Snyder, Texas (Everything You Need To Know)

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Whenever Texas is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind would unquestionably be cowboys, buffalos, and ranches. However, when the stereotype isn’t exactly faux, there’s so much more to The Lone Star State, especially Snyder.

Snyder is the county seat of Scurry County in Texas. It’s a small town of wonders with many fun places to see. Even better is that the weather is moderate year-round. So, you can plan your visit any time of the year and enjoy everything Snyder offers without worrying about the weather.

Snyder TX welcome sign. - Texas View
Snyder, TX, welcome sign. – Photo by: Billy Hathorn

About Snyder, Texas

Snyder sits in the Southwestern Tablelands region’s lower part, including parts of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas. Yet, this charming small town is more unique because it’s located near Deep Creek, a river branch considered a minor tributary that branches out from the ever-popular Colorado River in Texas.

Measuring over 800 miles long, this is the longest-running river that starts and ends in one state. It begins northwest of The Lone Star State and runs southward to the east. Finally, it empties into the Gulf of Mexico at Matagorda Bay.

Facts About Snyder, Texas

  • County: Scurry County
  • Land Area: 8.97 square miles
  • Zipcodes: 79549, 79550
  • Population: 11,211 up until the 2020 census
  • Crime rate: 299.9 per 100,000 population
  • Average Temperature June: as high as 92°F and can go as low as 69°F with an average of 4 days of rain during the month
  • Average Temperature January: as high as 57°F and can go as low as 32°F. It rains for approximately 3.2 days during January, making it one of the driest months in Snyder.
  • Universities: Western Texas College
  • Airports: Winston Field Airport is located 2 miles southwest from Snyder, Texas.
  • Best hotels: Hampton Inn Snyder, Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Snyder, Holiday Inn Express & Suites Snyder
  • Best Restaurants: The Butcher’s Block Eats and Drinks, Amore Italian Restaurant & Bar, Dolphin’s Restaurant & Grill
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People From Snyder, Texas

One of the most influential people who originally came from Snyder, Texas is Barry Tubb. He starred in Top Gun and Lonesome Dove —two great movies of their time. He also won a national bull riding Championship at the mere age of 15 years old.

Furthermore, Powers Boothe is originally from Snyder. He starred in The Guyana Tragedy and won an Emmy award for it. He also starred in Tombstone and Red Dawn.

Another famous face from Snyder is Fred Wolcott. Known for his quick speed as a talented track player, he held a world record in the 1930s.

Nearby Locations

Snyder, Texas is at the junction of highways 84 and 180. That’s approximately a good 90 miles away from nearby cities, including:

What is Snyder Famous For

Snyder isn’t on the top of the most-visited-by-tourists list because it’s pretty small, which makes people think it’s uneventful. However, once you’re there, you’ll realize there’s a lot you don’t know about Snyder. You might even be surprised by how much history there is in this quaint little Texan town.

Yet, it’s probably most famous for its endless cotton fields and wind turbines. Almost every turbine is built in such a way that it serves its power supply purpose and adds all the more beauty to the place.

Besides cotton fields, Snyder is filled with farms and ranches, growing all sorts of fruits, veggies, and grains. Unfortunately, that was all Snyder’s economy based on until oil was discovered in the 1940s, boosting the town’s economy and population to almost double.

What to Do in Snyder, Texas?

Where do we even begin? Snyder is almost underrated when it comes to all the fun things that you can do there. Of course, if you’re a nature enthusiast, then we know you will enjoy all Snyder’s landscapes and fantastic river banks and lakes.

Snyder’s Diamond M Museum

Other than that, you have to visit Snyder’s Diamond M Museum. This museum was initially started by Claire and Clarence McLaughlin, who had a burning passion for art. In the early 1920’s they began purchasing paintings, music boxes, special glass, and everything else artistic.

With time, they realized their home alone couldn’t contain their valuables. So, they decided to set up a museum to share their passion with others in their community. The museum still stands to this day with treasures dating back to the 1900s.

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Ritz Community Theater

Another must-see is the Ritz Community Theater. The theater’s cozy atmosphere and charming decor are why visitors flock here. Then, of course, the cast and crew do everything themselves, from creating the storylines to designing the set and everything in between. You name it, and they do it!

Windmill Ranch Preserve

The Windmill Ranch Preserve is another fantastic place to visit. It’s the ultimate getaway for a genuine West Texan experience. They have hut-like properties that you can stay in, where they arrange bed and breakfast where you’ll be surrounded by miles of an abundance of nature.

Getting About Snyder

Snyder, Texas isn’t what you’d call a ‘walkable’ town. So, having a car to drive around, run your errands, and get to where you need to be is a definite must.

Luckily, the public transportation system is top-notch. So, you can move around the town just as easily without relying on a car.

3 Bust Lines

The three bus lines in Snyder are:

  • Central Texas Rural Transit
  • Greyhound Bus Lines
  •  Rip Griffin Travel Centers

SPARTAN Public Transportation

This public transit service is a curb-to-curb service that runs in the rural areas of Snyder and nearby towns. They also provide door-to-door service for individuals with disabilities and senior citizens.

What Is the Weather Like in Snyder?

Like most of the cities in Texas, Snyder is more on the warmer side all year long. Temperatures in Snyder could go as high as 94°F in July and drop as low as 55°F in January when the city gets the most snowfall.

June marks the beginning of the hot summer days in Snyder, with June and September being the rainiest months. If you live in a cold place, Snyder is the perfect change of climate for you. However, if you don’t mind the heat, spending your summer days by the river or any of the many lakes around Snyder would be perfect for you.

Otherwise, you can visit around May and enjoy the perfect weather. It’s the ideal time to go on as many picnics and barbecues as possible.

Other Names Snyder Goes by

Snyder got its official name after William Henry Snyder. He was the trader and buffalo hunter in the 1870s who first established the region.

During this time, the first settlers used to treat and sell buffalo hide. So, after a while, traders started referring to it as ‘Hide Town.’

Another exciting name for Snyder, Texas is ‘Land of the White Buffalo.’ It’s said that albino buffalos were often spotted in Snyder, which is how the city got its nickname. There’s even a statue of an albino buffalo standing in all its glory in front of the courthouse.

What Is the Community Like in Snyder?

The community in Snyder is one of the main reasons you would consider moving to Snyder. The people are more welcoming than in many Texan cities.

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The community isn’t exactly diverse since most of the population identifies as White. However, racial felonies are rare, which reflects the sense of camaraderie of the residents of Snyder.

Along with that, many community-based events are organized each year. For example, neighborhoods in Snyder come together to organize annual cookouts, family events, and festivals.

Now it’s not exactly a small town where everyone knows each other, but because of these events, you can always expect to find a familiar face. Almost all the people around Snyder are outgoing and friendly.

Not only that, you will always find a couple of volunteers willing to show you around town.

Where to Eat

  • Dolphin’s Restaurant and Grill
  • Amore Italian Restaurant and Bar
  • The Butcher’s Block Eats and Drinks
  • Blackland Smokehouse
  • Ponderosa

Where to Stay

  • Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Snyder
  • Hampton Inn Snyder
  • Baymont by Wyndham Snyder
  • Holiday Inn Express and Suites Snyder
  • Purple Sage Motel

Snyder Texas FAQs

Will I need to register my animals?

If you’re traveling into Snyder with your pet, you’ll need to register the animal. Yet, it’s a basic registration fee that ranges between $2–$5.
First, however, we recommend you contact Animal Control at (325) 573-3969. They’ll walk you through the exact process.

How can I get a copy of an accident report of an accident that took place in Snyder?

A: If you’ve been in any type of accident and need a copy of the report, you’ll need to pay a visit to the Snyder Police Department located at 400 37th St., Snyder, TX -79549. Your other option would be to call the station at (325) 573-0261 to request a copy.

Who can use the Snyder City dump trucks?

Anyone can use the city’s dump trucks as long as they throw away domestic trash. If you’re getting rid of construction waste, you need to take it to the local landfill, where they’re trained to deal with these types of waste material safely and efficiently.


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