Unveiling Texas’ Strengths: More Than Just BBQ and Rodeos

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Texas is home to approximately 8.8% of the entire country’s population. It’s the second densest state in the US and one of the biggest contributors to its flourishing economy.

The Lone Star is the largest crude oil producer and exporter in the US, where the average annual volume produced is 713 metric tons. This is on top of other booming industries in the state, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Information technology
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Biomedical research
Farmer is working on farm in Texas with dairy cows in fence. - Texas View

What Is Texas Best At?

Texas is renowned all over the world for its exemplary economic climate. In addition to that, Texans have made a name for themselves in the area of sports and entertainment.

Business and Economy

In the entire country, Texas ranks second in terms of gross domestic product (GDP), right after California. By 2022, Texas’ GDP is at $1,772,132,000.

Compared to other countries, Texas’ economic ranking is at number nine. Its development may resemble progressive nations such as Russia, Korea, and Canada.

Texas has generated approximately 13.57 million jobs, with an understandably low unemployment rate of only 4%. Additionally, the average household income in the state is $64,034.

What’s more, their job recovery rate 2 years after the pandemic’s peak rose to a staggering 142%. In other words, the state was able to help its working population get back to their jobs after losing them at the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only that, Texas was able to bounce back with more jobs for its constituents.

In addition, the sales tax revenue is at $3.7 billion by September 2022, which is 17.2% higher compared to the previous year. Authorities estimated the worth of exported products to be around $43.25 billion from July to August 2022 only.

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This is mainly due to Texas being the top crude oil manufacturer in the country, in addition to other exported goods. Besides this, you can also find the headquarters of big names in Texas, including AT&T, American Airlines, and ExxonMobil.

Downtown Houston skyline in Texas at twilight. - Texas View


86% of Texas’ land area is dedicated to agricultural production. That said, the Lone Star is also among the country’s leading exporters of such products, which include:

  • Vegetables and other crops
  • Feed grains
  • Cotton and cottonseed
  • Live animals and meat
  • Animal hides and skins

The Family Land Heritage Program of the Texas Department of Agriculture recognizes over 4,700 ranches and farms scattered among its 232 counties. The same families have operated and maintained these estates for at least a decade.

Additionally, 98.5% of related operations are by individuals or families, whereas one out of seven workers in Texas is involved in livestock production and farming.


In response to the progressive oil and petroleum commercial enterprise, the infrastructure trade started flourishing as well. It has become one of the reasons that make Texas attractive to investors.

Besides the energy sector, another factor that contributes greatly to the overall ranking of this industry is transportation. The Department of Transportation maintains approximately 80,000 miles of road networks and at least 20 major airports.

For this reason, accessibility has proportionately improved, giving a boost to other areas, including agriculture, research, and education.

Also, Texas is the recipient of an $8 billion budget for infrastructure developments, the second highest in the country after California’s $9.2 billion allocation. So, we can all expect another boom in the state’s infrastructure and technology in the next 5 years and beyond.


The state of Texas has 11 major league teams in various sports. It also has two major women’s sports teams in soccer and basketball.

You’ll also find other sports unique to Texas, including ax-throwing, roller derby, and cornhole. However, gridiron football is unquestionably the most popular.

See how they rank in the major leagues below.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman in NFL Action during the 1990s - Texas View


The Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys teams both participate in the National Football League (NFL).

Currently, the Dallas Cowboys hold the number three spot in the 2022 NFC East Division rankings. Meanwhile, the Houston Texans team ranks number one in the AFC South division.

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Three soccer teams represent Texas in Major League Soccer: Austin FC, FC Dallas, and Houston Dynamo.

Austin FC ranks at number two in Season 2022 Western Conference, followed by FC Dallas at number three. In the same division, Houston Dynamo sits at the 13th spot.

The Houston Dash, Texas’ representative for the National Women’s Soccer League, holds the 4th place in the latest season.


Texas has three teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). These are the Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, and Houston Rockets.

For the 2022-2023 season under the Western Conference, the three teams hold the 7th, 13th, and 15th places, respectively. Concurrently, the Dallas Wings ranks number six in the latest season of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Ice Hockey

The Dallas Stars is Texas’ only team in the National Hockey League, but proudly holds the top spot in the Central Division of the 2022-2023 season.


In Major League Baseball, Texas has two representing teams: the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros.

The former holds 4th place in the 2022 season of the National League, while the latter holds 1st place in the same competition.

Texas Ranking FAQs

How does Texas rank in the entertainment industry?

Texas has the third-highest economic output in the video game industry, following California and Washington. It generates an average annual revenue of $4.15 billion.

What is Texas’ overall national ranking?

Texas may be among the best regarding business and economy, but it’s ranked 31 with other factors considered. In particular, it falls short of quality healthcare, education, and crime rates.


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