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Keller, Texas, is one of those surprising gems of a small city that can be found across the US. Although relatively small in size and actuality forming a suburb of the City of Fort Worth, Keller draws its name from John C Keller, a railroad foreman in the 1880s.

Keller, Texas is more than a mere suburb of Fort Worth; it’s a thriving, wealthy city on its count and is one of the more sought-after residential areas in the US due to its numerous park areas, low crime rates, and large school district. Keller is the perfect place to raise a family.

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About Keller Texas

Keller is a city with a population of just less than 50 000 people. Keller can be found in Tarrant County and also forms a suburb of the city of Fort Worth. Keller became a stop-off station along the Texas and Pacific Railway route during the 1850s.

With the Trinity River situated nearby, providing a necessary water supply and local forests in close proximity, Keller was a perfect place for the early settlers to settle and grow their community. Today Keller is included in the list of the 7 best cities in the United States.

Facts About Keller Texas

  • Location: Keller is a suburb of Fort Worth located in Tarrant County at 32°55’39″N 97°14’10” W
  • County: Tarrant County.
  • Nearest Cities: Fort Worth which is a suburb of Southlake and Roanoke.
  • Land Area: Keller has a land area of approximately 18.4 square miles.
  • Zip Codes and Area Code: Zip codes for Keller are 76248, 76262, and 76180. The Area code is 817 682
  • Population: The population is just below 50 000.
  • Crime Rate: Crime rates are 67% below the average for the US, making it a relatively safe town.
  • Average Summer Temperature: The average high for summer is 90.4F, and the average low is 70.9F
  • Average Winter Temperature: The average high for winter is 57.1F, and the average low is 36.6F
  • Closest Airports: The closest airport is 21 miles away from Keller and is the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.
  • Closest Universities: One can find 35 Colleges in a 50-mile proximity to Keller; the closest is the Remington College Fort Worth Campus (located 10.9 miles away).
  • Best Hotels: The Hampton Inn and Suites in central Keller.
  • Best Restaurants: Keller has many fantastic culinary offerings, but the Oliva Italian Eatery stands out.
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What’s Keller Texas Known For?

While Keller, Texas, has no specific claim to fame, it is known to be a wealthy suburb of Fort Worth with the distinction of being listed among the top 7 places to live in the US. Keller is known to be a very family-friendly town with a large school district compared to its size, making it the perfect place to settle for bringing up a family.

  • Great school district
  • Low crime rates
  • Over 300 acres of Parks

People From Keller Texas

  • Debby Ryan – Actress (Jessie)
  • Taylor Ball – Actor (Still Standing)
  • Michelle Royer – Miss Texas USA 1987, and Miss USA 1987
  • Hank Thompson – Country Music musician
  • Joel Bolomby – Basketball Player (Utah Jazz NBA)
  • Zack Sanchez – Football Player (Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL)
  • Nolan Frese – Football Player (Seattle Seahawks)
  • Garrett Hartley – Football Player (New Orleans Saints)
  • Sheldon Neuse – Pro Baseball Player

Where Is Keller Texas?

Keller is a small city in Tarrant County in central North Texas. It also forms a suburb of the city of Fort Worth. One can find Keller South off Highway 114 and the Alliance Gate Freeway when driving. It lies to the East of Interstate 35W.

Nearby Locations

  • Fort Worth (of which Keller is a suburb)
  • Southlake
  • Roanoke

Keller is well placed, within easy reach of Fort Worth, Southlake, and Roanoke. It offers all the benefits and perks of big city conveniences within a much smaller family-orientated town-sized area. Being a suburb of Fort Worth provides proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which is a mere 21 miles away from the Keller town center.

Layout Of Keller Texas

Keller has the good fortune of including 11 parks that provide over 300 acres of park area for residents to enjoy. Due to the numerous green belt park areas, the city is much more suburban sprawl than a packed business district.

Areas In Keller Texas

  • Old Town Keller
  • Highland Oaks
  • The Lakes of Highland Oaks

With Keller itself being a suburb of Fort Worth and only covering an area of 18.4 square miles, the city forms a single area. That said, there are 3 main neighborhoods; however, with more Estates being developed, there are more than 30 Estate neighborhoods in the area.

Getting About Keller Texas

With an area of 18.4 square miles, getting about Keller is not particularly difficult. There are several local public transport companies that provide services within Keller and surrounding areas; Uber and Lyft, and regular taxi cabs are also functional in the area. Walking, hiking and cycling are viable options depending on where one stays and wishes to go.

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UberVariousStarts from $6.93
LyftVariousStarts from $4.03
Bike rentalVariousStarts from $139 /day
Car rentalVariousStarts from $10.95

Transportation Options And Costs For Keller Texas

On Foot

As Keller is not a very large city, getting about the main areas easily on foot is possible. The large and numerous park areas are perfect for relaxing walks and hikes. The city is well known for its low crime rates meaning that pedestrians can move about in relative safety.

Public Transport

As quite a small and more affluent city, Keller does not have much public transportation service, although they offer school transportation for school-going children. Most locals and visitors depend on various taxi services like Uber and Lyft, and as the city is not large, charges are never likely to be too high.


Being a small, family-friendly city, Keller is quite easy to navigate. It is recommended that extra caution be kept as with such a large school district and low crime rates, one can expect to encounter more children enjoying the outdoors.

What To Do In Keller Texas

Keller is a family-orientated town with many great activities on offer. There should be something for everyone, from the outdoors to good cuisine, a market, spas, a golf course, and movie theatres.

  • The Parks At Town Center
  • Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club
  • Keller Farmers Market
  • Keller Pointe

While there are many more great things to do in Keller, we will take a closer look at the 4 options listed above.

The Parks In Town Centre

This is a fantastic green belt of a community park. It’s great for those looking for outdoor exercise space, children, and picnickers. The Parks at Town Center boasts 2 lakes and 1.1 miles of hiking and biking trails. In addition to this, there is a nature trail and a butterfly garden. The park has great facilities and makes for a relaxing excursion.

Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club

For the golfers out there, the Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club is a great day out. The Sky Creek Ranch Course has been designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. and offers a natural style course that is both playable and has a building strategy. The Course includes views of Big Bear Creek, and the Sky Creek Grill offers great fare for after a long day out on the Course.

Keller Farmers Market

The Keller farmers market is a seasonal open-air market held in Bear Creek Park; it is open every Saturday from May to October and then in November on the 1st three Saturdays and then the 1st two Saturdays of December. The Market offers the best of Texas fresh produce as well as crafts. Live music and a welcoming, fun atmosphere make this Market well worth the visit.

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Keller Pointe

Keller Pointe is the ultimate in aquatic and fitness centers and offers something for serious fitness people and those looking for some fun in the summer months. Keller Pointe is a great way to spend a warm summer’s day with open and indoor pool facilities, slides, splash pools, and even an indoor pool movie theatre.

Where To Eat

  • Seven Mile Café – A great breakfast and lunch spot with excellent coffee.
  • Oliva Italian Eatery – A fantastic boutique Italian restaurant with beautifully presented and delicious dishes.
  • FnG Eats – Locally sourced fare with a casual atmosphere, and well-sourced bar, American cuisine.
  • Café Medi – Mediterranean and Greek cuisine, fresh ingredients, and a fantastic atmosphere.
  • Maria Cuca’s Mexican Cuisine – The tastiest Mexican dishes, with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Where To Stay

Hampton Inn and Suites Keller Town Center – This eco-friendly run accommodation with pool facilities is undoubtedly the best accommodation for visitors to Keller.

Keller FAQs

Is Keller Texas, A Nice Place To Live?

Yes, Keller, Texas is a great place to live due to having all the amenities of a big city in a quiet suburban setting.

Is Keller Texas Safe?

Yes, Keller, Texas is one of the safer cities in the US, with a crime rate of 67% less than the US average.

Does Keller Texas Have Good Schools?

Keller, Texas, has a large school district for its size, and due to this, it is considered one of the best places to bring up a family due to its wide schooling options. Moreover, there are more than 35 colleges within a 50-mile radius of the Keller town center.

Is Keller Texas Good For Outdoor Activities?

Yes, it is; Keller, Texas has over 11 parks with more than 300 acres of parkland; there are also more than 26 miles of footpaths and bike trails in the area, making Keller great for outdoor lovers.


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