Edinburg Texas (Rich History)

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A famous saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” originally referred to the sizeable geographical area Texas covers, and part of that is the city known as Edinburg, Texas. Texas may be known for many reasons, such as cowboys and tasty steaks, but you may wonder, what is there to tell about Edinburg, Texas?

Edinburg, Texas, is rich in history and has a diverse culture, flourishing businesses, and quality education. It is situated in the Rio Grande Valley, is close to Mexico, and offers excellent entertainment for tourists. Edinburg is a lovely place to visit.

UTRGV Library Edinburg Campus. - Texas View
UTRGV Library, Edinburg Campus – Image by MrAlexGarrido

About Edinburg Texas

Edinburg presents thriving businesses, top-notch educational institutions, and a strong sense of community. This city is also bursting with events, culture, and things to do and welcomes tourists to explore the things Edinburg offers.

Facts About Edinburg Texas

  • Location: in the lower region of Rio Grande Valley
  • County: is the county seat of Hidalgo County
  • Land area: 44.72 Square Miles
  • Zipcodes: 78542, 78541, 78539
  • Population: Estimated to be around 90 000 people
  • Crime Rate: The crime index is 18/100, 100 being the safest, but it is safer than 18% of all US cities
  • Average Temperature January: 48 F to 69 F
  • Average Temperature June: 75 F to 96 F
  • Universities: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • Airports: Edinburg International Airport is nearby
  • Poverty Level: 25.9% of the population falls below the poverty level
  • Culture Demographic: The ancestry of Edinburg, Texas, is entirely mixed with a Hispanic dominant demographic
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What’s Edinburg Texas Known For?

Edinburg, Texas, is known for its successful businesses, diverse culture, and unique entertainment, along with the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The university is one of UT System’s top-rated schools.

The History Of Edinburg Texas

Edinburg, Texas, was initially named Chapin in honor of one of the town’s developers, Dennis Chapin, and got founded on October 10th, 1908. Dennis Chapin got involved with a murder by shooting someone in a Saloon in San Antonio, which didn’t sit well with the community, so Chapin got renamed.

The new name is the one we know today, Edinburg, chosen in honor of John Young, an admirable businessman. John was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, so the town’s name was derived from there, omitting the ‘h’ for originality. The name, Edinburg, became official in 1911 and was used when the town’s official government began on September 19th, 1919.

Where is Edinburg Texas?

Edinburg is nestled in the Rio Grande Valley region, 26.6 miles from the border of Mexico, and bordered by Pharr and McAllen. The US Route 281 travels through the east part of Edinburg. The closest major city to Edinburg is Austin, Texas, which is 302.4 miles away.

Nearby Locations

  • Reynosa, Mexico
  • César Chávez, Texas
  • San Carlos, Texas
  • North Alamo, Texas
  • Pharr, Texas
  • San Juan, Texas
  • McAllen, Texas
  • Rio Grande City, Texas

If you’d like to pass the border to Mexico, it’s only about a 20-minute drive away. You can also visit the nearby cities or towns mentioned since they’re all within a 9-mile radius.

Getting About In Edinburg Texas

There are a few transport options if you need to travel around Edinburg. We’ve looked at the most popular transport modes that the people of Edinburg use to get to work to see what works best for those who visit.

Type Of TransportationPercentage
Work from home6%
Drove on their own79%
Public transport1%
Other transport like Uber3%
Means of Work Transport in Edinburg for Workers Over 16

On Foot Or Bicycle

All you need to travel around on foot is your two feet, and while it may be the greener option, you should consider other means in Edinburg, Texas. If you had to walk between the furthest-spaced borders of the city, it would take you around four hours; therefore, a bicycle would be better, as that would only take you roughly an hour. You should check if your location has a bike-friendly route, as cycling in Edinburg is rare.

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Public Transport And Other Transport Options

Edinburgh doesn’t offer a public transport system unless you’re looking to travel between cities. Your best bet is to use taxi services or Uber to get where you need to be. If you decide to visit Edinburg for a while, you can hire a car, as that would be the most efficient.

What To Do In Edinburg Texas

Edinburg has around 130 restaurants and 12 hotels, along with many unique events and festivals throughout the year. The people are welcoming and friendly, and the city is rich in history and cultural traditions thanks to its cultural diversity.

Some places and events to keep in mind are:

  • Museum of South Texas History
  • Edinburg Scenic Wetlands and World Birding Center
  • Events hosted by Edinburg Arts
  • South Texas Motorcycle Museum

Museum of South Texas History

If you love history, this museum has plenty of it. There are many displays of prehistoric flora and fauna, colonization exhibits, the history of the Rio Grande Valley, and more! The museum is top-rated on TripAdvisor, so if you have a couple of hours, it’s a great place to spend your time.

Edinburg Scenic Wetlands And World Birding Center

This 40-acre wetland is excellent to visit all year round, with a two-and-a-half mile walking trail alive with butterflies, birds, dragonflies, and beautiful scenery. There’s also an educational center where you can learn about the environment. It’s a great place to bring your children and explore.

Events Hosted By Edinburg Arts

The Edinburg Arts association host events all year round, from UFO festivals to cooking competitions and fun runs. You can look at their website to keep tabs on events and dates. You’ll always be surprised by what they offer in terms of entertainment.

South Texas Motorcycle Museum

If you’re a fan of vintage motorcycles or just looking for something interesting to do, the South Texas Motorcycle Museum has some rare exhibitions to learn from and view. They aim to preserve motorcycle culture and have vehicles up to a century old!

Where To Eat

  • Sidebar – A top-rated classic restaurant known to have delicious food and friendly staff
  • Texas Roadhouse – You can’t visit Texas without visiting a steakhouse, and this one is incredible
  • La Pesca Seafood Restaurant – If you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, La Pesca is a go-to
  • Anita’s Café – A perfect place to satisfy your Mexican cravings
  • Kahn’s Grill – A unique Mongolian barbeque restaurant
  • Armando’s Pizza – If you’re looking for an astounding pizza, Armando’s is the place to be
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Where To Stay

  • Best Western Plus Edinburg Inn & Suites Edinburg – The highest rating accommodation in Edinburg
  • Comfort Inn – This accommodation is one of the most booked hotels in the area
  • Holiday Inn Express – Sleek-looking accommodation, and has a pool to swim in
  • Texas Inn and Suites Edinburg – This is in a prime location and has excellent facilities
  • Tru By Hilton Edinburg – Modern accommodation with a breakfast buffet

Edinburg FAQs

Whether you’re just visiting or looking to move to Edinburg, there are a few things people wonder about and should consider when traveling through this city.

Is It Worth Visiting Edinburg?

Edinburg offers a diverse cultural experience due to its demographic. You can experience fantastic food, entertainment, and friendly, welcoming people. There are also many nearby cities to visit if you stay in Edinburg, Texas, so you will always have things to do.

What’s It Like To Live In Edinburg?

Edinburg’s business and agricultural sector is booming, and there is little poverty. The average income is around $30807 a year. There is plenty of space in this city, which is primarily suburban. Edinburg offers above-average education, and the population is of a younger generation.


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