Jefferson Texas (Riverport Town)

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Whether going to Jefferson for a holiday or simply driving through, this town is one you should consider stopping at. What makes Jefferson, Texas so unique, you may ask?

Jefferson is a town in the State of Texas and was a famous riverport town before and during America’s civil war. You can see the architecture of the time throughout the town. There are various historical landmarks in the town. You can also do a historical walking tour through Jefferson, Texas.

The Gazebo on Otstott Park in Jefferson Texas. - Texas View

About Jefferson Texas

Jefferson, Texas, might be one of your favorite stops in Texas, as the town offers a unique view of what life looked like in America before the civil war. Today, we’ll discuss everything you should know, see, and do when visiting Jefferson, Texas, to make your time there more memorable.

Before diving into some of the more exciting features of Jefferson, Texas, it’s best to start by covering some of the more basic information and facts about the town.

Facts About Jefferson Texas

  • Location: Jefferson is located in the Northeast of Texas, in Marion County.
  • Zip Code: 75657
  • Population: According to the national 2020 population Census, Jefferson has 2,531 residents.
  • The average temperature in June: 20°F
  • The average temperature in January: 14°F
  • Airports: Longview Airport is the closest Airport to Jefferson, which is a 50-minute drive from Jefferson.
  • The best hotels in Jefferson, Texas, are Excelsior House, Historic Jefferson Hotel, and House of the Seasons.
  • Best restaurants in Jefferson, Texas: 1852 on Austin, Carriage House, Port Jefferson Outpost
  • Sports Team: Jefferson Bulldogs
  • Crime rate: The crime rate in Jefferson, Texas, is average for the town’s size in America, with about 10 per 1,000 residents falling victim to crime.
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What’s Jefferson Texas Known For?

Jefferson in Texas, is mainly known for its beautifully preserved architecture. Many say that “a trip to Jefferson is a journey back through time to a bustling 19th-century riverport.” Jefferson is a tourist destination many people visit for the nostalgia surrounding the town and many of the historical buildings on display.

Of course, the Bayou surrounding the city is also a sight, especially the Big Cypress Bayou, which served as an access point to New Orleans in the 1800s.

People From Jefferson Texas

Despite how small Jefferson City is, quite a few famous or notable people come from there. Some are known for their great services in the political realm, while others are famous for their deaths. Here are some of the famous people who live in Jefferson, Texas:

  • Diamond Bessie (murder victim)
  • Vernon Dalhart (opera singer)
  • W.K. Henderson (businessman)
  • Jennie Lee Riddle (writer)
  • Bill Keith (politician)
  • Montrae Holland (football player)
  • Roy Hawkins (musician)
  • Ron Cook (baseball player)
  • Charles Allen Culberson (politician)
  • Robert Sterling Arnold (writer)

Where Is Jefferson Texas?

As mentioned, Jefferson City is in the Northeastern part of the state of Texas. To be more precise, you can find Jefferson City on Texas Highway 49 and U.S. Highway 59. Jefferson, Texas, is south of Linden and north of Marshall, Texas. The coordinates for Jefferson, Texas, are 32.7574°N, 95.3452°W.

Areas Near Jefferson Texas

Because Jefferson, Texas isn’t a huge city, you may wonder which other towns and cities are near Jefferson that you can visit when you have spare time. Fortunately, several cities with their own attractions near Jefferson are also worth a visit. These are some of the cities within 100 miles of Jefferson, Texas:

  • Marshall, Texas
  • Longview, Texas
  • Jacksonville, Texas
  • Henderson, Texas
  • Bossier City, Los Angeles
  • Shreveport, Los Angeles
  • Minden, Los Angeles

Layout And Areas In Jefferson Texas

There aren’t many areas in Jefferson, Texas, as the city is quite small and primarily located in one area. Most of Jefferson, Texas, is surrounded by the Big Cypress Bayou and other smaller Bayous, meaning that there isn’t too much space for expansion around the city.

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Most tourist attractions are in the southern part of the city, with the schools, hospitals, and industrial buildings in the northern part of the city.

What To Do In Jefferson Texas

There is plenty to do in Jefferson, Texas. This town is perfect if you enjoy walking around outdoors and are interested in history.

Some attractions to see in Jefferson, Texas, include:

  • The Atalanta Rail Car
  • 1879 Howe Truss Lighted Bridge
  • Bicycle Hill
  • Carnegie Library
  • Excelsior House Hotel
  • Jefferson Playhouse

In addition, there are also plenty of tours you can go on when visiting Jefferson, Texas, including:

  • Jefferson Historic Walking Tour
  • Jefferson Historical Museum Tour
  • Jefferson Homes Tour

Let’s consider these activities in more detail so you know what to expect when booking a tour in Jefferson, Texas.

Jefferson Historic Walking Tour

The Jefferson Historic Walking Tour ensures you see all the pre-civil war architecture, churches, and structures that remain in Jefferson to this day. You’ll see and learn everything Jefferson offers about life in the 1800s.

Jefferson Historical Museum Tour

If you are more interested in what Jefferson was like during the civil war, visit the Jefferson Historical Museum for a tour. Here, you will learn how Jefferson became an important riverport city before and during the civil war and how the city was nearly destroyed.

Jefferson Homes Tour

Many prestigious homes in Jefferson were built before, during, and after the American civil war. These homes are kept in pristine condition and have a long history to share with those who embark on the Jefferson Homes Tour.

Where To Eat In Jefferson Texas

When you are done sightseeing, you’ll undoubtedly be hungry and thirsty. Jefferson, Texas, has many excellent restaurants that suit every budget and preference.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Jefferson, Texas.

  • 1852 on Austin
  • Austin Street Bistro
  • Bulldog Pizza
  • Joseph’s Riverport BBQ
  • Port Jefferson Outpost
  • McGarity’s Saloon
  • Taste Of Caddo

Where To Stay In Jefferson Texas

In addition to knowing where to eat in Jefferson, Texas, you should also know where to stay. There are plenty of historic and modern hotels and accommodations in Jefferson where you will surely have an unforgettable stay.

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Here are some places to stay in Jefferson, Texas.

  • House Of The Seasons
  • Kennedy Manor
  • Excelsior House
  • Historic Jefferson Hotel
  • Bayou Riverfront Cottages
  • Carriage House

Jefferson FAQs

It’s only natural that you will have even more questions about Jefferson, Texas, especially if this will be your first visit. So, to save you time and energy, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Jefferson, Texas, below.

Is Jefferson, Texas, A Good Place To Visit?

Considering the positive experience of many who have visited Jefferson, Texas, it’s safe to assume that this is an excellent town. Jefferson, Texas, is the ideal location if you are looking for a trip to the past, with good food and friendly hospitality.

Is Jefferson Texas Safe?

Jefferson, Texas, is safer than the average American city. Jefferson has about the same crime rate as most other American cities of its size, and the crime rate is about 1 per 100 people. Jefferson, Texas, isn’t known for violent crimes, making it a safe place to visit.


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