What To Do With Old License Plates Texas

You are moving to a new state and need to dispose of your old license plates. There are multiple things to do with unused license plates, but does Texas allow vehicle owners to keep their original plates?

It’s not mandatory to submit a license plate to the department of motor vehicles. However, you must notify the state of Texas and your insurance firm about a change of ownership. Here are several things to do with old license plates in Texas.

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Use a Recycle Bin or Recycling Facility

Recycling an old license plate in Texas comes at no cost. Cut the license plates if you think recycling is the perfect option. Make sure to cut them into tiny pieces to prevent fraudulent use of the license plates.

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However, some vehicle owners recycle their plates without resizing them into small pieces. Remember, your license plate can get you into trouble because it still shows your name. State police will contact you if someone commits a crime with your license plate.

The best option would be to take your license plates to your local recycling center. Don’t forget to remove all month and year decals before disposing of your license plate.

The department of motor vehicles might also recycle the old license plate for you. Mail your old license plate to the nearest DMV office. Ask for a receipt, as you can use this for tax purposes. In addition, the receipt is proof that you don’t use that license plate.

Use soap and water to prepare your license plate for recycling. You must follow all these steps before submitting your license plate for recycling.

Do Plates Go In Recycling?

License plates are made from aluminum, making them easy to recycle. Old license plates do expire, so eliminating them is vital to prevent environmental hazards.

Aluminum license plates are in demand by manufacturers that seek to reduce carbon pollution in the surrounding. Texas has specific requirements for different types of license plates. Be sure to check the specifications from the state website.

Keep Your Old License Plates As A Souvenir

The department of motor vehicles always encourages its residents to keep their license plates as something to remember in Texas.

Keeping the license plate in your house isn’t enough. Send the plate to family members across the United States. Instances of buying unused license plates as souvenirs have increased in Texas.

Can I Keep My Texas License Plate as a Souvenir?

Texas license plates are considered perfect for Southwestern home décor. DMV will issue you with a souvenir version of any license plate. However, it’s worth noting that souvenir license plates aren’t designated vehicle registration.

Hang the License Plate on Your Garage Wall

Some people prefer hanging their license plates on garage walls when they move out of Texas. Nowadays, most residents in Texas decorate their garages with plates. It’s a tradition you can try, too.

How To Attach License Plate to Your Garage Wall

Use a thumb tack to make small holes in your garage wall. Place a magnet on the holes to hold the license plates.

Here’s a nice example of plates on a wood wall;

Collection Of License Plates On A Wall Texas
Collection Of License Plates On A Wall - Texas View

Sell Your License Plates Online

Before looking for a buyer, check if the license plate is a collector’s edition. Vintage and rare license plates are expensive and might fetch you good money. There are multiple platforms to sell your license plates, such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

If you opt to sell your license plate through eBay, reserve your item to ensure it sells at the best price. If you don’t like online transactions, surrender your Texas license plates to antique shops. You will find several antique shops in South Congress. Contact the antique shop and inform them you have Texas license plates.

Collectors in your neighborhood might be looking for license plates. Alternatively, visit any consignment shop or second-hand shop in Texas to see if your license plates are worth it.

Make sure to transfer your license plates because it protects you. Visit the county tax collector office, and they will help you transfer the license plate.

How Much Are Old License Plates Worth in Antique Shops?

You can sell your license plate for thousands of dollars. However, the price depends on factors like:

  • Physical condition of the license plates
  • Date of manufacturing

Collectors spend a lot of time online looking for license plates. Amateur plate collectors pay attention to online sites such as eBay to determine the price of license plates.

If you think your license plate isn’t worth it, you can donate it. Donate the plate to your artist friend or a collector who makes a living selling and buying license plates. Thrift shops and art studios might appreciate your donation.

Upcycle Your Old License Plates

People who choose not to recycle license plates can upscale them. The most popular ways to upcycle your license plates include birdhouse and wall clocks. Rearrange letters on your plate and come up with creative signs.

Ensure to observe safety precautions when handling rusty license plates. Although it’s easy to bend aluminum, the plate might have sharp edges. You will have an easy time handling your project with the right tools.

You can create a bird feeder using your license plate. Sell the final product on your online shop or Pinterest. Design a Christmas tree advent calendar for the holiday season. After finishing your DIY project, gift your friends or parents when you visit for Christmas.

License Plate FAQ

Here are the most common questions on what to do with old license plates in Texas.

Is it legal to sell old license plates in Texas?

Texas allows vehicle owners to sell their old license plates. You can sell your license plate on various marketplaces such as craigslist and eBay. However, comply with department of motor vehicle regulations, preventing the buyer from using your plate fraudulently.

What can you do to dispose of your old license plate in Texas?

Return your old license to the department of motor vehicles through mail or appointment. You can also cut your license plate and put it in the trash.