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The beauty of humanity lies in the differences that bring us together and the similarities that we inevitably share. Take Texas compared to Australia, for instance. Although they share a desert-like climate, they vary in other ways.

In this guide, we thoroughly compare and contrast Texas with Australia. Australia may be bigger than Texas, but it isn’t as diverse. The population in both regions is small, despite the desert-like environment. You’re bound to learn more intriguing facts below, so read on!

Texas and Australia Flags
Texas and Australia Flags

How Does Texas Compare to Australia?

On one hand, Australia is the smallest of the seven continents, while Texas is the second-biggest state in all of America, right after Alaska.

So, it may seem that comparing a continent and a state is rather odd, but in fact, it can be quite an interesting comparison.

The following list, for example, shows how Australia is more alike to Texas than you may initially think:

  • Desert plains and ranches are widespread
  • The weather is wonderfully warm all year round
  • Population ranges roughly from 25 to 28 million people
  • BBQ is the staple dish with over 60% of households owning a barbecue
  • Christianity is the religion of more than half the population

With this list in mind, let’s go into further detail about how closely related Texas and Australia are.

Sunny Weather Is an Affordable Luxury

Both Texas and Australia consist of desert plains and barren lands that extend over hundreds of acres. As a result, each region became a welcoming environment for more than thousands of different insect and bug species.

Because of these deserts, Texas and Australia have great, warm weather all year. Winters are short, with snowfall and rain rarely making an appearance. The nights are also cool even in the summer.

The Barbie Smell Follows You Everywhere

Fun fact: ‘barbie’ is Australian slang for barbecue. Due to the presence of such large ranches in Texas and Australia, there’s been an abundance of cattle everywhere. As a result, wood-smoked meat makes up most of their traditional dishes.

Even the figures reinforce this fact. Research has found that more than one-third of Australian homes own a barbeque, with the numbers only increasing by 75% over the years. Southern Australia has since been dubbed the continent’s barbecue capital.

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Map of Australia
Map of Australia

Texas Compared to Australia: The Colonizer’s Effects

Both Australia and Texas were desired targets for European settlers back in the 16th century and all through the 20th century. While Australia was colonized by the British Empire, Texas fell into the hands of the Spanish Monarchy.

Name of colonizerThe Spanish MonarchyThe British Empire
Colonization periodAround 100 yearsRoughly 200 years
Example of colonization’s residual effectsSpanish is the second-most spoken languageIndigenous people were wiped out or shunned from their homes
Date of independenceDecember 29th, 1845January first, 1901
Texas Compared To Australia – Foundation and History

The Rise of Epidemic Diseases

With the arrival of the Brits and the Spaniards came unfortunate outbreaks of horrible diseases, including smallpox, measles, and influenza. The Aboriginal people of Australia were, and still are, a prime example of the injustices carried out by European colonization.

The Spanish Monarchy heavily influenced Texas too by interfering with the native tribal customs and religious carrings. Spain held what was known then as the San Antonio missions in an attempt to extend its civilization in Texas.

Introduction of New Cultures and Languages

One of the few advantages of colonialism was the settler’s choice to introduce their culture, tradition, and language to new parts of the world. Because Spanish has become the second most spoken language in Texas, many Mexicans feel comfortable immigrating there.

In Australia, colonization may have taken over the cultural traditions of the Aboriginals, but it left behind the modern effects of the New World. The continent is relatively new (less than 200 years old), yet is the 13th-largest economy in the world.

Leaving Behind Many Historical Sites

European settlers left their mark behind in every colony they targeted. They did so by building many establishments out of which they carried out their colonial missions. Now, these places have been turned into historical sites that bring in tourists.

In Texas, for example, Spain built the presidio of San Agustín de Ahumada. In 18th century Australia, the Brits constructed Sydney, the oldest and biggest town on the continent.

World Map
World Map

Texas Compared to Australia: Main Differences

We’ve gone through the similarities. Now, it’s time to explain the core differences between the Lone Star state, otherwise known as Texas, and the Land Down Under (one of Australia’s many names).

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A few of these distinctions can be summarized in the list below:

  1. Australia is significantly bigger than Texas.
  2. Around 30% of Australia’s population are immigrants, while Texas only has 17%.
  3. Texas has a slightly higher crime rate than Australia.
  4. Cricket and swimming are Australia’s national sports, while football is Texas’s.
  5. Texans are visibly patriotic and proud, which isn’t the case for Australians.

The Size Difference

Australia is 11 times bigger than Texas. The state of Western Australia is the biggest one in all of the continent, extending over 2.5 million km2. This makes the Lone Star state around 0.28 times as large as Western Australia.

The Gap in Diversity Rates

Due to the Spanish colonization, Texas is now home to 100 different cultural groups, most of which are of Indigenous or Mexican descent. Australia, however, is more multicultural and was deemed the most ethnically diverse country in the world.

The Variety of Personalities

While both Texans and Australians are known for their laid-back and friendly attitude, they’re different at expressing themselves. Texans are incredibly patriotic, not only to their country but even more so to their state. Australians are less showy about it.

Texas Compared to Australia FAQ

Is Australia the Same Size as Texas?

Considering how large the state of Texas is (695.6 km2), some may assume that Australia can easily fit inside it. Sadly, that’s not true. The continent extends over 7.7 million km2 which makes it at least 1,042% larger than the Southern state.

What Do Australians and Texans Share in Common?

Some rural Australians share many characteristics with their fellow Texans, including being self-sufficient and defiant. They may not have the same patriotic sense of belonging, but both parties enjoy the same food and seem to love beer just as much.


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