Stonehenge II: Experience Ancient Mystique & Modern Magic in Texas

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Imagine stumbling upon a Stonehenge replica in the heart of Texas! Welcome to Stonehenge II, a fascinating homage to the original monument, nestled in the Texas Hill Country. This concrete sculpture, which Al Shepperd created with the aid of his neighbor Doug Hill, lends a touch of mystique to the Texan landscape.

But it’s not just about the Stonehenge replica. The site also hosts two fabricated Moai or Easter Island statues, constructed from the same material as the Stonehenge II stones. These imitation Moai, located at the Hill Country Arts Foundation, add an intriguing layer to this unconventional attraction. So buckle up for a journey through time and space as we explore the story of Stonehenge II.

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Background and Creation of Stonehenge II

The unconventional story of Stonehenge II begins with the vision of two men. With a sense of wonder and a hint of mischief, Al Shepperd and Doug Hill embarked on an unexpected journey.

Inspiration and Construction

Shepperd and Hill’s creation isn’t aligned with the sun, as is the original Stonehenge. Instead, it’s their personal impression, formed in steel and concrete, of the nearly 5,000-year-old circle of stones on the Salisbury Plain. You could argue it’s their love letter to the grasp of ancient civilizations.

Fascinatingly, the first stone used for the project was a piece of leftover limestone from a building venture. Most of the stones are constructed of plaster applied to a wire mesh frame, yet two of the central stones are real, large, and probably would require heavy equipment to move.

Key Features and Comparisons with the Original Stonehenge

It’s essential to clarify that Stonehenge II isn’t a full-scale replica. Actually, it’s about 2/3 the size of the original Stonehenge. Unlike its historical counterpart, this sculpted dedication isn’t set to interact with astronomical figures; its orientation doesn’t align with celestial movements.

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However, before assuming that it is any less intriguing, it is important to note the novelty that the presence of two fake Moai figures adds. These imitation statues, much like their originals found on Easter Island, add an unconventional and unusual layer to the site, enchanting its visitors.

As you explore the site, you’ll bear witness to the visual treat, keeping up with future plans to amp up the charm of the place with a dance floor, benches, and sidewalks. So, every time you visit, you’re in for a new experience.

Witness the mystical charm of Stonehenge II, where tales from the past meet the creative genius of the present.

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Stonehenge II in Modern Times

As the world advances towards the future, Stonehenge II carries an enduring spirit of ancient charm into our modern times. Let’s explore how it impacts visitor experiences and the ongoing efforts to preserve and maintain it.

Visitor Experience

The site’s significance doesn’t stop at sunsets and celestial events. Stonehenge II is a significant cultural touchstone, having been featured as a backdrop for an early episode of the popular NBC TV series, Friday Night Lights.

Also, there are plans to equip Stonehenge II with visitor-friendly facilities. Imagine an open-air dance floor beckoning for a moonlit slow dance or benches inviting for a quiet moment under the star-lit sky. What about those long walks on the smooth sidewalks, whispering tales of ancient mystique? Await as Stonehenge II looks forward to expanding its saga.

Details for Visiting Stonehenge II

Location: Stonehenge II is located on the grounds of the Hill Country Arts Foundation at 120 Point Theatre Road South, Ingram, TX 78025.

Hours of Operation: The monument is open to the public year-round, and there is no admission fee. Visitors are welcome to explore the site during daylight hours.

Things to Do:

  • Take photos of the monument and Easter Island heads
  • Picnic on the grounds surrounding the monument
  • Visit the nearby Hill Country Arts Foundation, which features an art gallery and hosts events throughout the year

Accessibility: The site is accessible for visitors with disabilities, with a flat, grassy area surrounding the monument.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Kerr Arts & Cultural Center in Kerrville
  • The Museum of Western Art in Kerrville
  • Lost Maples State Natural Area in Vanderpool
  • The Texas Wine Trail, featuring several wineries in the Hill Country region
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  • Bring a camera to capture the unique monument and surroundings
  • Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on the grounds
  • Combine your visit with other nearby Hill Country attractions for a full day trip or weekend getaway

Please note that while Stonehenge II is open year-round, it’s always a good idea to check with the Hill Country Arts Foundation for any potential closures or event-related restrictions before planning your visit.

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