27 Foods You Need To Try in Texas in 2024: Culinary Experts’ Top Picks!

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Foodies from over the world adore Texas’s rich cuisine, and 2024’s flavors and dishes are not to be missed. The greatest of Texas cuisine has been scoured by professionals to ensure your taste buds are satisfied. Texas’s slow-smoked barbecue and fiery Tex-Mex cuisine should be on your must-try list.

Texas is known for its substantial and robust savory cuisine, but it also has exquisite Gulf seafood, homey Southern desserts that warm the spirit, and a variety of street foods that reflect the local diversity and ingenuity. Texas has a delicious variety of fusion cuisine that combine the finest of diverse culinary traditions. You’ll find every reason to enjoy Texas’ unique tapestry of tastes with its booming local markets selling farm-fresh foods. Remember that a solid beverage combination completes any meal.

Key Takeaways

  • Texas food in 2024 blends traditional and modern elements.
  • Texas’ many cultures create distinctive fusion dishes.
  • Matching drinks to meals improves the eating experience.
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Legendary Texas Barbecue

In Texas, we take our barbecue seriously, transforming cuts of meat into smoky, tender masterpieces. Here’s a taste of what makes our barbecue truly legendary.

Brisket Perfection

In our Lone Star State, brisket is more than just food—it’s an art form where patience meets passion. We take the finest cuts and treat them like royalty, slow-cooking them to achieve that perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture. Each brisket gets a crusty bark outside while staying juicy inside, made possible by hours of smoking over local woods.

Sausage Varieties

Exploring our sausage options is akin to a culinary adventure. Ranging from spicy jalapeño to milder cheese-infused links, the range we offer ensures there’s a sausage to match every palate. Hand-tied and smoked to perfection, these sausages burst with flavors unique to our Texan heritage.

Ribs Delights

Ribs in Texas? Absolutely epic. From the gargantuan beef ribs, revered for their robust flavor and size, to the more delicate pork varieties, each rib is a testament to our dedication to the craft. Smothered in a signature spice blend and smoked until they’re fall-off-the-bone tender, our ribs are nothing short of a carnivore’s delight.

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Tex-Mex Staples

Tex-Mex cuisine is a flavor bomb that every Texan swears by! We’ll take you on a tour of the dishes that are the heart and soul of Tex-Mex cooking.

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Authentic Tacos

When we talk about tacos, think fresh, handmade corn tortillas cradling succulent meats and vibrant salsas. It’s a taste of Texas that you simply can’t miss. Whether it’s the street-style tacos with brisket or the classic breakfast taco oozing with egg and chorizo, every bite tells a story of tradition and spice.

Sizzling Fajitas

Picture this: a hot, cast-iron platter making its way to your table, loaded with tender strips of beef or chicken, hissing and sizzling! We top them with grilled onions and bell peppers, and serve steamy flour tortillas on the side to wrap all that goodness together. Our fajitas are a hands-on feast that beckons sharing and enjoyment.

Savory Enchiladas

Smothered in chili sauce and dripping with melted cheese, our enchiladas are pure comfort in every mouthful. We fill them with meticulously seasoned beef, chicken, or cheese, rolled in soft corn tortillas. It’s a hearty dish that warms the soul and is a staple at any Tex-Mex table worth its salt.

Blackened Mahi Summer Salad - Texas View

Seafood Wonders

In Texas, we’re especially proud of our rich and flavorful seafood traditions. From the bountiful Gulf Coast waters, we bring you treasures that tantalize the palate and offer a true taste of our culinary heritage.

Gulf Coast Shrimp

Biting into a Gulf Coast shrimp is a celebration of Texas’s robust seafood scene. We savor these juicy crustaceans grilled, fried, or as the star in spicy shrimp boils. Their sweet, slightly briny flavor encapsulates the essence of the Gulf’s bounteous offerings.

Blackened Redfish

Blackened Redfish is not just a dish — it’s a cultural sensation that had its fame skyrocket in the 1980s. This bold, Cajun-inspired delicacy, which involves coating redfish fillets in a rich blend of spices and searing them to perfection, brings out a smoky and savory profile that we absolutely adore.

Oyster Harvest

The thrill of the oyster harvest lies in the fresh, briny morsels we pluck from the Texas bays. These oysters are a testament to our state’s fertile waters, and whether served raw, baked, or fried, they hold a place of honor in our diverse culinary landscape. Each oyster’s unique taste is a delightful journey through the flavors that define the Gulf Coast.

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Southern Comforts

In Texas, we take pride in our Southern comforts, dishes that evoke warmth and satisfaction with every bite. Here’s a taste of what we hold dear in our culinary tradition.

Chicken Fried Steak

A staple at mom & pop restaurants across Texas, Chicken Fried Steak is the ultimate comfort food. Perfectly seasoned and fried to a golden crisp, ours is often smothered in rich, creamy gravy, making it a hearty choice you can’t pass up.

Creamy Grits

There’s nothing quite like a steaming hot bowl of Creamy Grits. In our kitchens, these are whisked to smooth perfection and often enhanced with a touch of cheese or a dab of butter to enrich every spoonful. It’s a versatile dish that can transition from breakfast fare to a satisfying side at dinner.

Collard Greens

Collard Greens have a special place on our Texas tables. We simmer ours low and slow, often with a hint of smoked ham hock for that savory depth. These greens are not only soulful but packed with nutrients, embodying the essence of Southern comfort.

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Street Food Surprises

We’re thrilled to uncover the appetizing array of street food that Texas has to offer this year! With everything from innovative food truck menus to fusion flavors and traditional delights, the streets of Texas are a culinary treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Loaded Food Trucks

Our food trucks are like treasure chests on wheels, packed to the brim with mouth-watering creations that go way beyond the basics. Think smoky brisket nachos topped with velvety queso and fresh guacamole, or crispy fries loaded with chili and cheese. Each truck is a unique culinary adventure, making dining al fresco an exciting quest for flavors.

Fusion Tacos

The Bao Bun Taco Trio is a game-changer, combining soft bao buns with classic Texan fillings. We’re talking fried chicken with a twist, pork belly burnt ends that melt in your mouth, and a medley of sauces that’ll make your palate dance. It’s Asian meets Texan, and it’s spectacular.

Puffy Tacos

Puffy tacos – these are not your average tacos! They’re a San Antonio legend that we’re proud to call ours. Imagine biting into a taco shell that’s been fried to puffed perfection, cradling spicy ground beef, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. It’s a bite of heaven that’ll have you floating on cloud nine with every crunch.

Pecan Pie - Texas View

Sweet Tooth Delights

In Texas, we celebrate our desserts with as much passion as our barbecues. These Sweet Tooth Delights we’re about to share with you are quintessential Texan treats that culinary experts insist you must try.

Pecan Pie Heaven

There’s nothing quite like the joy of slicing into a rich, gooey pecan pie, its crust flaky and golden. We Texans take our pecan pie seriously; it’s a staple at any family gathering, and let us tell you, the combination of pecans, corn syrup, eggs, and sugar creates an indulgence that’s impossible to resist.

Bluebell Ice Cream

You can’t mention sweet treats in Texas without praising Bluebell Ice Cream, a creamy delight that churns the essence of Texas into every scoop. Whether it’s Homemade Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate, Bluebell is not just ice cream—it’s a tradition that brings us all a scoop of home, no matter where we are.

Fried Pies

Imagine biting into a fried pie with its crispy edges and warm, sweet filling—it’s the epitome of comfort in a handheld dessert. Texans enjoy an array of fillings, from apple to apricot to pecan, but no matter the filling, they’re all deep-fried to perfection.

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Farmers’ Markets Finds

We’re thrilled to bring you the most vibrant flavors straight from Texas’s farmers’ markets. These local treasures are an absolute must-try when you’re in the Lone Star State.

Fresh Produce

Our market baskets are always brimming with fresh vegetables and fruits, which are the stars of the show. Look for juicy tomatoes, ripe peaches, and crisp greens—each bursting with flavor, thanks to Texas’s rich soil and ample sunshine.

Artisan Cheeses

Take a gustatory journey with our selection of artisan cheeses. Crafted by skilled local cheesemakers, these cheeses often incorporate unique Texan flavors. From creamy goat cheese to bold cheddars, each bite reflects the care and tradition that define Texas dairy.

Local Honey

Our farmers’ markets are also the go-to spots for local honey. This liquid gold varies in taste, depending on the local flowers visited by the bees. Try a spoonful to experience the sweet essence of Texas’s diverse flora.

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Mediterranean BBQ - Texas View

Cultural Fusions

In the heart of Texas, we’re witnessing an exhilarating culinary renaissance where the bold flavors of diverse cultures are married to create something truly extraordinary.

Korean BBQ Tacos

Imagine the smokey and savory tastes of Korean BBQ fused with the classic, handheld comfort of Mexican tacos. We’ve got succulent bulgogi beef paired with the spicy kick of kimchi, all nestled in a soft tortilla—a cross-continental delight that’s an unmissable taste sensation in Texas.

Viet-Cajun Crawfish

Crawfish boils are a cherished tradition in Texas, but they’ve been transformed by the infusion of Vietnamese spices. Our Viet-Cajun crawfish are cooked with a blend of zesty Asian flavors and traditional Cajun seasonings, boiled to perfection, and ready to peel, eat, and make your taste buds dance with joy.

Mediterranean Twists

Texas offers an array of Mediterranean delights with a Southern twist. Think of creamy hummus dusted with Texas BBQ spices or gyro meat tucked into pita with a dollop of jalapeño-infused tzatziki. Each bite represents a harmonious fusion that pays homage to both the Mediterranean and the Lone Star State.

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Beverage Pairings

When we talk about Texan cuisine, it’s just as essential to focus on the local beverages that accompany the bold flavors. Our beverage pairings are a treasure trove of regional favorites that are sure to elevate your dining experience.

Craft Beer Scenes

We’re seeing an exciting wave of craft beer innovation across Texas. Whether you’re sinking your teeth into a spicy BBQ brisket or enjoying a plate of Tex-Mex nachos, you’ll find a craft beer tailored to complement every bite. Austin and Houston boast a rich tapestry of breweries, with offerings ranging from robust porters to crisp, citrusy IPAs that cut through the richness of the food.

Local Wines

Don’t overlook Texas’s burgeoning wine country. Our state’s vineyards are producing incredible bottles that rival their international counterparts. A medium-bodied Tempranillo, with its hints of cherry and tobacco, pairs beautifully with chicken fried steak. Similarly, a chilled glass of Viognier, known for its stone fruit aromas, can be the perfect pairing for a zesty shrimp taco from the Gulf Coast.

Signature Cocktails

Texas is famous for its bold flavors, and our signature cocktails live up to that reputation. Imagine a smoky Mesquite Martini alongside your smoked brisket, or a refreshing Frozen Margarita with your street tacos as the heat from the jalapeños meets the cool tang of lime and tequila. These cocktails are crafted to complement the complexity and richness of the local cuisine, ensuring a harmonious dining experience.

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