Is Texas Roadhouse Good? (Good and Bad)

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The most important consideration to determine if a restaurant or roadhouse is good would be the experiences of people who have been there. But then the matter of personal taste and preference arises, so the more people visit a place, the better of an idea you can get about how good it is. So, what exactly sets Texas Roadhouse apart from its competitors, and is it really that good?

As with every chain, some Texas Roadhouse establishments are better than others. They all have some good things in common, and loyal diners return time after time. The quality of bread and butter, steak, and freshly prepared sides is consistently excellent across the board.

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Is Texas Roadhouse Good?

A principle that Texas Roadhouse stands for and which sets them apart from others is the value and quality of the cuts of steaks and the side dishes that they serve.

Many people are loyal to Texas Roadhouse and visit there twice a week (or more). Those loyalists know that the food is of exceptional quality and excellent value for money. Some people are determined enough to wait in line for hours to get what they know will be some of the best steaks in the country.

Reasons Why Fans Describe Texas Roadhouse As Good

  • Every Texas Roadhouse Full-Service Restaurant employs a full-time butcher and a baker, ensuring that everything is fresh and of the highest quality.
  • Some say that the complementary sides, like peanuts and a bread basket with the best cinnamon butter on freshly baked rolls, make the experience all the more worthwhile.
  • With the state of the economy and prices continually increasing, Texas Roadhouse is trying to find ways to give the same portion of steak as before without increasing the cost per person. Of course, there have been price increases within Texas Roadhouse, but these increases are low compared to other restaurant chains.
  • Texas Roadhouses are filled with country music and a lively atmosphere to add to your enjoyment while you devour your sizzling steak or fall-off-the-bone ribs.
  • Texas Roadhouse constantly tries to find out what its regular customers want, and according to CFO Tonya Robinson, they aim to deliver on the things they hear, which is what leads Texas Roadhouse to give an overall great experience consistently.
  • Some cultures believe that you can tell how good a restaurant’s food is by how busy they are; judging by that wisdom, you will know that Texas Roadhouse is good. They are always busy.
  • Texas Roadhouse is consistent. The restaurant will never serve food that is not freshly prepared. Even though they are a chain with more than 600 establishments in the United States and quickly growing into a global sensation, the freshness of the food is one principle that management is not compromising on.
  • One of the quotes from Kent Taylor, the founder of Texas Roadhouse, used to be, “If your employees are having fun, they are going to have fun with the guests.” So, the next time you wonder why the restaurant is so rowdy, lively, and fun, this should answer your question. Management consistently encourages the staff to have fun on the job.
  • If you want only the highest quality meat, you can rest assured with Texas Roadhouse because only the best USDA choice meat will do at this chain. The company spends over $1 Billion annually on wholesale beef to ensure that customers only receive the best grades of steak.
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Inside Texas Roadhouse

Are Texas Roadhouse’s Complimentary Sides Really That Good?

Back in the old days, when Texas Roadhouse was still just an idea developing in Kent Taylor’s mind, he wanted to give complimentary popcorn. As glad as we may be that peanuts and rolls eventually made it to the table instead, it shows how vital the complimentary side dishes were right from the start.

Some loyal visitors say that the peanuts and bread rolls are the only things they eat at Texas Roadhouse. But some newcomers wonder, if it’s so good, why are there always peanuts on the floor?

Well, with the place being so fun and rowdy, and since the owners want the customers to feel at home, it became a trend to throw the peanut shells on the floor, and occasionally a peanut may find its way in there.

Though it does not bother the regulars, some customers who heard good things about Texas Roadhouse might not expect to find the diner so busy and rowdy with peanuts everywhere.

Even Texas Roadhouse Can Falter Sometimes

We’ve looked at some things Texas Roadhouse does well to satisfy its guests. But we all know that a coin has two sides to it, and there are some things that customers complain about.

We all have certain expectations regarding what we feel makes a restaurant good, and Texas Roadhouse is no exception. Let’s face it, even the best of the best can falter and drop the ball sometimes.

The Good Vs. The Bad

The GoodThe Bad
There are over 600 Texas Roadhouse locationsWith how busy Texas Roadhouse can get, even more locations may be a good idea
Most nights, the restaurants are fully packedThey only work on a first-come, first-served basis, sometimes leading to people being shown away
Food is as fresh as you can getDue to food being prepared on order, you can wait a while to be seated and to get your food, especially on a busy night
Texas Roadhouse still offers good value for money despite some slight price increasesPrice increases happen; it’s inevitable
A full-time butcher and baker at every locationMore full-time staff requires higher prices
The atmosphere is fun, lively, and rowdySome people prefer a quiet and more intimate dining experience
Texas Roadhouse serves lunch, but only over weekendsIf Texas Roadhouse had more full-time hours, they might not be so busy during the evenings, and customers would not walk away disappointed
Texas Roadhouse The Good Vs. The Bad

Texas Roadhouse Is Good If You Follow The Money

You can usually tell if people are having a good experience if the restaurant is trending, and you can see constant growth in the business. Texas Roadhouse ticks both of these boxes.

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When you follow the money, it’s easy to see how good Texas Roadhouse is. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, food prices have skyrocketed, and of course, this has affected restaurants as well. But even with the inflation and higher food prices, Texas Roadhouse still realizes how important it is to give value to its loyal customers.

The CEO of Texas Roadhouse believes that it is essential to keep delivering on the restaurant’s promises:

  1. Giving value to every diner without trimming the portions.
  2. The quality of the food should always be consistent.
  3. Being committed.

Due to these principles, there is still growth in Texas Roadhouse, and new locations are frequently opening their doors despite the economy, recession, and inflation. The CEO is also looking at broadening the chain’s horizons, believing there could be over 900 Texas Roadhouses soon.

Texas Roadhouse is also looking at ways to be more efficient. For example, the chain recently implemented a faster way to pay called “Roadhouse Pay.” This allows customers to pay for their evening out much faster, rapidly opening up tables to serve more customers.

FAQs About Texas Roadhouse

Can I Make A Reservation At Texas Roadhouse?

This is one of the biggest complaints and bad reviews that diners are leaving and complaining about. Texas Roadhouse only works on a first-come, first-served basis, and no bookings or reservations are allowed. Knowing how busy and popular Texas Roadhouses can get, try to be one of the first diners to arrive rather than walking away disappointed.

Texas Roadhouse’s popularity stems mainly from the fact that each restaurant employs a butcher and a baker that prepare fresh food every five minutes. This guarantees that your cuts of meat and bread rolls will be as fresh as possible. No wonder people are willing to stand in line just to have a meal at Texas Roadhouse.

What Is The Tastiest Cut Of Beef At Texas Roadhouse?

Usually, the tastiest cut of beef depends purely on the customer’s preference. However, Texas Roadhouse’s top sellers are two cuts of steak: the ribeye and the sirloin. If you want to keep the price tag in mind but still want the best, then sirloin is definitely the winner.

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How Many Texas Roadhouse Establishments Are There?

From the humble beginnings of opening the first Texas Roadhouse in Indiana to what we see today due to immense growth over the last three decades, Texas Roadhouse has over 600 locations in the United States and a growing international presence with more than 35 establishments in other countries as well.

What Is Texas Roadhouse Best Known For?

Texas Roadhouse is known for some of the best steaks, fall-off-the-bone meats, tasty butter on freshly-baked rolls, and freshly-prepared sides. And, of course, the restaurants that are always jam-packed throughout the evenings and weekends.

How Many Meals Does Texas Roadhouse Serve Per Day?

On average, the entire Texas Roadhouse chain serves around 300 000 meals daily. Texas Roadhouse is a family favorite, with loyal customers who keep returning because they know they get value for money.

We Tried All The Steaks At Texas Roadhouse & This Was The Best


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