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If you watch My Hero Academia and love the different American-themed names of All Might’s moves, you might wonder which one is the strongest. How strong is Texas Smash? Is it better or worse than the other super moves?

Texas Smash is strong enough to create shockwaves that knock people back and away. To be this strong, it has to have incredible force and speed. Texas Smash would be impossible without All Mighty’s Quirk, One for All.

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How Strong Is Texas Smash?

Texas Smash is powerful. At its base, it’s a punch that can blow people and villains back at least ten feet. But, it has to move fast enough to create an extremely strong wind to have this strength.

To be strong enough to knock a person over, the wind has to be at least 60 miles per hour, varying depending on the person’s size and center of gravity, but 60 miles an hour is about the same speed as the wind in a hurricane. Therefore, All Might’s fist moves fast enough to cause a hurricane.

Any person moves air when they punch. The air being moved can be seen if you hit through a cloud of dust – the dust will move around your hand. It’s impossible to move air fast enough to knock anything over because air moves around the fist instead of getting pushed away from it.

Even if an average person could punch that fast, the punch’s force would break the bones in their arm and body. It would shatter their bones upon impact. However, a superhero like All Might has the strength and speed to be able to punch hard enough to create such a wind.

Even with super strength and resilience, a punch strong enough to create hurricane-level winds would be much more destructive than only hurting a villain. Surrounding victims would also be injured. Although All Might’s Texas Smash isn’t realistic, it’s in an anime and necessary for the plotline.

What Is Texas Smash From?

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular manga and anime currently running. Available on CrunchyRoll, Funimation, and other anime streaming platforms, the show follows Izuku Midoriya and his classmates as they learn to be heroes.

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Izuku Midoriya is the main character, and (spoiler alert) he was given his Quirk or superpower from the number one hero of all time, All Might. All Might is a Japanese hero like most characters, but he lived in America for a while and took much of his hero inspiration from America.

One of the most obvious ways he emulates American culture is his blond hair and red, white, and blue outfit. However, He also uses American influence in the name of his super moves. Each special punch has a different effect and is named for America’s different cities or states.

Texas Smash is one of the first moves that All Might does in the show. When he first meets Izuku, All Might performs a Texas Smash, blowing a sludge monster away and saving the boy. It’s a super solid move and one of the most iconic of the show, as he uses it to save everyone with a smile.

What Does Texas Smash Do?

A Texas Smash is an extremely strong punch. When All Might activates his Quirk and performs a Texas Smash, he punches hard enough to blow a person backward and clear the area. It is a potent punch but only affects the villains or bad people. Those endangered are safe behind All Might.

A Texas Smash is a straight punch. As he punches, All Might exclaims, “Texas Smash!” and hits the villain, one of his first moves on the show. It’s related to a Detroit Smash, a downward punch of similar strength. They are designed to punch the villain and blow them back away from potential victims.

How Many State Smashes Are There?

All Might has many super moves, ending in “smash.” Each of these is named for an American city or state, reflecting All Might’s love of America and his memories of his early time there.

Here is an incomplete list of the moves we’ve seen thus far:

  • California Smash
  • Carolina Smash
  • Delaware Smash
  • Detroit Smash
  • Missouri Smash
  • Nebraska Smash
  • Oklahoma Smash
  • Texas Smash
  • United States of Smash

Each move has a different effect, from creating wind tunnels to wholly blowing away buildings and people. In addition, he changes the weather and blows clouds away with attacks. The smash attacks engage All Might’s Quirk, All for One, at different speeds and levels. As with most of All Might’s attacks, state smashes use his fist and super speed to defeat the enemy.

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All Might never explains why he chose American cities and states for the names of his attacks, but he spent some time in the United States as a young hero and came away with an appreciation for the country. Also, he needs to says “smash” to activate One for All and make a super move.

Which Smash Is the Most Powerful?

Texas Smash is one of the most powerful of the smashes. The larger the area mentioned in the smash, the more influential the smash. The most powerful smash move is the United States of Smash, used when All Might defeated All for One, his nemesis.

The United States of Smash used up the rest of All Might’s store of his Quirk. He had already passed it on to Izuku and gathered his last strength to protect the children and the city from All for One. This smash combines the strength of all of his state and city smashes to create the ultimate power move.

The United States of Smash is strong enough to send shock waves to surrounding buildings. It defeated the strongest villain to date and created a small crater. Of course, some of the surrounding damage was from the villains, but All Might made a wind tunnel of force with the United States of Smash.

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