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Big Wells, Texas, has an interesting name and ironic past. Located in Dimmit County in southwest Texas, it is a small town that carries a big reputation. But what is it that makes Big Wells so interesting?

Big Wells was founded around 1909 and got its first inhabitants in 1910. It got its name from the massive water wells close to the surface, but these were eventually reduced, and agriculture made way for oil drilling. Big Wells is well-known despite it having fewer than 1,000 inhabitants.

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About Big Wells Texas

Big Wells began as one part of several land-development projects that Texas attempted between 1909 and 1917. It formed part of a colony called the Big Four Colony.

Facts About Big Wells Texas

  • Location: State Highway 85, 17 miles northeast of Carrizo Springs in southwestern Texas.
  • County: Dimmit County
  • GPS Coordinates: 28.5733o N, 99.5687o W
  • Zip Code: 78830
  • Population: Approximately 700 people
  • Crime Rate: The crime rate in Big Wells is so low that it doesn’t appear on any formal statistics
  • Average Temperature (June): 97oF
  • Average Temperature (January): 66oF

What’s Big Wells Texas Known For?

Big Wells is known mainly for one thing: its oil fields. But there’s more to the region than the casual visitor will see.

  • Big Wells used to be known for its massive water wells that would swell up above ground with almost no digging. Some wells were reported to spray water more than 30 feet into the air. This is also where the town got its name.
  • The Big Wells region used to belong to various Native American tribes. Even now, there are multiple shops where tourists can buy Native American jewelry, clothing, and artifacts, all within easy driving distance from Big Wells.
  • Today, Big Wells is mainly known for its massive oil drilling operations and the 2,229 oil wells in the region.
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Where Is Big Wells Texas?

Big Wells is located in Dimmit County in the southwestern region of Texas. You can find it on State Highway 85 as you head northeast from Carrizo Springs.

Nearby Locations

LocationDistance From Big Wells
Carrizo Springs, Texas18.8 miles
Dilley, Texas26.1 miles
La Pryor, Texas36.9 miles
San Antonio, Texas97.4 miles
Places Near Big Wells

Where To Eat

  • Nina’s Mexican Restaurant, 1508 Missouri Ave, Big Wells.
  • The Rig Grill, 1500 Grand Ave, Big Wells.
  • Taqueria Gonzalez, 1407 Grand Ave, Big Wells.

Where To Stay

The best places to stay over when you’re visiting Big Wells aren’t in Big Wells at all but in the parks and towns around it.

Where To StayDistance From Big Wells
Triple R Resort RV Park, Crystal City13.8 miles
Legends RV Park, Carrizo Springs14.8 miles
Asherton Inn, Asherton15.5 miles
Super 8 by Wyndham, Carrizo Springs16.3 miles
Places To Stay Near Big Wells

FAQs About Big Wells Texas

Did Big Wells Get Its Name From The Oil Wells?

Big Wells got its name from the artesian water wells that you could find everywhere in the region in the early 1900s. As people used the water for agriculture and eventually to tap into the rich oil wells, the water table dropped much lower, so the only wells that Big Wells is known for today are the oil wells.

Is Big Wells Texas Safe?

The crime stats for Big Wells are so low that they barely register on any formal crime statistics, and this is not strange for a town with less than 1,000 inhabitants. However, that doesn’t mean Big Wells is crime-free, and some crimes are violent, like when a Dimmit County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot outside Big Wells in 2021. But overall, the town is very safe.

Can I Hunt In Big Wells?

There’s no hunting in Big Wells, but you can go hunting in the neighboring areas around Carrizo Springs. Some animals you can hunt there are alligator, dove, duck, goose, javelina, quail, squirrels, teal, wild turkey, white-tailed deer, Wilson’s snipe, and woodcock.

How Is The Climate In Big Wells?

Big Wells has a generally warm climate. It hardly ever snows, even in January. However, rain is also not too common, with an average of 21 inches per year, so it’s not a place for pluviophiles. The town has 224 sunny days each year, giving it a favorable climate if you can stand the heat.

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