Using a Po Box on a Driver’s License in Texas

Getting a driver’s license is one of the significant milestones in life. It can be essential for transportation in states with lots of land and big roads like Texas. A valid address is required, among other things, to get one, but what qualifies as a valid address? Could you use your PO box instead of your house? Let’s figure this out.

A PO box is not a valid address to use for a driver’s license, but there are ways to be able to use an alternate address instead if you meet the additional requirements. You may also have to take extra steps to get your license depending on the circumstances, including if you are a minor, a veteran, or a judge/spouse of a judge.

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Can You Use a Po Box on a Driver’s License in Texas?

There are several options for proof of residency when applying for a driver’s license. According to the Texas DMV, some of these documents include the following:

  • A mortgage, a mortgage payment booklet or a monthly mortgage statement, a current deed, or a residential rental/lease agreement
  • A valid Texas motor vehicle registration or title that is not expired
  • A Selective Service card
  • A high school report card or a college or university transcript from the current school year
  • A Pre-printed paycheck or payment stub, with the date printed to show that it was within 90 days of the application date

Unfortunately, these documents must be linked to a home address, and can’t be connected to a PO box, which means you cannot use a PO box to apply for a driver’s license in Texas.

Texas Driver’s License Requirements

To qualify for a driver’s license in Texas, you will need: 

  • Proof of US citizenship 
  • Proof of Texas residency proving you have been a resident for at least 30 days
  • Social security number
  • An official form of identification such as a birth certificate.

If you are coming from out of state and are surrendering your driver’s license in exchange for a new one, you must provide evidence of current Texas Vehicle Registration and proof of insurance for each vehicle you own. 

Residency Waive Options

It is possible to get the residency requirement waived if you are given authority to use a different address, which only happens under these specific situations:

  1. If you are subject to the Attorney General of Texas administered Address Confidentiality Program (ACP).
  2. If you are a judge or a judge’s spouse.
  3. If you are an active-duty military member, your spouse and dependents may provide a residency address that is not in Texas.
  4. If you are incarcerated in a Texas penal institution.
  5. If you are a minor in the Department of Family Protective Services conservatorship.
  6. If you are the age of 21 and in foster care under the Department of Family Protective Services.
  7. If you are considered a homeless youth according to 42 USC Section 11434a.
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Please note that peace offers must prove Texas residency to show that their mailing addresses meet Texas residency requirements.

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Additional Driver’s License Requirements

There are several circumstances in which you would have to complete additional requirements to receive your license or other paperwork that you may need. 

They are shown in the table below:

New Texas ResidentsSurrender your previous driver’s license if you have one. If you don’t, you will have to pass all required driver’s tests. You will then have to meet all of the other standard requirements.
Teen Driver Applicants (Under 18 years old)Complete a driver’s education course, then acquire your learner’s permit. Get through the Graduated Driver License Program by getting your Learner License, followed by your Professional Driver License. Once you pass the driver’s test, you will get a temporary license for 30 days. The official license will get mailed to you as a replacement within that time.
Temporary Visitors and Foreign StudentsMust present additional documents to verify U.S. citizenship or lawful presence in the country. You then have to meet all other standard driver’s license requirements.
Motorcycle ApplicantsA class M license is required along with completing the standard requirements. Take a motorcycle safety course and bring proof of completion to the DMV when acquiring your license.
U.S. Military VeteransIf you can verify your disability and discharge status, you may have your fees waived when obtaining your license, which also applies to eligibility for veteran designation. You must also meet the standard requirements to receive your license.
Address Confidentiality ProgramIf you are in the ACP and would like to use your substitute address on your license, you must apply for an address change, schedule an appointment to visit the DMV, show them your ACP card and the application you completed, and pay the application fee.
Requirements for A License

Why Can’t I Use My Po Box for My Driver’s License?

You can’t use PO boxes for driver’s licenses because they are mailing addresses. The issue with this is that, similar to billing addresses, they aren’t physical addresses. Physical addresses are linked to an actual place. Some examples of these are the following:

  1. Home address
  2. School address
  3. Work/office address

A mailing address, on the other hand, is simply an address that you can use for postal mail and specific parcels. Physical addresses can be mailing addresses as well, but it doesn’t make it automatically the same thing.


Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding using a PO box on a driver’s license in Texas.

Is Texas the only state where you can’t use a PO box? 

Unfortunately, you can’t use a PO box for your driver’s license in any state. You can use a PO box as a supplementary address but not as the only address on file. The requirement for a physical address remains steady in all the states.

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What are the physical addresses I can use for my driver’s license?

A home address or an address where you have residency is the only one you can use for your driver’s license. You have to be able to prove residency at the address using other documents.