Seguin Texas (Vintage Historic City)

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Are you moving to Seguin, Texas? Or are you visiting the historic town for a weekend? Either way, you’re probably for interesting places to check out.

Seguin, one of Texas’s oldest cities, is full of amazing places. From the historic downtown area to ZDT’s amusement park, Seguin infuses both vintage and modern lifestyles together. So, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about the small, but interesting town!

The Seguin Guadalupe County Heritage Museum in Seguin Texas United States. - Texas View

About Seguin

Seguin is one of the oldest cities in Texas. It’s found in the middle of Texas, in Guadalupe County. Seguin is just a couple of minutes away from the capital Austin.

This city gained its name from the Spanish military figure, Juan Seguin, who played a major role in the Texas revolution.

Even though Seguin is found in the second-biggest American state, it’s a fairly small city. The population of Seguin is only about 30,000.

What’s Seguin Known for?

Seguin is home to the world’s largest pecan. At five feet long and two and a half feet wide, the enormous pecan sits in front of Seguin’s city hall. However, this isn’t an actual nut. It’s made entirely out of a thousand pounds of dental plaster!

It’s no doubt that Seguin has a nutty history. This city’s original name was Walnut Springs. This name lasted for only six months in 1838.

Seguin’s Transportation

Seguin has a geographical advantage due to its excellent location. This small city is near two international airports, San Antonio International Airport (SAT), and Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS).

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Additionally, you can easily travel to Seguin by car as it’s accessed by Interstate 10, and Interstate 35. You can also reach Seguin via train. It’s a short drive away from Amtrak railroad station in San Antonio.

Getting About Seguin

Once you reach Seguin, there are many ways to get around the city. Seguin is a relatively small city. It’s only about 39 sq miles. This means you can get anywhere on foot fairly easily. In fact, most of the attractions are located next to each other, so you might not even need to haul a cab.

Seguin is also home to the Tri-City Taxi service, which is also called Seguin Taxi. Moreover, the city also has various ride-sharing apps that make it easier to get about.

What to Do in Seguin

Though Seguin is a small Texan county, there are a lot of entertainment and activities available. The Pecan Capital of Texas has a rich history and a gorgeous landscape, which makes it home to multiple events and scenic spots.:

ZDT’s Amusement Park

If you want a fun day for the whole family, you can head to ZDT’s amusement park. This family-owned park features dozens of attractions from go-karts to water rides.

Blue Lotus Winery

As for adult activities, there are plenty of breweries and wineries in Seguin. Blue Lotus is one of the best wineries you can visit. That’s because of its splendid location and the great quality of the wine.

Nolte Island Recreation Area

Nolte Island recreation area is an excellent spot for camping. If you’re worried about the crowd, it’s completely private. In fact, you’ll have to book a spot prior to visiting the campsite.

This place is perfect for couples, families, and even large groups. You can do anything in this quiet, serene area. It has multiple picnic sites, barbecue pits, canoes, and basketball courts. There’s definitely something for everyone.

Red Beard’s Landing

Red Beard’s Landing is a gorgeous spot on Lake Placid. This bar is great for a swim and a drink.

Not only will you get to enjoy the amazing view, but there’s also live music every Saturday, so you’ll get to experience the nightlife of Seguin.

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Parades and Events

If you’re lucky, you might get to witness one of Seguin’s three regionally recognized parades. First, there’s the 4th of July “Biggest Small-town Parade”, which as the name suggests, happens on Independence Day at 10 a.m.

If you’re in Seguin during the fall, you can catch the Guadalupe County Fair parade on the second Friday of October. You can also check the Holiday Stroll parade on Thursday following Thanksgiving, where Santa and other holiday themes hit the county’s Central Park.

There are also multiple events occurring throughout the year that are worth checking out. These include Martin Luther King day, Fiestas Juan Seguin, and the Pecan Fest and Heritage days.

Seguin Texas USA November 3 2020 View of the businesses at S. Austin Street. - Texas View
Seguin, Texas, USA – November 3, 2020: View of the businesses at S. Austin Street

Where to Eat

There are numerous eateries to grab a bite in between the activities of the city. Giussepe’s Italian Grill is popular among tourists and locals alike. It has a variety of tasty Italian food from sandwiches to pizza and pasta. The best part is, it’s fairly budget-friendly.

For a taste of the orient, you can head to the highly-rated Sakura Sushi and Steakhouse. Additionally, you can’t forget all the amazing authentic Mexican food you’ll find all over Texas. You can stop by eateries such as Garcia’s, Reyna’s, and Los Cucos

Where to Stay

There are plenty of places to stay in Seguin, Texas. If you want luxury treatment, you can stay at four-star hotels such as the Hampton Inn or the Holiday Inn. You can also stay at the world-famous Towneplace Suites by Marriott.

These hotels are right in the middle of the city and have multiple attractions. They’re just across the street from IHOP, Starbucks, and Chili’s! It doesn’t get any more crowded than this.

If you’re on a road trip, Seguin also has the Rivershade RV park. This way, you can safely park your moving home across the beautiful river.

If you want budget options for lodging, some perfect choices include Days Inn by Wyndham, Texas Inn, and Sunrise Inn.

For a unique, spooky experience, make sure to visit the Haunted Magnolia Bed and Breakfast. This previously endangered hotel is also a historic spot built in 1840. This hotel is popular for being home to serial killer Wilhem Faust, who now allegedly haunts the hotel!

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Lastly, Geronimo Creek retreat offers rental cabins and teepees overlooking the mesmerizing creek. You won’t need to leave this retreat as it has numerous activities such as kayaking and stargazing.

Weather in Seguin

The weather in Seguin is what you would expect in a South Texan county. The winter is rather mild, as the cold season only lasts about two and a half months. As for the summer, it’s dry, hot, and muggy, lasting from June to mid-September.

Still, Seguin enjoys a pleasant, sunny spring from March to June. During this time, you can enjoy gorgeous blooms. In the fall, the rain causes a second spring as it prompts flowers to blossom once again.

Seguin Texas FAQs

Is Seguin a good place to live?

Seguin is one of the best places to live in Texas. The reason is that this city is near major locations including airports, docks, and the Texan capital.
Furthermore, Seguin doesn’t get too crowded, making it perfect for starting a family. The cost of living is 11% less than the U.S. average, and housing is 19% cheaper, which means you’ll save a couple of bucks!

Is Seguin worth visiting?

Seguin isn’t a tourist hot spot, but it’s filled with fun activities and gorgeous locations. So, if you’re on a road trip, or if you’re in Texas, make sure to visit this small city.


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