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The United Kingdom may be a small island nation, but the place is still heavily populated and diverse. Texas is much larger and culturally rich compared to the UK, despite being a single American state.

In this quick guide, you’ll find a thorough comparison that’ll explain how the Southern states, Texas, and the United Kingdom are both similar and different. By the end, you’re sure to learn more about each region.

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How Does Texas Compare to the UK?

While the Americans and the British don’t seem to have much in common, this section begs to differ.

Below, we take you through a few similarities that Texas and the UK share, including but not limited to:

  • Each region was colonized.
  • Their people are patriotic and prideful to a fault.
  • The two areas face a shared energy crisis.
  • They have multiple ancient and modern landmarks.
  • Cultural and ethnic diversity is a staple in both.
  • Christianity is the predominant religion in either region.

So, with the above in mind, let’s go into detail about some of the aforementioned points in an attempt to explain the ways in which Texas is similar to the UK.

A Shared History of Colonization

History tells us that the British were known as the empire on which the sun never sets because they managed to colonize the majority of the globe throughout the 16th and 20th centuries. They inspired Spain to create later a large monarchy that spread over the Americas and parts of Africa.

Did you know that the Great British Empire was once colonized? Maybe not as long as Spain ruled Texas, but the Norman Dynasty ruled England for over half a century (around 20 years, exactly). In AD 53 and until the 5th century, the Romans colonized England again.

On the other hand, Texas was under Spanish rule for more than one hundred years. They were the first European settlers in Texas who founded San Antonio in 1718. The War of Texas Independence carried on for a year before the state separated from the Spanish Empire.

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Patriotism and Pride Is a Mutual Theme

One of the greatest characteristics that both Texans and Britons have in common is their love for their respective countries. If you think about it, national pride is the main reason that pushed the British to take over half the globe and motivated Texas to fight for its freedom.

Let’s speak numbers, though, and not just make assumptions. In a recent 2020 survey, 87% of British people voted that they’re proud of their heritage and history. Britons stated that they’re also grateful for the NHS hospitals, the Royal Family, and the British Armed Forces.

Similar to the Brits, Texans are adamant about letting everyone know how much state pride they have. In fact, one of their most popular slogans is “Don’t mess with Texas”, which originally started as an anti-littering campaign. Now, it’s more of a defense statement.

Diversity Is Common

As we’ve gone through above, England and Texas saw the effects of colonization in one way or another. So, it’s no wonder that both regions are incredibly diverse and culturally rich. London, Britain’s capital, is the modern world’s Babel.

For starters, you’ll find that the UK encompasses more than 270 nationalities, with more than a third of newborn Brits being of foreign origin. On the other hand, Texas is home to 100 different cultural groups, most of which are of Indigenous or Mexican descent.

Additionally, around 200 to 300 languages are spoken in both Texas and the UK, with the dominant languages being English and Spanish. England does have a higher population, though, with over 60 million people living there, while Texas only houses 28 million Americans.

Map of USA and Europe Africa and South America - Texas View

Texas Compared to the UK: How Are They Different?

We’ve explained how they’re similar, so it’s time to go through how Texas and the UK are different.

Aside from the variety of accents that’ll you find in each region, here’s a list of other elements that separate the Lone Star State (Texas’ popular nickname) from England:

  1. Texas is significantly bigger than England in terms of size.
  2. The Southern state is reputably more hospitable than England is.
  3. The UK has roughly higher crime rates than Texas.
  4. Gun control measures are severely strict in Britain, unlike Texas.
  5. Football is the Texan staple sport, while soccer is the British one.
  6. More immigrants leave for the UK every year than they do for Texas.
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That said, let’s tell you in what other ways the United Kingdom differs from the Lone Star State.

The UK Weather Has Nothing on Texas

Texas is in the top five warmest American states where the sun is always out. The summers there are typically hot, arid, and quite humid. On the other hand, the winters are short and windy and usually don’t feature snow or rainfall.

Unlike Texas, though, England has a temperate and changeable climate. The weather is pretty wet throughout the year, with the winter months being cooler than Texan ones. Summer in Britain is also less warm.

Cuisine Is Vastly Different

The official Texan dishes usually have meat in them because the state is known for its delicious BBQ and chili varieties. England, on the other hand, has been serving fish and chips since the 1980s.

Texan popular foreign cuisines include Mexican, Cajun, and chicken wings. Around 174% of the population enjoys Tex-Mex, for instance. However, other traditional British foods are Beef Wellington, Shepherd’s Pie, and Sunday Roast.

Texas Compared to UK: FAQ

Is the State of Texas Bigger Than the UK?

Yes, Texas is significantly bigger than the UK. Considering that the Kingdom is an island nation, it only expands over 243.6 ㎢ of space, while Texas covers more than 695.6 ㎢. In other words, Texas is at least 178% larger than the United Kingdom.

What Size Is Europe Compare to Texas?

To put matters in perspective for you, you can fit a greater part of Western Europe into Texas. In fact, Texas can accommodate the entire European population (746 million people)—with a few acres to spare too!

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