Texas Tax-Free Weekend (Under $100 Deals)

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If you’re a texas resident, you’ve likely taken advantage of the Texas tax-free weekend. This tax savings can save you money and relieve the rising costs due to inflation.

Texas tax-free weekend usually runs from a Friday to Sunday yearly. Texas tax-free weekend allows consumers to make purchases for qualifying items without having to pay sales tax provided the items were purchased within the texas tax-free weekend and are under $100.

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What You Should Know About Texas Tax-Free Weekend

The texas tax-free weekend is an incentive for consumers to support local businesses and get a break from having to pay sales tax on some items. Items purchased on this tax-free weekend are limited and focus on purchases under $100.

  • The texas comptrollers office announces the dates for the texas tax-free weekend yearly.
  • No exemption certificate is needed to purchase tax-free items over the texas tax-free weekend.
  • Shipping, handling, and delivery charges may not qualify (depending on their cost)

The Texas tax-free weekend has been around since 1999, and many consumers have taken advantage of the savings and sales tax break during the tax-free weekend. There isn’t a limit to the number of qualifying items consumers can purchase, and many use this as an opportunity to stock up on things they need throughout the year.

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Is Texas Tax-Free Weekend The Same Time Every Year?

The texas tax-free weekend does not occur on the same dates every year but will always run from a Friday to a Sunday. The texas state legislature determines the dates for the texas tax-free weekend.

What Is The Purpose Of Texas Tax-Free Weekend?

When the texas tax-free weekend was first introduced in 1999, it was supposed to be a week-long according to the initially drafted Senate bill 441, but due to amendments, this period was reduced to just one weekend, and for purchases that are only $100.

The purpose of this bill and the tax-free weekend was to help consumers save money and help struggling families pay for much-needed essentials.

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What Items Are Tax-Free During Texas Tax-Free Weekend?

There are only a few items that can be purchased without sales tax during texas tax-free weekend. These items include school supplies, clothes, footwear, and diapers.

School Supplies

School supplies valued under $100 can be purchased on texas tax-free weekends. These school supplies may include scissors, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, notebooks, markers, calculators, book bags, markers, and paper.


During the texas tax-free weekend, most clothing items can be purchased, provided it is less than $100. There isn’t a limit on the clothing items you can buy, and some of the things that qualify include dresses, pants, robes, scarves, shirts, sleepwear, socks, and swimwear.


Most footwear items can be purchased sales-tax-free during the texas tax-free weekend. Footwear like boots, hiking shoes, safety shoes, tennis shoes, and general footwear are exempt from sales tax. Other footwear such as soccer shoes, tap dance shoes, golf shoes, and fishing boots are taxable during texas tax-free weekend.


Cloth and disposable diapers are exempt from tax during texas tax-free weekends, along with other baby essentials. Adult diapers are also exempt from sales tax, and there are no limits on the quantity consumers can purchase. Many parents use this to save and stockpile baby essentials like diapers.

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What Items Are Not Tax-Free During Texas Tax-Free Weekend?

During the texas tax-free weekend, several items are not tax-exempt. These items include bags, sporting equipment, jewelry, safety apparel and electronics. When shopping during a tax-free weekend, it’s advisable to avoid purchasing any of these items and instead opt to purchase items that qualify for the texas tax-free weekend.

  1. Accessories
  2. Bags
  3. Jewellery
  4. Fabric and related items
  5. Sporting equipment and attire
  6. Safety apparel
  7. Computers and electronics
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General accessories are still taxed during the texas tax-free weekend. Accessories may include but aren’t limited to items like bobby pins, ponytails, hair bows, hair clips, headbands, belts, purses, and barrettes.


Most bags are not exempt from sales tax during the texas tax-free weekend, but bags like school bags are. Other types of bags like briefcases, purses, wallets, handbags, and purses are still taxed during the texas tax-free weekend.


Jewellery items like watches, watch bands, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry-related items are taxed during the texas tax-free weekend.

A range of fabric and fabric-related items are not eligible for the tax-free weekend. These items include cloth, lace, yarn, thread, button, tapes, iron-on patches, embroidery, and sewing patterns.

Sporting Equipment And Attire

Sporting equipment and attire like baseball cleats, baseball pants, baseball gloves, bowling shoes, football pads and pants, shin guards and padding, spots pads, sports helmets, ice skates and accessories, and jazz and dancewear are not sales tax exempt.

Safety Apparel

Some safety apparel like protective eyewear, noise-canceling headphones, protective equipment, and specialized safety boots do not qualify for a sales tax exemption on Texas tax-free weekend.

Computers And Electronics

All computers and electronics have sales tax during the texas tax-free weekend. These items may include but aren’t limited to cellphones, computers, laptops, headphones, and cameras.

FAQs About Texas Tax-Free Weekend

Texas tax-free weekend is not limited to one weekend a year. There are four annual sales that consumers can take advantage of, and each offers sales tax discounts on various products.

These tax sales holidays include emergency preparation (April), Texas EnergyStar and water efficient products (Memorial Day weekend), and the sales tax holiday (August).

The most widely known texas tax-free holiday is the sales tax holiday. These weekends allow consumers to shop and save on many items, but does Texas tax-free weekend apply to online purchases as well, and do stores like Amazon support texas tax-free weekend?

Are Laptops Included In Texas Tax-Free Weekend?

Laptops are not included in the texas tax-free weekend. Any electronics purchased during the texas tax-free weekend are taxable and not exempt from tax. These may consist of any computers, laptops, and other electrical devices.

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Does Amazon Also Support Tax-Free Weekend?

Amazon is classified as a global online retailer and one of the world’s biggest online stores. Some states select products that are exempt from tax on tax-free holidays. Amazon does abide by the laws in states that offer tax-free holidays, like the texas tax-free weekend.

You can purchase items through Amazon that won’t include sales tax.
Some Amazon items may not be exempt from sales tax, and you may be required to pay this if it isn’t a qualifying item.

Does Texas Tax-Free Weekend Apply To Online Purchases?

During the Texas tax-free weekend, consumers can purchase qualifying items via telephone, mail, online, or a customized ordering process. However, there are a few complications when buying things online or other methods that are not in the store.

When purchasing online and the transaction is delayed, bounces, or is declined, and the tax-free weekend is over without the payment going through, the purchase will not qualify for a tax exemption. This is especially difficult when you have to consider shipping and different online stores having their own shipping terms and conditions.


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