Summer in Texas: Timing, Tips, and Temperature Trends

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Summer in Texas is known for scorching temperatures and a lot of humidity, with an occasional sprinkle of rain. Texas is usually very humid in the east and drier in the west, with plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

These temperature differences make it difficult to pinpoint when one season starts and ends. As summer is a popular season for Texans, when is summer in Texas?

Summer in Texas is from June to August. The months just before June and just after August offer the most comfortable summer temperatures and receive a moderate amount of rain. However, the temperatures in Texas in the summer can vary and can be very humid for most parts of the year, including summer.

Cacti of Big Bend National Park. Echinocereus pectinatus Texas rainbow cactus Wildlife of the state of Texas. - Texas View

When Does The Summer Season Start In Texas?

Summer in the northern hemisphere typically starts on the 21st of June and ends around the 23rd of September, but these dates may change each year slightly. The summer season in Texas, however, is a bit different. Summer starts in Texas on the 1st of June and ends on the 31st of August.

  • Temperatures in summer in Texas range between 85- and 90⁰F.
  • In July and August, temperatures can go over 100 degrees
  • In the past century, Texas has seen an increase in temperatures of between 1 – 1.5⁰F.
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Texas has long, hot summers, and if you’re planning a trip to Texas, the best time to visit is from late march to mid mayor from October to November.

This means you’ll completely miss the summer season. Texas has several geographic regions, and summertime can differ in each area.

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What Is The Hottest Month In Summer In Texas?

The hottest summer month in Texas is August. Temperatures can reach over 90⁰F, with the lowest temperatures around 77⁰F. In summer in Texas, June and July are typically much cooler.

What Is The Average Temperature In Texas In Summer?

Cities in Texas may experience slightly different average temperatures in summer. In some cities, it may feel like summer begins in May when temperatures in these cities are already scorching. Cities like Dallas, Waco, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi have an average temperature of 85⁰F.

Laredo, Brownsville, McAllen, and Austin have average temperatures of 86 – 89⁰F in the summer.

El Paso and Beaumont are only slightly cooler, with an average temperature of 83⁰F in summer.

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Which Parts Of Texas Has The Coolest Summers?

Texas can be categorized into five climatic regions. These include Big Bend Country, Southern Texas, Central Texas, Panhandle, and Eastern Texas. Each of these regions will have varying cool temperatures in the summer, but the Panhandle has the coolest summers, especially in the north of Amarillo.

Big Bend Country/ Trans Pecos Region

Big Bend country mainly consists of a desert with mountain ranges. Year-round, Big Bend country is partly cloudy. The temperature in Big Bend country varies from 62°F to 71°F, and the cooler months stretch from September to December yearly.

Southern Texas

Southern Texas is known for being a lot drier than other parts of Texas. This is because the coastal parts of southern Texas receive more rainfall than the inland regions. As a result, the coolest months in south Texas are from December to February yearly, and the average temperatures range between 79°F and 61°F.

Central Texas/ Texas Hill Country

Central Texas has a semi-arid climate in the east and a subtropical climate in the west. The cool season in central Texas is from November to February, with temperatures ranging between 65°F and 73°F.

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The Panhandle has a semi-arid climate. In Panhandle, the summers are hot, and the winter is cold, cloudy, and snowy. The cool months are June and July, and temperatures range between 55°F and 65°F in the cooler months.

Eastern Texas/ Piney Woods

Eastern Texas has a subtropical climate, with lots of humidity and occasional cold, windy conditions. The cooler months in eastern Texas are June to August, and temperatures range from 56°F to 75°F during the cooler months.

Close up of an orange Julia butterfly or Julia heliconian or the flame or flambeau Dryas iulia a species of brush footed or nymphalid butterfly native from Brazil to southern Texas and Florida. - Texas View
Close up of an orange Julia butterfly or Julia heliconian or the flame, or flambeau (Dryas iulia), a species of brush-footed (or nymphalid) butterfly, native from Brazil to southern Texas and Florida

Activities You Do In Summer In Texas

Summers in Texas are filled with many activities, and most of the main attractions are water-based. Cruises, hikes, local resorts, and tubing are just some of the fun-filled activities you can enjoy in Texas in the summer.

  1. Cruise
  2. Visit a Texas lighthouse
  3. Tubing down a Texas river
  4. Pick peaches
  5. Guadalupe National Park
  6. Explore local resorts


The vanishing river cruise is one of the most popular summer cruises. Passengers can embark on the cruise at lake Buchanan and then enjoy a scenic cruise to the mouth of the Colorado river. Passengers can experience the scenic wilderness with many bird-watching and wildlife opportunities.

Flying over Galveston Beach Texas
Flying over Galveston Beach Texas

Visit A Texas Lighthouse

Along the Texas coast, there are many beautiful historic lighthouses. Many of these lighthouses are perfect for a day trip; in most of them, you’ll find a few artifacts like keepers’ journals. Port Isabel, Lydia Anne lighthouse, and Point Bolivar lighthouse are some of the best lighthouses to visit.

Tubing Down A Texas River

Going tubing is an excellent way to cool down in summer in Texas. Cool down under shaded trees, pack a picnic and go tubing down some of the best rivers, including the Blanco River, Comal River, Guadalupe River, and San Marcos River.

Pick Peaches

Peach season is from June to August yearly, and picking peaches is a popular summer activity in Texas. Most of the peach farms are family-owned and grow various other seasonal produce. Some of the farms you can pick peaches from include Jenschke Orchards, Larken Farms, and Jenkins farm.

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Guadalupe National Park

Guadalupe National Park is perfect for those who love hiking. This national park has more than 80 miles of winding trails filled with enchanting woods and refreshing canyon springs. In the summer in Texas, you can enjoy a morning hike in Guadalupe national park and cool off in natural springs.

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Explore Local Resorts

Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a mini vacation this summer, Texas offers some of the most unique resorts in the United States. A few resorts you can visit this summer include Horshoe Bay Resort, Woodlands resort, Isla Grand Beach resort, and Gaylord Texan Resort.

Summer In Texas FAQs

Summer in Texas, despite the sweltering temperatures, is one of the best seasons to explore Texas. Local Texans are familiar with summer weather and activities, but getting used to summers in Texas may be difficult for tourists and visitors.

They may have a few more questions about summertime in Texas, like how is Texas in the summer? And are Texas summers getting hotter?

How Is Texas In The Summer?

Temperatures in Texas during the summer are getting warmer, and many summer months are without any rainfall. The above-average temperatures can reach up to 100⁰F. The humidity in the summer can make the heat feel much worse.

The gulf coast and lowlands can be sweltering, and most people living here spend their days near a swimming pool and on the lakes and rivers.

How Do People In Texas Deal With Summer?

Texans deal with the summer by staying in air-conditioned rooms and malls and spending lots of time near a pool or lake. Wearing cotton, loose-fitting clothing, and hats also help locals keep cool. Using fans and keeping the blinds and drapes closed also keep the house cool during the midday heat.


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