How To Move To Texas From the UK

Maybe you’re thinking about moving from the UK to Texas for the weather or the food, a retiree looking for a change, or a business owner looking for a new location. Whatever the reason, Texas is a good choice. Texas has good schools, a rich history, and a strong job market.

Moving can always present challenges and obstacles. Especially when relocating from one country to another. But, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We’ve prepared this guide to help you learn how to move to Texas from the UK.

Aerial View Of Stansted Airport London And Its Landing Strip On A Misty Day - Texas View
Aerial View Of Stansted Airport London And Its Landing Strip On A Misty Day - Texas View

Planning To Move To Texas

Moving from the UK to the United States takes a little adaptation, considering the differences between the two countries in terms of laws, currency, national health system, etc. 

But you’ll first have to take care of getting a visa, which involves a lot of paperwork and time to get done. Then, you’ll need to get your financial affairs in order (pensions, taxes, etc.).

After that, you must decide how you will get an income: are you retired? Are you going to get a job? Are you going to open your own business?

Finally, you need to think about your objects and properties. Do you have a home to sell? Are you going to transport your furniture to the US?

Moving to Texas From the UK

Moving to another country, and in this case, another continent requires careful planning and attention to detail so that you don’t get any surprises. To help you achieve that and make this transition as smooth as possible, we’ll explore in detail the different steps involved.

Get a Visa

Before making a move, be sure to handle all necessary matters. Obtaining a visa is extremely important. Entrance into the U.S. is not permitted without one. Your situation and reason for moving will determine which kind of visa is needed.

A green card allows you to live and work in the US permanently. Here are the reasons when you can apply for a Green Card to make your stay more permanent;

  • Green Card through Family
  • Green Card through Employment
  • Green Card as a Special Immigrant
  • Green Card through Refugee or Asylee Status
  • Green Card for Human Trafficking and Crime Victims
  • Green Card for Victims of Abuse
  • Green Card through Other Categories
  • Green Card through Registry

For up-to-date details, visit;

Financial Affairs

Before relocating, be sure that financial concerns are handled. Pensions, taxes, loans, benefits, stocks, and owned properties are just a few matters to keep in mind. Check for further information about which elements to consider and whom to contact for pertinent issues.

Utilizing online banking services for bank accounts and money management is wise. Also, become familiar with conversion, tax, and transfer services.

Austin Texas June 3 2018. Sculpture Of Barbara Jordan American Lawyer Educator And Politician In Austin Bergstrom International Airport. - Texas View
Austin Texas June 3 2018. Sculpture Of Barbara Jordan American Lawyer Educator And Politician In Austin Bergstrom International Airport. - Texas View

Business Affairs

Texas currently ranks 9th place in the world’s largest economies. Texas is leading in economic growth among other states in the nation. This growth is due to several factors. These factors include natural resources, business reputation, and low tax rates. Business owners looking to relocate are wise to settle in Texas.

It’s legal to start a business in the US without being an American citizen. However, it won’t give you direct access to a green card. Consult a specialized lawyer and tax consultant to know all the legal requirements of opening your business in the US.

Personal Affairs

Some things to execute:

  • Pack and ship furniture and personal items 
  • Transport vehicles
  • Sell, rent, or settle the current residence
  • Have a new home secured in Texas
  • Prepare for major cultural differences
  • Find new schools (if applicable)
  • Secure all personal documents
  • Report your move to necessary individuals and entities
  • Handle postage issues (valid change of address)
  • Find a new job (if applicable)

International moving companies will take care of all the details concerning the move. They will transport your furniture, look for a house (to buy or rent), find a school for your children, and everything else you might need.

You just need to get on the plane and travel to your destination. 

Is the cost of living higher in the UK or the US?

The cost of living is generally equal in both places. One may rank higher in certain areas, but there is a steady balance.

Living IndexRent IndexGroceries IndexRestaurant Price IndexLocal Purchasing Price Index
United States69.9246.8670.0665.7599.88
United Kingdom60.4230.9948.6863.7392.86
Cost of Living – UK Vs. US

After moving abroad, can you still maintain citizenship in the UK?

Yes. The US and the UK allow dual citizenship, allowing you to move between the countries without visa applications freely.

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