Celebrities That Live in San Antonio

Millions are proud to call San Antonio, Texas, their home. This southern city lies about 150 miles from the Mexican border. Its unique blend of Mexican and Texan cultures makes it a terrific place to live.

This city has successfully created a thriving mix of rich history and modern It’s managed to stay true to its original heritage and rich history while transforming into a modern epicenter of excitement and buzz.

Nicknamed the “Alamo City,” San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the US, and it’s growing. So, it’s bound to have several dozen celebrities call it their home. From singers to athletes to actors, we’ve rounded up some of the most famous people that live in San Antonio.

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Which Celebrities Live in San Antonio?

From being home to the oldest bar in Texas to being diverse and eclectic, San Antonio is a hotbed of fascinating people and trending places.

This is why many people, celebrities included, lay claim to this charming city in the great state of Texas. Keep reading to find out which celebrities live in San Antonio.

George Strait: Singer/Songwriter

George Strait is often called ‘the King of Country’ music. He made his musical debut in 1981 with his hit song, ‘Unwound.’ It wasn’t too long after that he became known as one of the most influential and inspiring country musicians of all time!

He and his wife, Norma Strait, split their time between San Antonio and Cotulla, also in Texas. Yet, it’s San Antonio where you’ll find them during basketball season because they’re both great Spurs fans.

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Tommy Lee Jones: Actor

Tommy Lee Jones is one of the most distinguished, iconic actors in Hollywood. This Academy-Award winner has been highly praised for his memorable roles in movies like The Fugitive and US Marshals.

Jones is originally from San Saba, Texas. Yet, he has spent his time living in other Texas cities, such as Dallas and Midland.

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Then, having experienced the uniqueness of San Antonio first-hand, he decided it was where he’d like to put down roots. It’s where he currently resides with his wife, Dawn Laurel-Jones.

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Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer: Actors

Armie Hammer understands why his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, can’t stay away from her hometown. They have a home in the Alamo City, where they live with their three children. They also own a bakery in the popular district of Alamo Heights.

Even though they’re both busy with their acting careers, they somehow manage to find the time to enjoy spending some well-deserved downtime in San Antonio.

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Emily Robison: Singer/Musician

Even though she was born in Massachusetts, Emil Robison grew up in Texas, where she learned how to play a variety of musical instruments. Yet, it was the violin she liked the most, and it was how she became a member of the country trio, the Dixie Chicks.

Emily now lives in San Antonio with her husband, Martin Strayer, and her four kids.

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Tim Duncan: Basketball Player

Believed to be the greatest basketball forward player of all time, Tim Duncan has been a proud San Antonion for many years. Originally born in Saint Croix, he first joined the Spurs in 1997, and ever since then, he’s become an icon of the city, both on and off the court.

Nicknamed the ‘the Big Fundamental,’ Duncan retired back in 2016 after leading his team to five NBA championships.

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Rodney Lewis: Entrepreneur

Rodney Lewis is the founder, chief executive officer, and president of Lewis Energy. His company drills for oil and natural gas and is based in Texas. Lewis has been listed as one of the top 200 richest people in the world.

You’d think with all this money and influence, he’d choose to live somewhere fancy and exotic. Yet, being the proud San Antonian that he is, he chose the Alamo City as his home.

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San Antonio: The History Behind the Name

Before the Spanish colonization of Texas, it was home to the indigenous Payaya Indians who lay claim to the area. Then, in 1691, Spanish missionaries from Mexico stumbled across the river and the Payaya settlements.

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Soon afterward, these missionaries established their own group of five settlements, effectively pushing out the Payaya tribes. These settlements made use of the freshwater from the river, now called the San Antonio River. Then, the missionaries grouped together their different settlements to create what would eventually become the city of San Antonio.

Since then, the area has grown and soon become a mecca for tourists worldwide who can’t wait to get a taste of this fascinating tourist town. It has quickly grown to be one of the largest and most distinctive cities in the US.

Check out some of San Antonio’s history and unique facts.

StateTexas; the Lone Star State
CitySan Antonio
NicknamesThe Alamo City; The River City;
FoundedJune 13, 1691
Named forIn honor of St. Anthony of Padua
San Antonio Facts
San Antonio Texas USA downtown city skyline at dusk - Texas News, Places, Food, Recreation, and Life.
San Antonio, Texas, USA downtown city skyline at dusk.

San Antonio FAQs

Is San Antonio the oldest city in Texas?

Yes, it was founded in 1691 by Spanish missionaries, then established as a city in 1718. For decades, San Antonio remained the largest and most prominent city in the Lone Star State.

It’s still one of the biggest US cities today, and it’s managed to build on years of Hispanic culture to integrate it with the American way of life. This has, somehow, managed to generate a vibrant and incredible ambiance unique only to San Antonio.

What makes San Antonio a special place to live?

One reason that makes this memorable city a hotbed for people looking for an extraordinary, yet charming, place to live is that it was one of the oldest Spanish settlements.

Other reasons are that it’s packed with fun and interesting places to visit, like museums, theaters, and a handful of exciting amusement parks. Plus, it has a vibrant nightlife where pubs, restaurants, and cafes all take on their own life.


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