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Queen City, Texas, is a small, peaceful city in the north of Texas. With a population of just under 1,400 people, it has a reputation for having that quintessential traditional Texas small-town charm. Despite its size, Queen City is well-serviced and has many of the amenities enjoyed in the state’s major cities. 

Queen City is surrounded by nature and is a major hotspot for camping. It’s right next to Wright Patman Lake, around which there are many great campsites. Queen City has a lively local community that hosts and participates in year-round events and festivals.

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Queen City Texas: All You Need To Know

Queen City may not have a reputation like some of Texas’s other major cities, like Austin, Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio. However, it’s a family-friendly and affordable city that has plenty to offer. Furthermore, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston are within reasonable driving distance. 

The city is full of parks, local businesses, restaurants, and cafes. Atmospherically, Queen City can only be described as suburban. Outside of the small city center, the majority of Queen City is taken up by neighborhoods. Locals tend to be friendly and stay true to traditional Texas values. 

In terms of the local economy, Queen City has risen over the last few years. There has been an increase in job growth over the past couple of years, in keeping with the major strides Texas as a whole has been making. However, the unemployment rate sits at 8.4% which is slightly higher than the national average (6%). 

Cost of Living

In general, Texans can enjoy a good cost of living in relation to other large states in the U.S. Yet still, Queen City’s cost of living is far lower than a lot of other Texas cities. In fact, the cost of living in Queen City is over 25% lower than the national average. So, it’s an excellent place if you’re looking for value. 

The local real estate market is in a perfect position for buyers, even though the median home value has increased by close to 20% over the past decade. Today, the median dollar value for a home in Queen City is $94,000. To give this context, the national median value is $244,900. 

If you’re in the rental market, there is also fantastic value. The median rental prices ($613) are almost half of the national median ($1,163). This is a relief for new residents looking to reduce the costs of a major move. To boot, local schools are above the national average, making Queen City a good destination for families. 

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Peace and Quiet

Due to its size, Queen City is easy to navigate, and there is very little traffic. School runs and work commutes are usually seamless. For the most part, locals are retirees and families. Politically, most residents voted Republican in the last Presidential election. 

The best time of year to visit Queen City is spring. You can explore the local parks, the neighboring Atlanta State Park, and embrace the stunning nature that surrounds the city. The summer months can get a little hot, and occasional thunderstorms should be expected. However, it’s a pleasant place to visit at any time of year. 

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Where Is Queen City, Texas?

Queen City is located in Cass County in the north of Texas. As we’ve mentioned, the city is quite small and covers a total of only 3.6 square miles. The nearby cities of Atlanta and Texarkana are significantly bigger and are more popular for both visitors and relocators. 

Wright Patman Lake is the closest body of water to Queen City. Atlanta State Park, which is just a 10-minute drive from the city, is a popular tourist attraction and local hotspot that touches the lake shores. Aside from the lakes and the aforementioned neighboring cities, Dallas and Houston are two of the most relevant nearby destinations.

Queen City TX To Dallas TX

Dallas is just 176 miles from Queen City and will take you two hours and 45 minutes to get there by car. While it’s close, it may be a little too far to commute to for most people. However, the proximity of both cities is very convenient for going to football games, concerts, or other big city events. 

Moreover, the Interstate 20 (I-20) makes the journey seamless. The interstate features several convenient stops, including Tyler, TX, which is a historic Texan city between Dallas and Queen City. You can also use public transport to travel from Queen City to Dallas. 

Queen City TX to Houston TX

Queen City residents often take the short trip to Houston for a mini vacation or simply to take in some beach time. Outside of Dallas and Fort Worth, it’s the nearest major city, just 267 miles away. Taking the US-59 Highway most of the way, you’ll get there in under four and a half hours by car. 

There aren’t many notable cities between the two locations so most travelers only stop for essentials, like fuel, food, or a rest. While Houston and Queen City are relatively close, they’re too far apart for most commuters. Not many people live in Queen City but work in Houston. 

What To Do In Queen City, Texas

Queen City is a charming and vibrant city with a small-town feel. It’s a largely suburban area that doesn’t necessarily have a downtown metropolitan zone. That said, it’s got everything locals need in terms of stores, restaurants, malls, and bars. 

Known as a safe and friendly city, locals organize community events every year, from farmer’s markets to music festivals, and from car shows to wine-tasting events. While there are some good local restaurants, many of the city’s best attractions are outdoors in nature. 

Whether you’re visiting Queen City for a getaway or you’re planning to relocate, here are our top picks for things to do when you arrive. 

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Milkeweed Atlanta State Park - Texas View

Atlanta State Park

Atlanta State Park is a must-visit when you’re in Queen City. Located on the banks of the Wright Patman Lake, it’s one of the most beautiful nature escapes in the entire region. If you’re with your family, we highly recommend spending at least one night under the stars at a local campsite. 

For the most part, locals use Atlanta State Park to walk, hike, fish, and hunt. With tall pine trees and hardwoods aplenty, the surroundings provide a beautiful backdrop to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. During fall and spring, the park comes alive with color, although it’s worth a visit at any time of year. 


If you have a boat, the lake is a perfect spot for water skiing and fishing. The reservoir pans around 33,750 acres and it’s filled with large catfish weighing up to 75 pounds. While many locals enjoy swimming in the lake, it’s important to note that there is no on-duty lifeguard, even in designated swimming areas. 

If water sports aren’t your thing, the park also offers almost five miles of scenic hiking trails. There’s even a short nature trail on which you can find beautiful views of the lake and spot the wide variety of birds that live in the park. If you bring kids, we recommend trying out geocaching.


Atlanta State Park is an excellent place to camp, and there are 58 different campsites located throughout. This includes sites with water, electricity, and sewer hookups. It couldn’t be any more convenient. To boot, the park store has all the essentials you’ll need for an overnight stay.

The park also provides rental services, allowing you to take out canoes or kayaks to the lake. You can rent fishing tackle if you want to try your hand at luring some catfish. If you prefer more chill activities, the park lends campers basketballs, horseshoes, and other sports equipment.

Silvermoon Children’s Theatre

The Silvermoon Children’s Theatre is one of Queen City’s gems. Ran by experienced and enthusiastic coordinators, it’s a phenomenal outlet for kids in Queen City. It gives them the opportunity to train in the arts and put on professional-level shows in front of local audiences. 

Silvermoon offers a variety of classes for different levels of acting students. The beginner-friendly MiniShow classes give kids a perfect introduction to theatre, teaching them not only acting, but how an entire show works, from rehearsals to stage preparation.

There are also classes that hone in on creativity and cover different skills like choreography, music, and acting. If your kids are interested in directing, they can do this too. However, they’re required to have experience in a Silvermoon show before they can enroll.

During the summer months, the Silvermoon Children’s Theatre offers summer camps, each of which ends with a show. It’s without a doubt, a fantastic starting point for any kids interested in pursuing a career in acting or on the big stage. 

Rocky Point Park

Another beautiful outdoor adventure option in Queen City is Rocky Point Park. Also located on the shores of Wright Patman Lake, it offers many of the same activities as Atlanta State Park, like camping, fishing, and hunting. Interestingly, many locals actually prefer Rocky Point to the state park. 

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Perhaps the biggest advantage of camping at Rocky Point is its camping amenities. It’s got over 124 campsites, many of which are equipped with large car parks, water and electricity hookups, and on-site grills and furniture. There is also ample disposal stations, allowing campers, hunters, and fisherman to get rid of their excess. 

Large portions of the park’s hardwood forest are managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to give safe habitat to the local wildlife. Within the 55,000 acres live wild turkey, white-tailed deer, waterfowl, squirrels, snakes, pelicans, and bald eagles. Take a hike along one of the trails and look out for some animals. 

Redbone Magic Brewing

If you’re in the mood for some well-earned refreshments after an afternoon spent in the great outdoors, we recommend paying a visit to Redbone Magic Brewing. Although it’s technically located in Texarkana, it’s essentially the same distance from Atlanta or Rocky Point. 

Redbone Magic Brewing Company was established in 2018 by two locals. Much like the craft breweries around the state of Texas, Redbone Magic is thriving. It offers a broad selection of beers, from IPAs to German Pilsners. It’s also got a giant food menu and very reasonably priced bites, including wood-fired pizza. 

Be sure to check out their social media before you arrive as you may get there just in time for some live entertainment. The bar hosts live music on weekends, weekly trivia and karaoke, as well as a monthly comedy night. 

Queen City ISD 

One of the standout details of Queen City is the reputation of the local schools. Overall, the region ranks above the national average for public schools. This is a very enticing statistic if you’re thinking about relocating your family here. Although Queen City is small, you can choose from several schools. 

In recent years, Queen City high schools received excellent ratings in several categories, including the Overall category as well as Student Achievement, School Progress, and Closing the Gap. The student-to-teacher ratio is 12:1 so your child will get plenty of attention. 


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