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Hudson is a small city on the eastern side of Texas in north-central Angelina County. If suburban living and a strong sense of community are essential to you, then Hudson is the place you’re looking for. Quick access to Lufkin means you can enjoy small-town life with the nearby facilities of a big city.

Hudson, Texas, is a small rural town offering a quieter outdoor lifestyle. The town is mainly residential with a sparse population and relies on nearby Lufkin for city necessities. Residents of Hudson praise its friendliness, good public education, and low crime rate as reasons to live there.

Hudson Texas Map - Texas View

About Hudson Texas

Hudson is a reasonably small town west of Lufkin, the biggest city in Angelina County. With a population of 4,986, it has a lot of space for homes, and the median rent is $839, which is lower than the U.S. average.

The area is conservative, with most homes voting Republican and most people educated to at least high school level. While some residents have completed part of a college degree, it has a much lower rate of higher education than the national average, and only 9% have a bachelor’s degree.

Facts About Hudson Texas

  • Location: United States, Texas
  • County: Angelina
  • Towns: Nearby town of Lufkin
  • Land Area: 5.11 square miles
  • Zip code: 75904
  • Population: as of 2021, 4,986
  • Crime rate: Lower than national average – 22.1
  • Average Temperature June: 80 F
  • Average Temperature January: 49 F
  • Universities: None; Angelina College in Lufkin is the closest
  • Airports: 83 miles from East Texas Regional Airport
  • Best Restaurants: Marteres Tea Room & Gifts, Gourmet Potato & More
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What’s Hudson Texas Known For?

Hudson grew as a settled town when the first families moved there in the early 1850s as Lufkin expanded. The residents were farmers, and the main work was agricultural, especially pig farming. The town grew big enough for its first school in 1884. Other sources of work were the sawmills and lumber industry.

  • Cheaper houses—the median house value is below the Texas state average
  • The unemployment percentage is lower than the Texas average; however, the median wage is also lower
  • Quiet, semi-rural feel with lots of space
  • Welcoming, friendly people
  • Warm weather, with a low likelihood of earthquakes and tornadoes.

People From Hudson Texas

With a tiny population, Hudson, Texas, is predominantly white and not an ethnically diverse city. 86.58% of the population is white, and 12.72 are black or African American. 13.82% of the population of Hudson view themselves as Hispanic.

Hudson expanded as a suburb of Lufkin, and the population is primarily residential. The city is not very densely populated, with 936 people per square mile. Most people in Hudson speak English, and most people in the region are Evangelical Protestants.

Where is Hudson Texas?

Hudson is in Angelina County, Texas, a few miles west of Lufkin. Initially, Hudson was considered a suburb of Lufkin, and it grew as more people settled there. It lies on the central-eastern side of Texas and is approximately 70 miles from Louisiana.

Nearby Locations

  • City of Lufkin
  • Neches River
  • Davy Crocket National Forest

The city of Houston lies 1so miles to the south along the I-69 and US-59. To the north, Dallas is 171 miles away along the US-175 and US-69. The nearest big city is Lufkin, the largest city in Angelina County, 60 miles west of the Texas-Louisiana border. To the west lies Davy Crockett National Forest.

Layout Of Hudson Texas

Hudson is primarily residential and has a sparse population with plenty of family space. It extends west from Lufkin and can be considered a suburban city extension. The main road running through Hudson is the 94, which links Lufkin with Groveton to the southwest. Hudson High School sits in the center of the town, just off the main road.

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Areas in Hudson Texas.

  • West Hudson, close to Lufkin, has City Hall and Fire Department.
  • North Hudson, Lancewood Baptist Church
  • South Hudson, Pine Valley Raceway
  • West Hudson, Granville, Neches River,

Most of Husdon is a sparse suburban residential area. Towards the east of the town, where it borders Lufkin, there are more small businesses and central services such as the police department, fire department, and the feed and ranch supply. As you head west, the houses become further apart, and there is more rural land.

Getting About Hudson Texas

Most people in Hudson rely on private vehicles to get around. School buses are essential for getting pu[pils to primary and high school. There are no public transport routes from Lufkin to Hudson, but you can feasibly bike or walk from Hudson to Lufkin.

On Foot

On the eastern side of Lufkin, it’s possible to walk and cycle reasonably easily as the town is only just over five square miles. From Hudson City Hall to Hudson High School is a 2.9-mile walk which can be done in about an hour.

Public Transport

The Hudson Independent School District has bus routes that cover most of Hudson’s outlying areas, and requests can be made for pupil bus services. However, Hudson needs public transport and connections to Lufkin’s public transport services.


A private car is the most common way to get around Hudson, and 81% of drivers use their own car, while 17.6% carpool.

Road conditions in Hudson are generally suitable for driving. However, lanes may sometimes be closed for construction work. The average time for a one-way commute is about 18 and a half minutes which is shorter than the national average.

What To Do In Hudson Texas

While Hudson has a few takeouts and restaurants, it is located near Lufkin, which has nearby entertainment and shopping. Several historical and other areas of interest are also within driving distance of Hudson.

  • Millard’s Crossing Historic Village
  • Museum of East Texas

Millard’s Crossing Historic Village

Only a 38-minute drive from Hudson is Millard’s Crossing Historic Village. An authentic reconstruction of what a regional pioneer Texas village would have looked like. It is open seven days a week and is a great way to experience East Texas’ historical settler spirit.

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Museum Of East Texas

Located just 3 miles away in Lufkin, the Museum of East Texas has displays and exhibitions and hosts concert performances and informative talks. They also host several events related to life in East Texas throughout the year.

Where To Eat

  • Marteres Tea Room & Gifts
  • Gourmet Potato & More
  • Bubba T’s
  • Mike’s Bar B Que Catfish Steaks

FAQs About Hudson Texas

Is Hudson Texas A Good Place To Live?

While Hudson is considered a good place to live for people with conservative views, the economy has slowly been shrinking. The unemployment rate is lower than the U.S. average, with negative job growth in recent years.

However, while wages are lower, the cost of living is lower. And residents say Hudson is a friendly place to live, with good schools. The nearby town of Lufkin will provide most employment as Hudson is mainly residential.

Is Hudson Texas Safe?

Hudson is safer to live in than the rest of the state, with a crime rate of 22.1 crimes per 1000 people. The overall poverty rate is 15.26. Most crimes are generally lower than recorded national averages, giving Hudson a B+ score for crime and safety.

Is Hudson Texas Worth Visiting?

Hudson is a tiny residential town with few historical landmarks to interest tourists. To the west lies the Davy Crockett National Forest is nearby and is home to 160,000 acres of woodland, streams, and wildlife habitat. It has camping, boating, picnicking, and other outdoor recreation areas.


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