Balch Springs, Texas

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Balch Spring, Texas might not be as popular as Dallas or Fort Worth, but it’s still an interesting city.

The city is one of the first-ring suburbs in Dallas County. While Balch Springs is a growing community, it still maintains a relatively quiet lifestyle for its residents.

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About Balch Springs, Texas

On the map, you’ll find that Balch Springs is a small city in the Dallas-Fort Worth area accessible through I-635, I-20, and US 175.

Facts About Balch Springs

  • Location: North Texas
  • County: Dallas
  • Land Area: 9.02 square miles
  • Zip Code: 75180
  • Population: 27,160 (estimate from 2021)
  • Crime Rate: 378 (estimate from 2019)
  • Average Temperature in June: 80°F
  • Average Temperature in January: 45°F
  • Best Hotels: Comfort Inn & Suites and Motel 6 Balch Springs
  • Best Restaurants: Rivieras Comida, Tex-Mex, Bell’s Better Burger, and Tacos Lira

What Balch Springs Is Known For

While you might not find a lot of remaining water springs now around the city, they were the reason behind the name. Although people settled in the area around the 1840s, it wasn’t until 1879 that John M. Balch moved in.

On his land, he found water springs that he cleaned, bricked, and turned into a meeting spot for the people in the city. Soon, everyone was referring to the area as Balch Springs.

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Unfortunately, that’s not the story that first pops to mind when you mention Balch Springs — not after the notorious 2022 fire that started with a lawn mower and racked up $6 million in damages!

People From Balch Springs

  • Austin Denmon (basketball player)
  • Veshe Daniyan (American football player)
  • Trevor Brent (American football player)

Where Is Balch Springs?

Balch Springs is one of the cities in Dallas County in the northern region of the Lone Star State. From the north and east, the city is bordered by Mesquite. Meanwhile, the south and west limits meet the city of Dallas.

Nearby Locations

Balch Springs is considered to be a gateway to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex (DFW), so all the cities in this area are pretty close to it.

For instance, Dallas’ city center is a 20-minute drive from Balch Springs, but the Pleasant Grove neighborhood is even closer. Meanwhile, Fort Worth is about an hour away if you take the I-20 to the west.

However, the most common nearby location is Mesquite. The city centers are practically 10 minutes away from each other.

Layout of Balch Springs

Balch Springs is a bit odd-shaped, with irregular city limits that fit right into Mesquite and Dallas’ layout. The majority of the land’s zoning map is set for single-family dwelling homes. In the western regions, you can find some planned developments.

However, multiple-family and two-family dwellings are much more sparse in comparison. On the other hand, the commercial, local retail, and industrial districts are spread all over the city.

Areas in Balch Springs

There are plenty of residential areas in Balch Springs city, including the following neighborhoods:

  • Spring Ridge
  • Lake June Heights
  • Dodsons
  • Pollards
  • Nottingham
  • Spring Oaks
  • Deerfield
  • Hickory Creek Meadows
  • Peachtree Highlands
  • Redbud

Getting About in Balch Springs

Balch Springs is a highly car-dependent city, and there isn’t much room for walking or biking. However, public bus transit can be a lifesaver if you need to go to any of the major stations in the city or use the DART system.

On Foot

Although the city isn’t particularly large, getting errands done on foot in Balch Springs might not be very practical. After all, the city’s layout and infrastructure got a walk score of 27. For reference, Los Angeles has a walk score of 69.

Keep in mind that biking around Balch Springs is going to be only slightly better, with a score of 37.

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The nearby city of Dallas has a reputation for being a bad spot for drivers, but getting around Balch Springs’ roads shouldn’t be all too challenging. You’ll just need to watch for accidents on major highways like I-635.

Public Transit

If you’d rather not drive around Balch Springs, you can use the Midtown Express Route 101 provided by STAR Transit to get around the city. The regular bus route runs through 10 stops.

The route connects to the larger Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) rail system through Buckner Station on the green line. However, this isn’t a regular stop. Instead, you must request it from the bus driver or the Midtown Express reservation service.

Once you get on the DART, you’ll have access to lines running all over Dallas. You can also shift along the way to the Trinity Railway Express or the A-Train.

What to Do in Balch Springs

Despite being a quiet city, Balch Springs still offers a few fun activities for families, especially those with little kids.

Get a Fun Splash at the Water Play Park

Spending an afternoon at the Water Play Park on Hickory Tree Road is a good idea if you visit Balch Springs during peak summer.

It’ll be a nice chance to let the kids cool down in the splash pad or hit the playground later in the day.

Take a Stroll in a Park

If your little ones want to spend even more playtime outdoors, you can take them to any of the parks around Balch Springs, including:

  • Woodland Park on Horseshoe Trail
  • Luedeke Park on Hickory Tree Road
  • Irwin Park on Shepherd Lane
  • Oakridge Park on Spring Oaks Drive
  • Boyds Roger Park on Forest Lawn Drive

Join a Zumba Class

We’d recommend joining a Zumba class if you’re in Balch Springs and looking for a fun fitness activity.

You can either go to centers like Zumba House Fitness on Pioneer Road or check out the classes in the city’s recreation department on Shepherd Lane. You might even find karate classes if Zumba isn’t your jam!

Strike the Ball at Baseball Nation Ballpark South

Driving along Rylie Crest in Balch Springs, you’ll come across a 9-acre park with two baseball fields. The first one is suitable for 14u and 18u games, while the second is a bit smaller and works for 9u and 13u.

If you’d rather not play on a field, you can always opt to reserve a spot in one of the four outdoor hitting cages at the facility.

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Where to Eat in Balch Springs

  • Tacos Lira
  • Rivieras Comida Tex-Mex
  • Pine Tree Garden Chinese
  • Rincon Potosino
  • The Dream Nutrition Bar
  • Bell’s Better Burger

Where to Stay in Balch Springs

  • Comfort Inn & Suites Balch Springs
  • Motel 6 Balch Springs
  • Scottish Inns & Suites
  • Studio 6 Mesquite

Balch Springs FAQs

Is Balch Springs a good place to live?

Yes, you’ll probably enjoy living in Balch Springs as long as you don’t mind the quiet lifestyle and tight neighborhoods.
However, the car dependence and relatively high crime rate might deter some people from moving to Balch Springs.

Is Balch Springs safe?

Crime is more risky in Balch Springs than in many other Texan cities. In fact, the 2019 crime rate for Balch Springs (378) was higher than 90.3% of US cities.
Even the nearby city of Mesquite is considered slightly safer, with an overall crime rate of 322.9. Dallas city, on the other hand, has a higher rate of 449.3. So, Balch Springs is still not the most dangerous place in the DFW metroplex.

Is Balch Springs worth visiting?

The entertainment options in Balch Springs are a bit limited when compared to other cities in the North Texas region. So, if you’re looking for a variety of attractions, Dallas might be a better spot to visit.


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