Houston’s Footprint: A Detailed Look at Its Size and Growth

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Houston, Texas, is located in the southeast area of Texas near Galveston Bay and the gulf of Mexico. It is the principal city in the Houston metropolitan area and is the fourth most densely populated place in the U.S. Houston, Texas, is also the most ethnically diverse city. But just how big is Houston, Texas?

Houston is the biggest city in the southern U.S. and Texas. Houston’s land area is 665 square miles, with the Woodlands-Sugar Land area covering 9444 square miles. Houston is also the most populous city in Texas, with an estimated population of 2,345,606.

Downtown Houston skyline in Texas USA at twilight. - Texas View
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How Large Is Houston Texas?

The greater Houston, Texas, area contains nine counties in the Woodlands Sugarland, which include Austin, Brazoria, Waller, Fort Bend, Chambers, Liberty, Galveston, Harris, and Montgomery. When these counties are combined, they are greater than five popular U.S. states.

The Houston Metropolitan is also one of the cities with the largest fortune 1000 companies in the United States.

  • The City of Houston is so big it could fit New York, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, Minneapolis, and Miami in it.
  • Houston, Texas, has the fourth-largest airport system
  • Houston has more than 10,000 restaurants
  • Houston, Texas, is home to the Texas medical center. This medical center is the biggest medical center in the world.
  • More than 145 different languages are spoken in Houston, Texas.

Houston is a busy city with many activities and exciting places to explore. Houston is the only city in Texas and the U.S. that does not have land zoning laws; this means residents can build their homes without zoning restrictions.

The water area in Huston is approximately 31.23 square miles, and Houston houses more than 150 museums.

How Big Is Houston Compared To Other States?

Compared to Massachusetts, the Houston Woodlands Sugar land area is lightly smaller than Massachusetts but larger than the state of New Jersey. Houston is also bigger than the states of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Is Houston The Biggest City In The U.S.?

Houston, Texas, is the fourth biggest city in the U.S., not the third. On the other hand, Chicago is ranked as the third biggest city in the U.S.

Map of Houston in Texas. - Texas View

How Big Is The Houston Texas Population?

Based on the last census that was conducted in 2020, the population of Houston was 2313,238. However, based on the annual estimated increase in population growth, Houston, Texas, may have a current population of 2,345,606.

Houston, Texas Population Growth

Houston’s population has increased by 1.40% since the most recent census conducted in 2020. The current population growth rate is 0.88% annually, and the current population density for Houston is 3,664 people per square mile.

Is Houston The Most Populated City In Texas?

Houston, Texas, is the most populated city in Texas, followed by San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin. Houston, Texas, is the fourth biggest city in the U.S. based on population and the 9th biggest city by area size in the U.S.

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Five Most Populus Cities In Texas (based on 2020/2021 estimates)
RankCity In TexasPopulation Size
2San Antonio1,451,853
5Fort Worth935,508

Is The Population Density In Houston, Texas, Increasing?

The population density in Houston, Texas, is increasing yearly by 0.88%, and by 2050, the projected number of residents in Houston is estimated to reach 3,349,540.

Road map of the US American State of Texas. - Texas View
Road map of the US American State of Texas.

Facts About The Size Of Houston Texas

Did you know that Houston, Texas, is so large that if it were a country, its economy would be 30th in the world? Houston also has the largest rodeo and livestock show in the world and a few other remarkable and sizeable attractions.

  1. Houston has the largest shopping mall in Texas
  2. Houston has a tunnel system that is several miles long
  3. The most diverse population groups are in Houston Texas
  4. Houston is the largest city in Harris County
  5. The large population in Houston is due to its job prospects

Houston Has The Largest Shopping Mall In Texas

The Houston Galleria is one of the 50 biggest shopping malls in the United States. The Galleria Mall has 2.2 million square feet of leasable shop space and a total size of 3 million square feet. The Galleria mall is also the largest mall in Texas and has over 400 stores.

Houston Has A Tunnel System That Is Several Miles Long

Houston’s downtown streets are home to tunnels 20 feet below the streets. This tunnel system is a convenient way for pedestrians to access different places across the city and was designed so workers can escape the heat of the Texas sun.

The Houston tunnels also have restaurants, gift stores, specialty stores, and more.

The Most Diverse Population Groups Are In Houston Texas

Houston is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the U.S. Hispanic and Asian populations are growing, and Houston has a culturally diverse mix of White Americans, African Americans, Chinese Americans, Vietnamese Americans, and Indian Americans.

Houston Is The Largest City In Harris County

Harris County, Texas, is 1778 square miles, and Houston is the largest city in Harris County. Harris county contains 16% of Texas’ population. The total area and land area of Harris County are larger than the state of Rhode Island.

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The Large Population In Houston Is Due To Its Job Prospects

The population growth in Houston is mainly due to the opportunistic job market. Houston has a low cost of living, a favorable climate, and many job opportunities. For start-up businesses and young families, Houston offers many exciting benefits.

Highly detailed road map of United States. - Texas View

Houston FAQs

Whether you’re a prospective tourist or want to know more about Texas, there are a few more questions regarding this big city, some of which may include where is the best neighborhood to live in Houston, Texas, or is Houston bigger than Atlanta city?

Where Is The Best Neighborhood To Live In Houston, Texas?

Houston has vibrant neighborhoods, and some of the best places to live are Montrose, Second Ward, Downtown Houston, West University Place, and Midtown. However, the best place to live in Houston is arguably Midtown. Midtown is excellent for young professionals and those looking for a place that offers the best nightlife and entertainment.

Is Houston Or Atlanta City Bigger?

Houston and Atlanta are both big metropolitan cities, and the land area is roughly the same size; however, Houston has a bigger population.

Is Houston Bigger Than Hawaii?

Houston is estimated to be around the same size as the island of Oahu in Hawaii. However, Hawaii has multiple islands, making it difficult to determine its actual size compared to Houston, Texas. This being said, the state of Texas is bigger than Hawaii.


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