Mark Your Calendars: The Start of Spring in Texas

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Texas climates may be complex to navigate. This state is often regarded as being quite warm during the summer months. But what about Spring? When is Spring in Texas? And what is it like? 

Springtime in Texas spans between March and May and sometimes lasts until later in June. Texas is characteristically similar to any other area in Spring regarding things like newly bloomed flowers, allergy season, and festivals. Texas springs are warmer than most other states’ summers.

Painted Bunting hanging off a plant in Dallas Texas. - Texas View

Which Months Are Springtime In Texas?

Texan springtime occurs during March, April, and May. This is in line with meteorological Spring in the northern hemisphere, which applies to all states in this area. Astronomical Spring, however, is determined by weather patterns.

Since the climate is constantly changing, the astronomical Spring dates also change each year. In Texas, an astronomical spring could last well into June. When referring to spring from here on out, we will be focusing on meteorological Spring.

Springtime Weather In Texas

Since Texas spans such a large area, all things climate-related will vary from region to region. Often you may find extremes ranging between East Texas and West Texas.

Below is a table that illustrates the difference in temperature in each region during the springtime. One city per region has been used as a reference.

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High/Low Temperature (°F) By monthAbilene, North TexasCorpus Christi, South TexasDallas, East TexasEl Paso, West TexasWaco, Central Texas
Springtime Temperature In Texas
Phlox drummondii also known as Drummond Phlox or Annual Phlox is endemic to Texas but is now widely used as ornamental plants. - Texas View


Days Of Rainfall Per MonthAbileneCorpus ChristiDallasEl PasoWaco
Springtime Rain In Texas


Below are the average spring wind speeds in each city relative to its region:

  • Abilene: 0.6 miles – 12.2 miles/hr
  • Corpus Christi:  0.3 miles- 12 miles/hr
  • Dallas: 10 miles- 11.3 miles/hr
  • El Paso: 0.8miles- 10.2 miles/hr
  • Waco: 9.7 miles – 10.9 miles/hr


  • Abilene: 0%-30%
  • Corpus Christi: 19%-93%
  • Dallas: 1%-59%
  • El Paso: 0%
  • Waco:1%- 67%

Daylight Hours

The areas below show the shortest amount of daylight hours in each Texan region during the springtime, with the shortest occurring on the 1st of March and the longest on the 31st of May.

  • Abilene: 11 hours 30 minutes and 14 hours 8 minutes
  • Corpus Christi: 11 hours 36 minutes and 13 hours 47 minutes
  • Dallas: 11 hours 30 minutes and 14 hours 10 minutes
  • El Paso: 11 hours 31 minutes and 14 hours 5 minutes
  • Waco: 11 hours 31 minutes and 14 hours 4 minutes
Texas White Redbud Latin name Cercis canadensis var. texensis Texas White. - Texas View

Signs Of Spring In Texas

People living in Texas don’t need to look at the calendar to know when Spring is starting to make its much-anticipated appearance. Sometimes these signs don’t even necessarily align with the designated spring months.

Early signs of Spring in Texas are:

  1. Bluebonnets start gracing the lands with their signature blue hues.
  2. Birds start chirping a little earlier.
  3. It is lighter earlier in the morning and into the evening
  4. The trees start giving sneak previews of their budding little flowers
  5. Specific flowers begin to brighten up the Texas landscapes. Prickly pear plants also begin their annual spring bloom.

Texas Springtime Vs. Allergies

For many people, Spring is synonymous with sneezing, itching, hay fever, and general misery brought on by allergies. In some parts of the world, allergy sufferers may fare better depending on the environment, wind, and pollen count.

The cities in Texas considered the worst places for allergy sufferers are:

  • San Antonio
  • McAllen
  • El Paso
  • Houston
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The main culprits for your springtime sneezes will come from:

  • Mold
  • Grass pollen
  • Ragweed pollen

People in Texas who suffer from grass and mold allergies will be affected throughout the year. Still, levels will peak during the spring and summer months.

Flowers on the Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas. - Texas View
Flowers on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas

Spring Blooms In Texas

Like in any area, Spring is the ideal time of the year to enjoy the sights and smells of the new blooms that have sprung up. In Texas, some notable spring flowers and shrubbery include:

  • Bluebonnet (the official state flower of Texas)
  • Texas Bluebell
  • Salvia Franacea
  • Texas Star Hisbiscus
  • Indian Blankets or Firewheel
  • Mexican Hat
  • Cape Plumbago
  • Cosmo Bippinatus

Springtime Events In Texas

Spring is associated with rebirth and new beginnings. A break from the cooler gloomier weather means abundant events and festivities.

Some notable springtime events that take place in Texas include:

  1. Bluebonnet Trails And Festival
  2. Texas Crab Festival
  3. Austin Food And Wine Festival
  4. Pecan Street Festival
  5. Fiesta San Antonio
  6. Buda Country Fair and Weiner Dog Race
  7. Llano Fiddle Fest
  8. Turtle Creek Spring Arts Festival
  9. Texas SandFest
  10. Dogwood Trails Festival

Spring In Texas FAQs

Is Spring A Good Time To Visit Texas?

Spring is actually the best time of the year to visit Texas. The weather is favorable and warm enough to even enjoy summertime activities without excessive exposure to the heat. Summers in Texas are well known for being extremely hot and humid. Or hot and arid, depending on where you are.

What Type Of Clothing Should You Wear During Texas Spring?

Spring in Texas means warmer summer-like weather, but it is prone to change. It is best to prepare yourself for heat, humidity, and rain. Sunscreen and raincoats are a must. Your wardrobe choice would also be dictated by the area in Texas you’re in.

Are There Things You Should Be Wary Of During Spring In Texas?

Texas, in the springtime, is also peak snake season. Bees will also be prominent during this time. Be wary of the areas you are visiting, and be sure to take the proper safety measures when exploring the outdoors during this time. Wearing sturdy boots that come above your ankle during hikes and walks is a good idea.

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