Unwind in Style: The Unique Texas-Shaped Lazy River at Marriott Marquis Houston

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Picture this: you’re lounging on a lazy river, floating under the Texas sun. But this isn’t just any lazy river—it’s shaped like the Lone Star State itself, right in the heart of downtown Houston at the Marriott Marquis. This unconventional feature offers a fun, relaxing escape from your busy travel itinerary, without even leaving the hotel grounds.

But there’s more to this locale than just the pool. A stone’s throw away lies Discovery Green, a vibrant oasis filled with play areas, splash pads, and open spaces perfect for a family adventure. Plus, you’re in prime position to explore downtown Houston’s other attractions, from sports arenas to Tex-Mex cuisine.

So, ready to jump into an unforgettable Texan experience? Let’s get started.

Discovering the Unique Lazy River

Texas Shaped Lazy River at Marriott Marquis Houston - Texas View

A Tribute to the Texas Flag

Ambition and creativity, words deeply ingrained in the spirit of Texas, are perfectly embodied in the sixth-floor Altitude Rooftop Pool at the Marriott Marquis. One feature stands out – an enormous 550-foot (168 meters) lazy river. Peer down at it from a dizzy height, and there’s no mistaking its shape—one of the most iconic state outlines in America. This Texas flag salute is as material as it gets.

Here are some spectacular features of this unconventional lazy river:

  • Shaped like the Lone Star State – A distinctive and subtle tribute to the proud heritage and culture.
  • A vast length of 550-foot (168 meters) – Roomy enough for a delightful and slow-paced float.
  • Presence of water jets – These ensure a smooth and mellow propulsion as you circumnavigate the state.
  • Acrylic wall at the western tip – A thrilling surprise awaits here as you’re launched southeast along the path of Rio Grande.
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The innovative design doesn’t end with the lazy river. Within its boundaries, there’s a circular, kid-friendly splash pad that’s 20 feet (6.1 meters) in diameter, another fun and watery nod to the Texas spirit.

Texas Shaped Lazy River at Marriott Marquis Houston - Texas View

Unmatched Relaxation and Fun

Certainly, the Marriott Marquis has caught your eye, thanks to the state-shaped lazy river. But, the relaxation and fun offerings don’t stop there.

  • Poolside service – Appetite won’t interrupt your lazy float. Regular visits from food and drink services ensure you’re refreshed and gratified.
  • All-day open hours – A long day of floating can be yours as the lazy river is open from 6 AM until 10 PM.
  • Infinity Pool – Overlooking the Houston skyline and Discovery Green, this 77-foot (23.5 meters) pool is the place to unwind after a long day.

Whether it’s daylight or nighttime, on weekdays or weekends, the rooftop pool is your gateway to relaxation. Treating yourself to tranquillity amidst downtown Houston’s bustle is just one lazy river ride away. Consider a half-day cabana rental for some luxurious privacy. Here, the line between dreamland and the Lone Star State blurs.

Texas Shaped Lazy River at Marriott Marquis Houston 3 1532x1142 2 - Texas View

Key Features of the Lazy River Experience

The Lazy River at the Marriott Marquis in Houston offers a unconventional, immersive experience that extends beyond simply soaking in water. This well-designed space pays homage to its Texan roots, sprinkles in luxurious comforts, and adds a dash of fun. Here’s a peek into the indulgent amenities that await you.

A Panoramic View of Downtown Houston

Your eyes will be entranced as they sweep across Houston’s bustling cityscape while you drift along the Lazy River. Imagine yourself floating through a gigantic structure in the likeness of Texas, just above the city’s hustle and bustle. At the western tip of this aquatic Texas map, excitement ensues. You’re met with a clear acrylic wall offering thrilling views over the rooftop’s edge. Once you’re past this eyeful, strategically placed water jets propel you southeast, guiding you along a water route reminiscent of the Rio Grande.

Take in the sight of the high-end residences that punctuate the city’s skyline, or let your gaze rest on the verdant Discovery Green lying beneath you. Soothing, spectacular, and magical – the views from the Lazy River marry urban charm with serene landscapes.

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Texas Shaped Lazy River at Marriott Marquis Houston - Texas View

Comfort and Leisure at Your Fingertips

The Lazy River isn’t just about thrills and views – it’s designed for pure relaxation too. How about unwinding in a remarkable 77-foot infinity pool placed along the Lazy River? Here’s where tranquility meets indulgence. As you glide through the serene waters, the Houston skyline forms an unbroken panorama before your eyes. Now, that’s unparalleled relaxation for you!

For younger guests, there’s more fun in store. A 20-foot diameter splash pad, set in the Lazy River’s heart, offers endless entertainment. Ensconce yourself comfortably while your little ones laugh, splash, and create memories.

Upping the luxury quotient, you’ll find a deejay stationed in a deck corner, ready to play those tunes you enjoy. Multilayered musical delight – from family-friendly pop to old-school classics – complement your lazy river escapade.

Get set for a pool experience that combines leisure, luxury, and a piece of Texas at the Marriott Marquis – a veritable oasis amid a bustling city offering a sanctuary for your senses.

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