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During the 1800s, this piece of land in Texas was occupied by the Tonkawa Indians under the name “Eagle Springs.” After the American Civil War, this region saw an increase in population and later became known as Vernon, Texas. This town in Texas is famously known for its arts, culture, and education.

Vernon, Texas, is a lively and developing town in the northern part of Wilbarger County. This town is known for hosting a variety of western-styled cultural events. There are also very cozy hotels to stay at as well as elegant restaurants. This is the perfect town for a family outing or vacation.

Mount Vernon Historic District - Texas View
Mount Vernon Historic District. – Photo by Renelibrary

About Vernon Texas

This land, now a developed town, is situated in the northern part of Texas. This town is located between Dallas and Amarillo, Texas. It is said to believe that ‘The Great Western Cattle Trial’ passed through this town in Texas. Vernon, Texas is perfect for visiting if you want an incredible wildlife and cultural experience.

In the late 1800s, Vernon, Texas, was named as the county seat for Wilbarger County, which meant that Vernon became the administrative capital for Wilbarger County. Over the years, more people moved to this newly established town, and this is how Vernon, Texas, became known to the people of the United States.  

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Facts About Vernon Texas

  • Location: Northern Wilbarger County
  • County: Wilbarger
  • Town: Vernon
  • Land Area: 20,46 km²
  • Zip Code: 76384
  • Population: +- 10 000
  • Average temperature (January): High – 56.5°F (13.6°C); Low – 41.9°F (5.5°C)
  • Average temperature (June): High – 94°F (34.4°C); Low – 71°F (21.6°C)
  • Educational Institutions: Vernon College; Vernon High School
  • Airport: Wilbarger County Airport
  • Best Hotel: Hampton Inn
  • Best Restaurant: Three Hearts Steakhouse

What Is Vernon Texas Known For?

Vernon, Texas, is known for hosting several multicultural events throughout the year. In addition, a few historic buildings will get you deeper in touch with the town’s history.

The most famous events that Vernon, Texas, is known for are the Santa Rosa RoundUp Parade and the Summers Last Blast car show. The Santa Rosa Roundup Parade is an equestrian event that attracts people from all over the United States. The Summers Last Blast show is nostalgic for those who love classic cars.

Here are two highlight videos of these two events

Santa Rosa Roundup Highlights
Summer's Last Blast Nostalgic Cruise Night 2022 in Vernon, Texas 08 13 22

Where Is Vernon Texas?

Vernon, Texas, is situated between Dallas and Amarillo, Texas, in the northern part of Wilbarger County. The easiest and quickest way to get to Vernon, Texas, is by using Texas Highway 287. This is a great place to visit if you want to experience a cultural heritage that is rich in farming.

Nearby Vernon Texas

  • Pioneer Heritage Townsite Center
  • Orbison Park

If you are traveling to Vernon, Texas, you should visit the places mentioned above. The heritage center explores the history of Texas through authentic buildings. In addition, Orbison Park would be perfect if you love picnics and other family activities.

Layout Of Vernon Texas

The coordinates of Vernon, Texas, are 34.1545° N, 99.2651° W. Vernon, Texas, is a town with a total area of 8.1 square miles.

Areas Around Vernon Texas

There are quite a few similar towns that are situated around Vernon, Texas. These towns are also filled with huge amounts of entertainment for the whole family. Below are towns that are located within 20 miles of Vernon, Texas:

  • Oklaunion, TX (8 miles)
  • Tolbert, TX (10 miles)
  • Lockett, TX (11 miles)
  • Davidson, TX (17 miles)
  • Chillicothe, TX (18 miles)
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Getting About Vernon Texas

Driving to Vernon, Texas, is very simple, and using your own transport or public transport would be appropriate

Types Of TransportationFromTime
Public TransportAustin, Texas (Capital)9 hours
TaxiAustin, Texas (Capital)6 hours
DrivingAustin, Texas (Capital)5 hours
Transportation Methods To Vernon, Texas

Public Transport

Several public transport facilities directly connect Austin to Vernon. These options include bus, train, and airplane. This is considered the most expensive and lengthy mode of transportation from Austin to Vernon.


Taking a taxi from Austin to Vernon would be a better option if you are not using your own vehicle. This transportation method is quicker and cheaper than the bus service.


Driving with your own transport is considered the best mode of transportation to get to Vernon, Texas. This method is also the cheapest and the quickest way of getting to Vernon from any other town in and around Texas. Texas Highway 238 is the highway you will need to use to get to Vernon, Texas.

What To Do In Vernon Texas

Vernon, Texas, is famous for its multicultural events that take place throughout the year. This town in Texas is the perfect town for people that love farming and wildlife cultures. In addition, it is a town with many things to do for entertainment.

Below are a few events and places you can attend and visit in Vernon, Texas:

  • Santa Rosa Roundup
  • Summers Last Blast
  • Red River Valley Museum
  • Vernon Plaza Theatre

Santa Rosa Roundup

The Santa Rosa Roundup is one of the main events in Vernon, Texas. This western-style event involves lots of food, music, and horse riding. This event takes place only once a year. This is the perfect event to taste local Texan foods while watching some intense horse-riding competitions.  

Summers Last Blast

The Summers Last Blast is an annual event that attracts car lovers from all around the country. This is an event that showcases a variety of classic cars that you might not see on a daily. This is where you can enjoy local Texan foods while looking at custom-designed classic vehicles. This is the type of event that can touch the heart of any petrolhead.

Red River Valley Museum

The Red River Valley Museum is perfect if you love art, science, and history. This museum is where you will find historical and cultural monuments linked to Vernon, Texas. Below are exhibits held at the museum:

  • The Berry History and Science Room
  • The William A. Bond Trophy and Game Room
  • The Waggoner Room
  • Wright Art Gallery
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Vernon Plaza Theatre

The Vernon Plaza Theatre is a movie theatre suitable for the whole family. This movie theatre is the first theatre in Texas to display 3D movies. This is the perfect place to relax with popcorn while watching a movie. This theatre is famous for being cozy and having very friendly staff.

Where To Eat

  • Three Hearts Steakhouse
  • Brown Cow Family Restaurant
  • The Rusty Spur Steakhouse & Saloon
  • Toro Japanese Restaurant
  • Benito’s Italian Café
  • Fred’s Corner Grille

Where To Stay

  • Hampton Inn  
  • Hotel Vernon
  • Green Bird Inn
  • Lone Star Inn
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites
  • Super 8 by Wyndham

Vernon FAQs

Is Vernon Texas Safe?

Vernon, Texas, is not considered one of the safest towns in Texas. The crime rate is relatively high. Therefore, it would be advisable always to keep yourself and your family safe.

Is Vernon Worth Visiting?

Vernon, Texas, is worth visiting if you love western history, arts and culture. The town will also be perfect if you love antique shopping. This town is also great for people that love wildlife.


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