland lake to the south.

Areas in Weatherford Texas

  • Downtown Weatherford
  • Lake Weatherford
  • The Weatherford Independent School District
Cherry Park in Weatherford Texas. - Texas View
Cherry Park in Weatherford, Texas. – Image by Michael Barera

Getting About Weatherford Texas

As a small city, Weatherford doesn’t enjoy the great transportation services available in other cities around the United States. Although the options are limited, you can still go on foot or use a bike in certain zones. Most of the time, however, it’ll be more convenient to use your car.

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On Foot

Weatherford has the longest floating boardwalk in the United States. The boardwalk connects the eastern and western parts of Lake Dr. It extends for over 4000 feet over the water, which adds to the beauty of the wildlife sounds.

There are multiple benches spread throughout the trail. This gives visitors the chance to enjoy birdwatching or fishing on their way.

Other popular trails in Weatherford include Chandor Nature Trail at Chandor Garden, Quanah Hill Full Loop, and Town Creek Trail at Holland Lake Park.

Public Transport

There are no buses or subway lines around Weatherford, but there’s a curb-to-curb flexible transportation alternative provided by Public Transit Services (PTS).

They recommend that you schedule your trip one day earlier, or as soon as possible because there are limited seats.


Like many American cities, the most common way to get around Weatherford is by driving a private car.

Luckily, the majority of residential neighborhoods have low traffic. Traffic is mostly limited to main highways, and the central business district, which is relatively busy.

What to Do in Weatherford Texas?

It’s best to keep Weatherford’s origin in mind when visiting the city. In this section, we’ll recommend activities that bring you closer to Weatherford’s natural and urban roots.

Enjoy Weatherford’s Natural Heritage

Along with other youth organizations, the Weatherford Parks and Recreation Department maintains 856 acres of parkland, including 13 parks. Special care is given to Chandor Gardens and Cherry Park Pool, which are among the most popular sites in Weatherford.

Additionally, Lake Weatherford hosts occasional water sports. The floating boardwalk will also take you along the untouched natural habitats of various species.

Observe Historic Sites

Weatherford’s historic Queen Ann and Victorian architecture strongly preserve this city’s heritage. You can find more than 60 historic homes along tree-lined streets that are reminiscent of horse carriage days

At the geographical center of the county, you can still find the Parker County Courthouse which was built in 1186.

Attend First Monday Trade Days

Historically, Weatherford hosted the “First Monday Stray Day Sale.” On that day, the farmers and ranchers gathered at the town square to sell their animals and produce.

The city still holds on to this tradition by arranging “First Monday Trade Days” three days before the first Monday of every month.

This is a popular flea market gathering for 6000 visitors and thousands of shoppers from all around Texas. It’s an event celebrating local food, arts, and crafts. The farmer’s market, famed for its local produce, is one block from the town square.

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Where to Eat in Weatherford Texas?

Among Weatherford’s various traditional eateries, there are a few which stand out. Here’s a list of some of the best dining spots in the city.

  • Mesquite’s Pit – Serves BBQ, seafood, and steak in a rustic setting.
  • Tavern On The Lake – This restaurant offers drinks and burgers at Lake Weatherford.
  • Zeno’s On The Square – Located in downtown Weatherford, this place offers an Italian fine dining experience.

Where to Stay in Weatherford Texas?

  • Super 8 by Wyndham – This motel provides access to the pool and it’s also near a shopping district.
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites – International-style furnished units with optimum services.
  • Guest House on Ranch  This guesthouse offers a shared pool with the owners.
  • Sundancer Luxury Tent with Waterfall – This cabin provides a local experience of nature and nearby farmlands.

Weatherford Texas FAQs

Is Weatherford Texas a good place to live?

Weatherford is a good place to live if you’re seeking a warm place and a welcoming culture. Plus, according to PayScale, it’s an affordable city. Its housing costs 29% less than the national average, while its utilities cost just about the same as the national average.

Is Weatherford Texas safe?

Weatherford’s crime rate is higher than 72% of the cities in Texas. Still, Dicey, Baker, and Center Point are among the safest neighborhoods in Weatherford.

Is Weatherford Texas worth visiting?

Weatherford is worth the visit all year round for its historical buildings and national parks. It’s better to time your visit around local and western festivals, like the Goodnight-Loving Festival or the First Monday Trade Days at the beginning of each month.


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