Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Texas (The Best Way)

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Mosquitoes are a nuisance during the spring and summer seasons, as the spring rains usher in the arrival of these pesky insects. The mosquito has only two goals in its short life: to feast on its preferred meal (your blood) and to breed. With this in mind, knowing the best ways to eliminate mosquitoes in Texas effectively is crucial.

The best way to rid your home of mosquitoes in Texas is to eliminate all sources of still-standing water on your property. Mosquitoes can even breed in as little as a teaspoon of still water; eliminating these will reduce the number of places where they can breed.

Mosquitoes perched on tree. - Texas View

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Texas

The first and best way to eliminate mosquitoes is by removing their breeding grounds. It is vital to combat mosquitoes at the source: their breeding areas in your garden.

Be vigilant in your fight against mosquitoes. The little buggers are a resilient nuisance, so you will have to fight them on a few different fronts.

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquito Breeding Areas In Your Garden

  • Ensure that there is no still-standing water in your garden. Look in trash cans or containers holding even a teaspoon of standing water.
  • Clean out bird baths daily with fresh water. You should also refill your pets’ water bowls with fresh water daily. These are some of the most-overlooked breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  • Gutters can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially if they get clogged up with leaves, letting them retain rainwater. Ensure that your gutters are clear of any still-standing water. It is a good idea to clean your gutters twice a year to prevent blockages and build-ups that could stop water from draining away completely.
  • Don’t overwater your lawn since puddles can be a source of still water for days.
  • Screen up any barrels, water tanks, or cisterns you use as a water source for your garden.
  • Pools and hot tubs need proper chlorination to stop mosquitoes from breeding.
  • If you have ponds in your garden, eliminate mosquitoes by adding a few Western Mosquitofish to the pond, as they will eat the mosquito eggs and larvae before they grow into mosquitoes.
  • Treat your garden with insecticides if mosquitoes are abundant in your area. You should pay special attention to areas where mosquitoes tend to rest. Mosquito eggs can survive up to eight months without a water source, so don’t be passive about this step.
  • There are some natural remedies in the form of plants that you can keep in your garden to repel mosquitoes. These are rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint, lavender, and basil.
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Target The Mosquitoes’ Resting Areas

It is straightforward to know which areas to treat with insecticide. Mosquitoes enjoy resting in regions that are dark and humid. 

Places that don’t get much light but are warm and damp are popular mosquito hiding spots. You often find hundreds of these irritating things in public bathrooms. You should also check under patio furniture. You will even notice them in your garage or carport. If the area has the correct atmosphere, mosquitoes will wait for their meal.

Mosquito close up photo on a branch. - Texas View
Mosquito close-up photo on a branch

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Your Home

If you started the process too late and already have mosquitoes in your home, you must also take steps to eliminate them there. 

These are the best ways to do that:

  • Install screens for your windows and doors. These are very effective if you don’t leave them open after dusk or before dawn.
  • If possible, invest in a home air conditioning unit. Mosquitoes prefer warm environments, so keeping your home cool will help.
  • A trusty old fan also does an excellent job of keeping the buggers away, especially when trying to sleep at night. A fan circulates the air, making it difficult for mosquitoes to fly. The carbon dioxide in your breath attracts mosquitoes, and the fan helps move this gas around and away from you.
  • Some organic products that you can use to repel mosquitoes (with varying levels of effectiveness) are:
  • Orange spray
  • Citronella spray, lamps, or candles
  • Eucalyptus

Fight Mosquitoes With The Four Ds

To remember how to get rid of mosquitoes and to deal with their bites if you can’t get rid of them quickly enough, Texas state officials encourage you to think of the four Ds.

Dusk and DawnIt is best to keep your outside activity to a minimum from dusk until dawn, as mosquitoes are most active during this time.
DrainGet rid of any still-standing water sources. The water in pools and water features should be circulating for at least 8 hours a day.
DressDress in the proper attire, such as light long-sleeved shirts and pants that will cover your skin and protect you from mosquitoes.
DefendAlways defend yourself by applying repellent. An insect repellent with DEET as an active ingredient is the best.
How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes In Texas FAQs

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes?

The cheapest way to get rid of mosquitoes is also the best: eliminating all still-standing water. It shouldn’t cost you a cent; if they can’t breed, they can’t exist.

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Which Smells Do Mosquitoes Hate?

There are a few smells that repel mosquitoes. Citronella oil and candles containing lemongrass work well, and herbs like basil, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, cloves, cinnamon, and cedarwood are effective against most mosquitoes.

Can I Only Use Insecticide?

It depends on how you use the insecticides. Simply spraying an aerosol insecticide around your garden won’t help. You need to follow the steps from your garden to the inside of your home. If you don’t get rid of mosquitoes’ breeding ground, you will have a problem with mosquitoes throughout the year in Texas.

What Are Mosquito-Borne Diseases?

Mosquitoes in Texas can transmit diseases like the West Nile Virus, Zika, Dengue Fever, and Chikungunya. Symptoms of these diseases can include fever, joint and muscle pains, headache, diarrhea, and vomiting. Some of them can also be fatal if they remain untreated.


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