BIG RED Strikes Gold: How a Texan Soda Is Winning Hearts Nationwide!

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Big Red soda is bold and delicious, and it’s a symbol of Texas pride that’s won over soda lovers nationwide. Since Grover C. Thomsen and R.H. Roark invented it in a Waco lab in 1937, this ruby-hued drink has competed with sodas. Big Red’s rise from local favourite to national hit is a testament to its unique flavour and tradition.

We know why this carbonated combination is so appealing—it’s a cultural icon. Big Red has a strong following outside Texas, following in the footsteps of Dr Pepper, another Waco native. Fans love its unique flavor, which combines bubble gum, crimson cream, and its own essence.

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The Rise of BIG RED

In our exploration of BIG RED, we’re seeing how this soda pop became a true Texan sensation, captivating hearts with its distinctive taste and vibrant history.

Origins of the Iconic Texan Soda

BIG RED’s roots are firmly planted in the heart of Texas, specifically Waco, where it first came to life in 1937. This soda’s creation by R.H. Roark and Grover C. Thomsen marked the beginning of a Texan legacy that would eventually spread across the United States.

Secret Behind the Unique Flavor

What separates BIG RED from other sodas is its signature cream soda taste with a hint of bubblegum. This unique flavor profile is a closely guarded secret, making it an irreplaceable part of family barbecues and gatherings in Texas and beyond.

Brand Evolution Over the Years

Over decades, BIG RED has adapted to numerous market changes without losing its identity. From classic glass bottles to modern cans, the brand has evolved, offering new variations that reflect the same deep ties to Texas culture and history.

Big Red Timeline

timeline highlighting key events and milestones in the history of the Big Red soda company:

1937: Big Red soda is created in Waco, Texas, by Grover C. Thomsen and R.H. Roark.

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1959: The Big Red soda formula is acquired by the newly formed “The Big Red Company” in Waco, Texas.

1969: Big Red is introduced to the Mexican market, becoming popular in areas with large Mexican-American populations.

1976: Big Red expands its distribution beyond Texas and the southwestern United States, entering new markets across the country.

1987: The Big Red Company is acquired by the Wometco Enterprises, a Florida-based company involved in various beverage and entertainment businesses.

1995: Cadbury Schweppes acquires Wometco Enterprises, inheriting the Big Red brand as part of its beverage portfolio.

2000: Big Red celebrates its 63rd anniversary with continued popularity in its established markets and expansion into new regions.

2007: Dr Pepper Snapple Group is spun off from Cadbury Schweppes, becoming the parent company of Big Red.

2012: Big Red introduces Big Blue, a blue-colored variation of its classic red soda, offering consumers another flavor option.

2017: Big Red celebrates its 80th anniversary, reaffirming its status as a beloved regional soda brand in the United States.

2020: Big Red launches new marketing campaigns and partnerships to appeal to younger demographics while maintaining its loyal customer base.

2024: Big Red continues to innovate and adapt to changing consumer preferences, remaining a prominent player in the soft drink market with its iconic red soda flavor.

This timeline outlines the major milestones in the history of the Big Red soda company, showcasing its growth and evolution over the years.

Old Big Red - Texas View

Explosive Growth and Expansion

Big Red, the soda that defines Texan flavor, has been capturing hearts with its unique taste. We’ve seen an incredible surge in popularity that’s not just limited to our home state.

Strategic Marketing Triumphs

The brand has become synonymous with bold flavors and a deep connection to Texas culture. By tapping into this rich heritage with strategic campaigns, we’ve established a strong emotional resonance with our audience. Big Red’s identity as a Texan original appeals to a broader demographic seeking authentic, regional experiences.

Nationwide Distribution Milestones

They’ve smashed through boundaries, taking Big Red from a local treasure to a national phenomenon. The milestones we’ve reached include extending our reach to every corner of the U.S. and ensuring the beloved soda is available in countless stores across the country. Big Red’s presence is especially prominent in regions with strong Texan expat communities, showing that you can take a Texan out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of a Texan.

Infiltrating Global Markets

Our expansion isn’t just domestic; we’re turning Big Red into a global icon. We’ve begun shipping our distinctive red cream soda to international markets, allowing people around the world to savor a taste of Texas. Our international fans enjoy the sweetness of Big Red at barbecues, parties, and everyday gatherings, embracing the soda’s ability to bring people together much like it always has in the heart of Texas.



  • Big Red
  • Big Red Zero (formerly Diet Big Red)
  • Retro Big Red (sweetened with cane sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup)

Current, limited availability

  • Big Red Vanilla Float
  • Big Honey Lemonade
  • Big Blue
  • Big Pineapple
  • Big Peach
  • Big Manzana (apple flavored)


  • Sugar Free Big Red Vanilla Float
  • Big Punch Fruit Punch
  • Big Orange
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What Big Red Tastes Like

Big Red soda is primarily known for its iconic original flavor, which is often described as creamy and reminiscent of bubblegum. However, the company has introduced several variations and spin-offs over the years to cater to different consumer preferences. Here are some of the notable Big Red soda flavors:

  1. Big Red Original: The classic and most well-known flavor of Big Red soda, featuring a sweet and creamy taste with hints of vanilla and fruit.
  2. Big Blue: Introduced in 2012, Big Blue is a variation of the original Big Red soda, featuring a blue color and a unique berry flavor profile. It has a similar creamy texture but with a fruity twist.
  3. Big Peach: This variation of Big Red soda offers a refreshing peach flavor, providing a fruity alternative to the original flavor. It is popular in regions where peaches are abundant.
  4. Big Pineapple: Big Pineapple is another fruit-flavored variation of Big Red soda, featuring the tropical taste of pineapple. It provides a refreshing and tangy twist to the classic Big Red flavor.
  5. Big Red Zero: Big Red Zero is a zero-calorie, sugar-free version of the original Big Red soda. It is targeted towards consumers looking for a healthier beverage option without sacrificing the taste of the classic flavor.
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Cultural Impact

We’ve seen Big Red soda become more than just a beverage; it’s a cultural phenomenon. As it quenches thirst, it also stirs memories and brings people together.

It has been spotted Big Red in various forms of media, from television shows to films where it often symbolizes Texan pride. It’s been sipped by characters living in small-town settings and in scenes depicting quintessential Texan barbecues.

Community Engagement and Events

Big Red not only satisfies taste buds but also plays a role in bringing communities together. We’ve seen it featured at local fairs and sponsorship of sports teams, embodying a sense of Texan unity and spirit at these gatherings.

The Birth of a Soda Subculture

Remarkably, Big Red has inspired a subculture of devoted fans. From online forums discussing its unique flavor to fan clubs that organize Big Red tasting events, these communities celebrate our beloved crimson soda with a passion that continues to bubble over.

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Product Line Diversification

Exploring new horizons has always been our forte, and we’ve done just that with our product line, infusing innovation and variety to quench the thirst of our diverse clientele.

Introduction of New Flavors

They’ve broadened our palette with exciting new flavors. Each addition is a response to our customers’ cravings for something unique. From the classic cream soda, they’ve ventured into bold territories with options like Big Blue, Big Peach, and Big Pineapple. Fans have reveled in these new tastes that compliment the original Big Red.

Limited Editions and Merchandise

They’ve spiced things up with limited editions and exclusive merchandise. These items aren’t just products; they’re collectibles. They’ve celebrated holidays and special events with unique blends and designs sure to become keepsakes, much like their vintage-inspired bottles.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Their journey has been peppered with exciting collaborations and partnerships. By teaming up with iconic Texas brands and beyond, we’ve delivered not just a drink but a cultural experience. These collaborations have allowed Big Red to reach new markets and unite soda lovers under our banner of fizzy delight.

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Customer Loyalty and Brand Love

We’ve seen an incredible level of devotion for Big Red, a soda that’s as Texan as barbecue and cowboy boots. Our customers aren’t just fans; they’re family, enthusiastic endorsers, and key players in our growth across America.

Testimonials and Endorsements

Glowing praise heaped upon us by fans. Social media pages are a testament to this love, where you’ll find countless personal stories of Big Red featuring in important life events. Testimonies often mention Big Red in the same breath as other legendary Texas products, expressing profound brand affection.

Fan-Driven Campaigns and Successes

The fan base’s enthusiasm has directly contributed to various campaign triumphs. Fan initiatives have pushed Big Red into new markets and kept it thriving when other regional sodas have disappeared. It’s our fans who bring the uniquely sweet and smooth flavor of Big Red to new taste buds, like the fervent drinker movements highlighted in articles that underscore the brand’s deep connections to Texan culture.

Rewards and Recognition Programs

With loyal customers through dynamic programs Big Red give back. By offering limited-edition merchandise and exclusive Big Red rewards, we celebrate and recognize the importance of fan’s support. We ensure our rewards programs reflect the special place Big Red holds in the hearts of our customers, an acknowledgment of their unwavering support and love for our brand.

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Future Fizzing Forward

As we explored the trajectory of Big Red, they pursue in innovation, sustainability, and product development for a vibrant future for America’s cherished Texan soda.

Innovative Strategies for Market Domination

They’re amplifying their outreach with groundbreaking marketing tactics:

  • Engaging with Gen Z on their turf through social media influencers and viral TikTok campaigns.
  • Launching a personalized bottle initiative, where consumers can have names or messages printed on Big Red labels.

Sustainability Efforts and Commitments

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for Big Red; it’s their promise:

  • Their bottling process is now 30% more energy-efficient.
  • They’re excited about our new partnership with eco-friendly distribution networks to reduce carbon emissions.
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